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Ronald K Colwell Law Offices

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Appleton
Address Zuelke, 103 W College Ave #1023
Phone 1 920-830-1500

Ronald K Colwell Law Offices Reviews

  • May 7, 2022

Ronald Colwell is a client-eating zombie. He is an example of the walking dead from a 1950s horror film. His sole purpose in life is his soul purpose in life - devour as much cash as possible then leave his clients rot in hell.

This attorney is a fraud - do not hire him, even if he is the last living lawyer on the planet.

Attorney Colwell appeared consistently late for hearings, ignored or forgot specific details while in the hearing, did not respond promptly to legal correspondence, unprepared for questioning, and misspoke before judge and DA's questioning.

Colwell and secretary record telephone conversations with clients WITHOUT knowledge nor consent of clients.

Colwell may have had past contact / exchange with crooked Assistant DA Daniel Steffen (Burnett County, Wisconsin). former Outagamie County sheriff candidate Ales Bebris, and former / disgraced Winnebago County DA Joe Paulus.

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