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Country Australia
State Queensland
City Gold Coast MC
Address PO Box 9304
Phone (07) 5571 1181
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  • Jan 20, 2022

Tatyana from Kiev in the Ukraine is a gold digger and a gold digging scammer from the country of Ukraine. I met Tatyana through She claimed that she only wanted to date guys who were American. Why? Because they have a lot of cash and money on them. That's why.

So we went out on a few dates and she kept on asking me to pay for her expensive meals and then when we went out shopping all she was interested in was getting me to buy different clothes for her and expensive ones too. She wanted to me to go to all the high end stores like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

So in the last shop that we went to at the Gulliver Shopping Mall in Kiev she asks me to give her some money because she wants to get a particular kind of dress (its a bit pricy but I could afford it) and then later on she would meet me at my apartment in Kiev. I refuse but then she tells me if I get her this dress that she will do "something special" for me at my apartment in Kiev when she is with me.

I think about it and say "Okay" and hand her the money and tell her I will go back to my apartment and wait on her arrival. So I stay in my apartment. One hour passes and then that turns into several hours and so at this point I am getting kind of nervous if something happened to her. So I decide to call her and the call keeps on ringing.

So I decide to wait a little while and I call her again. This time the call goes to her voicemail on her phone. I know a little about phones and if you call someone and their number goes to voicemail then there is strong evidence then that the person probably has blocked you and your number. This is what more than likely happened because I call over and over again and the call keeps going to voicemail.

I realize now that I am the victim of a scam and I cannot believe I fell for it. Guys out there beware scammers like these exist and they are in the Ukraine. They come in beautiful packages but when you open up the package they are rotten to the core.

  • Oct 4, 2021

I never send any money to this person but would like her to be reported as a scammer operating out of Luhansk and Rostov-on-don Russia. I found out she was married from her instagram page @lerunya.a. This person is using same stories as other scammers......She is a doctor, parents died, she has no one, only two friends named Anastasiya and Olga. live in a settlement and is very poor in war torn Donbass. all the stuff that makes foreign western men want to help, poor little girl.

  • Oct 19, 2016

Russian Cupid sent me a free trial for 48 hours. I thought great I will check it out see if anyone is real and maybe give it a chance again. Perhaps I misjudged them in the past. WRONG!!!!! Again I did not activate my offer, I signed into the site once on my own. Two days later I receive and email telling me that my free trial offer had expired, Naturally, I brought this to their attention. I was told the following... "Dear member, Thank you for contacting us. Please be advised that the 48 hours free trial offer is valid for 7 days and starts counting from the time you take up the offer by logging into your profile or clicking on the link in the email we sent you. Our record shows that the free trial was offer to you on October 13th and was accepted and started on October 13th. It has then expired on October 15th. If you wish to continue enjoying the premium benefits after the free trial, you can upgrade your membership by clicking the green "Upgrade Now!" button." Again I did not accept or start the offer. I wrote them at least two or three times and they began to patronize me basically saying " We are sorry and we understand, consider upgrading to a full membership today. Their people are complete liars that do not care about their customers. And their customer service really sucks. Most companies under similar conditions would simply offer the free trial instead of risking alienating a potential customer, but not these bozos. I had no reason to lie about activating my membership and they should be able to check my account and see that my activity during te so called free membership trial was minimal. Completely ridiculous! So I decided to report them as I told them I would, because they do not honor what they say. This company appears to be a complete scam! Stay away from all sites.

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