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Country United States
State California
City Walnut Creek
Address 112 La Casa Via #300
Phone (925) 239-0012

RSVPobgyn Reviews

  • May 6, 2016

I was initially was supposed to see Dr. Rose, I heard wonderful things about him. A good friend of mine went to him last year and he gave her great advice on everything and recommended a good midwife.

Upon my visit, I was supposed to be there at 215, I got there at 2.

The lady at the front desk thought it was more important to have her phone conversation rather than actually do her job and assist me... I meant all I wanted to do was sign in. Then I am rudely told that Dr. Ross was not in and I had to see Dr. Madhavi Vemulapalli. I don't know if she was competant or having a horrible day, but she was nothing but rude and condecending towards me, not to mention she was on her phone texting during a clinical visit!

After the annoying questions and the rude behaviour, I was asked to wait in the room and then suddenly I hear her TALKING BAD ABOUT ME TO WHAT LOOKED LIKE TO BE A MEDICAL ASSISTANT!


I already have anxiety as my I had previous miscarriages.... and she was laughing about my issues to another staff member. I did not authorize her to talk about me to others and I don't appreciate horrible behavior from a so-called doctor.

After I brought it up to her, she smirked at me rudely and made fun of me for pronouncing her name wrong. She just walked away and said, you can call me Dr. V.

So irritated, so frustrated, and I feel violated.

Stay away from this doctor.

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