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Robert Riley, MD

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 10210 N 92nd St Suite 300
Phone 1 480-882-7750

Robert Riley, MD Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2023

This so called doctor , Dr; robert Riley, was supposed to show up to explain open heart surgery and he sent over a sexual predator to see me., dr. M. Patel. The same one who i went to see 2 years ago for cancer. I was there one minute and he tried to grope me. I fired him and ran out. Here it is two years later and i go to a hospital for a small heart thing and this sexual predator shows up in my room. btw i no longer have cancer. I juiced back to health. No chemo, no radiation, no surgery. He was standing over my bed glaring at my breasts up and down, i screamed get out and he finally left. He hunted me down. He was stalking me. He has nothing to do with heart surgery. Plus, they should have asked me if i wanted him in there. He knew i did not, obviously cause i fired him for indecent touching.

I ran out as fast as i could. They probably would have killed me. I believeGod was making it so that i wouldn't be put through that, that is why he got me out of there.

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