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Russel J Downs of RJ Excelsior Services

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 7141 N. 16th Street Unit 1
Phone (480) 784-7767

Russel J Downs of RJ Excelsior Services Reviews

  • May 5, 2022

Russel j downs, owner of rj excelsior services, scammed me big time. This man is a degenerate scum bag. Allow me to introduce you to "lthrdad69", or in other words leather daddy 69.

Daddy is defined on the internet as the following:

"a ... Man who is usually middle-aged who has a more dominant personality and doesn't mind providing monetary funds and guidance to his mate. The term implies that the man has a penchant for younger males, often in their late teens or in their twenties..."

I lived directly across from him for almost 3 years.

On january 31, 2022, russ got me and my daughter evicted from our apartment just a few hours after he provided a completely falsified damage assessment to my landlord. This all occurred less than 24 hours after i filed a noise complaint against my nextdoor neighbor in unit 222, seth pinyerd. Allow me to explain, in full detail:

Tim austin was my landlord for almost 3 years. He is an active real estate agent with d.R. Horton and the president and director of the hoa. After dealing with constant and unnecessary noise from my next door neighbor for years, i informed tim austin that i would be taking legal action against the hoa if something was not done to stop my next door neighbor from making constant avoidable noises.

I had already tried to deal with him directly and the noises only increased. I was trying to create and sustain a suitable environment to raise my daughter in. This is apparently not possible when you live around a bunch of degenerate, alcoholic, older, single men who use the condo and its amenities to live some kind of make-shift retired lifestyle.

Less than 24 hours after filing a noise complaint against my next door neighbor in unit 222, i received a text message from tim saying there was a leak below my unit and he needed to have russ inspect it.

I was more than accommodating for him and allowed russ, another condo owner in the complex, into my unit right away to "inspect". Russ's inspection lasted less than 2 minutes and included only a cell phone flashlight as his tools. He never mentioned any damage while inside of my unit and left saying he would need a plumber to look into it. Russ owns an llc called rj excelsior services, and is not a licensed contractor.

I was notified at 11:30pm that evening by tim via text with the following message:

"the damages that you have allowed to happen due to your negligence will cost thousands of dollars to correct. You have cost the owner His brother) far more than your deposit. This is the 31st of january 2022. We are terminating your rental agreement. Please let me know the soonest you can vacate the property.

Any further intentional damage will be considered criminal, and we will take appropriate action to hold you accountable."

On february 1, 2022 i walked over to russ's condo, unit #1, and asked him what damage my landlord was referring to. He did not open his door for me and would only talk to me through his black metal screen door. He stated that he was only there to inspect a water leak, so i asked him to come and show me where the damage was that they were referring to below my unit. He refused to show it to me, and refused to leave his condo.

I was very taken back by this, because usually if there is thousands of dollars in damages it would be easy to show to somebody. Below the unit i was renting is the laundry room, accessible 24/7. But at this point i was still quite confused. So i decided to visit tim's condo, who is also a resident where i was renting. I knocked on his door, and he closed his blinds and refused to answer his door.

I then realized i was being bamboozled and got pretty upset as anyone would. Tim put me in quite the predicament there by texting me the day before my rent was due late at night. I am a single father and work full time, and have raised my daughter in this unit since she was 6 months old, and i pay rent on time. Tim was well aware of my situation. When i moved in i paid first and last month's rent, something tim failed to mention in his text message.

This is considered intimidation, and falls under landlord harassment.

I did not have a personal relationship with tim and this was an extremely unprofessional way to act towards one of his tenants. He should have served me a proper 30 day notice in writing, plain and simple. I strongly suspect he thought i was unaware of tenant landlord laws, and had forgotten about paying my final months rent 3 years ago. He was trying to essentially "spook" me out of my apartment by threatening me with having to pay for damages.

It would have taken him time to properly serve me, and he wanted to try to avoid all that. He saw me as a vulnerable single parent he could bully around via text message and false accusations. Tim, being an experienced real estate agent, landlord, and condo association director and president; he obviously is aware of tenant landlord laws.

On february 1, 2022 a licensed plumber visited my unit and he diagnosed the "leak" as a rusty garbage disposal. He quoted tim $240 in repairs. When the plumber arrived approximately a week later to do the repairs, tim attempted to bill the repairs to the condo association and the plumber had to correct him before performing the work, to have it billed as an owner expense.

The evening of february 1, 2022, i again attempted to visit tim's condo to give him my 30 day notice in person and he refused to answer his door for a second time. I provided my 30 day move out notice to him via text message and informed him that i had already paid my final month's rent. He did not acknowledge me, leaving me feeling quite uncomfortable in my own apartment. This breached my right to quiet enjoyment of the property.

On february 21, 2022 i requested copies of work orders, and damage assessments from rj excelsior services. He refused to provide me anything. Tim never once entered my apartment during my entire time living there for any type of inspections or upkeep of the property.

He acted negligent towards his own property. I received my full deposit back from tim 14 business days after vacating the property.

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