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Royalty Designs Pro

Country United States
State Maryland
City Reitherstown
Address 104 Brookbury Dr.
Phone 443-738-4711

Royalty Designs Pro Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2018

Caution when doing business with Royalty Designs Pro of the Baltimore, MD. area.

She goes by the names: Christine Nabria Mckenzie, Nabria Mckenzie, Christine Perkins. Aliases: Nabria, Uadjet Aabit Ma'at. Her facebook is: , Phone Number: (443)738-4711 . Instagram: . Possible Address: Cities: Baltimore, Owings Mills, Reitherstown.

Nabria McKenzie of Royalty Designs Pro was referred to Mulberry by referral. Working at Mulberry, I met her. She was hired to build a significant section of a website for the company. From what I understand, she was paid both the deposit and the balance for that work, yet ran off before finishing the project, rendering it unusable. It seems she got hung up on some technical issues that she did not know how to resolve, and rather than work them out, ran off. Mulberry had to start from scratch with a different web programmer, and took the money paid to her as a loss. It was a loss of time too.

It also came to light that around the same time, Nabria McKenzie herself purchased a cell phone on a two year plan using Mulberry credit to get it, then made a few payments toward it and ran off with the phone and went delinquent on all the rest of the contract, including the cost of the phone. She left it all for Mulberry to cover.

It is my understanding that after she was confronted about paying off the contract she said that she wasn't paying anything on the bill because she was broke and that someone from the company had been rude to her. So when presented with the fact that she didn't own the phone and needed to return it, she did not return it right away. Someone told me that they saw her at a club and confronted her face to face about the phone and asked her if she was going to return it. They said that she agreed to return it. From what I heard, she lied, as they never heard anything back from her concerning this issue. I heard that only after someone threatened to call the police did she finally agree to return the company phone back to its rightful owner, Mulberry.

It also was brought to my attention that upon receiving the phone, the phone had a broken screen and an icloud account attached to it that she had put on it with her email address, rendering the phone useless. I heard that she denied all claims about purposely breaking the phone because she had to return it, but admitted that she had broken it. She said she broke the phone by dropping it. I talked to someone that explained to me that it could be childish or spiteful behavior. Now Mulbery is stuck with a broken phone with someone else's email address attached to it and a whopping phone contract bill to pay off.

I wrote this to warn anyone who is considering hiring Nabria, either as an employee or as a contractor.

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