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Country United States
State Alabama

Royal-Ammo Reviews

  • Sep 9, 2021

These SOBs got me, don't take credit cards, sends a receipt and that you can pay with paypal or Zelle. I paid with Zelle for a case of 7.62 and that account is now deleted after i sent the $. Now i have to wait 14 days per Wells Fargo to ask for a refund.

In the mean time i threatened to contact the ATF and i get a email from some new shipping company from Iceland that was started 4months ago saying to send them $100 and when its delivered, today, which is impossible, $80 will be returned.

That's what every scammer says. i get this email form the shipper, Express Delivery Service, , created in May is somehow a global shipper of everything. The domains are both registered with a Iceland address. You will get the run around, then be asked to send $100 additional dollars to ship, but don't worry, you will get $80 when its delivered.

Horse puckey. These people are both rip-offs.

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