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Republic Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Phoenix
Address 18500 North Allied Way
Phone 954-583-1830

Republic Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

I refuse to use them. they say I have to by law. cant be legal. account manager was disrespectful and made racist comments-

  • Sep 30, 2020

I was a Republic Services customer for at least 15 years. Over time the prices went up and the service quality had declined. Missed pickups, partially emptied trash cans, poor customer service etc. In August we were informed that they will only take 1 container and each additional will be $6.00 each. My billing cycle ended 09/30/20. Tried to call 3 times on 9/30/20 and could not get in contact with a live customer representative. Called 8:00 AM 10/1/20 to cancel. I was informed they will only cancel in the current month and would not cancel it till 10/31 so I will be billed for October even though I have had no pickups in October.

My Republic bill for the last quarter was $136.10 after all the administrative/Fuel recovery and misc. fees. Plus they are going to charge me $30 to pick up "their" container. My new company charges $60 per quarter without the extra fees and container limits. Several neighbors use their service and are very satisfied with them. What a relief it will be when October is over and I will hopefully be rid or Republic Services.

  • Aug 10, 2020

I have tried to resolve this by email three times, and once by phone. Their email form lets you submit a form, but never reply to the email, which is frequently used to hide accountability when wrong, duplicate or false answers are provided or used as stall tactic.

6/22/20 the trash service billed me in advance $39.27 for my "normal" three months of service for account 3-****-****03, which is not an account with a written service agreement (not commercial). Payment was applied for this amount 6/23/20. 6/30/2020, letter was received about a change in recycling portion of the service, cost increases, and "retroactive price increases" but that "we probably won't see an increase since most accounts were already increased in error in January."

7/20/20 they rebilled the same service, for the same period, and added $6.48 to the bill. This remains unpaid and is not due. I emailed them 7/25/20 with their own verbiage from Fee Disclosures (the legally binding contract) at which say they can give ADVANCE notice of price increases, and if I don't like can contact them with my disagreement or cancel. This done logged in at with accurate information and timelines, along their own verbiage.

They respond 7/25/20 with a vague red tape message about needing to call them at 1-844-737-8254 or contact online with case 20200724-108077755. At this time, I had already called in at 877-698-7274 and Amanda? told me it was retro and they can't tell when annual reviews happen. She referred me to Terms Site, I told they violated their own terms/no advance notice. She said she would escalate, and 8/11/20 I just got the "refer to our Terms site" email on case 20200809-109011308.

7/25/20, my lawyer sent them docs and demand to refund at Jenison, Michigan location. Shame and shade on them! They keep referring me to the their own policy that they violated, and stalling me. BBB report mirros this one.

  • Jul 6, 2020

Blocked our driveway with recycling and trash containers so we could not get in our driveway, we have no street parking or sidewalks and the traffic is fast! I am a senior citizen and have a heart condition and arthritis and can not run accross blind corner curved streets - cars coming at you at 35 mph. So I emailed them and complaind and they did the same thing to the trash bin. You can see in the picture the neighbors were returned right next to each other, but mine was moved into the middle twice.

Poor business practices, they have been fired.

  • Jul 20, 2019

This company provides poor service especially with the pickup of yard waste. They often don't pick it up at all, or pick it up days or a week later than they are supposed to.

When cancelling their service, or lack thereof, they impose fees ($30) to pickup trash containers which they do not tell you about until you are cancelling. This is entirely unethical. Then, they force a late fee ($5) for not making a final payment when they send out the final bill late. Isn't that just nice!

We plainly have made the right decision to discontinue doing business with this company. I would file a Better Business Bureau complaint but they are not a member. Gee I wonder why?

  • May 1, 2019

A week ago I watched as the yard waste collector pitched one of my yard waste containers, a lovely light-weight sturdy styrofoam, perfect for me, lock stock and barrel right into his truck. There was yard waste in the bin; however, to my shock he made no effort to empty it, simply threw it away.

Not sure how it's done elsewhere but in my town whatever you put yard waste in they will collect. What I've been told by an Allied manager (Doidilyn?) when I called to request replacement or return of my bin for the THIRD TIME "Allied takes no responsibility for any items left at the curb." So youre telling me that your idiot drivers can just throw my bins away if they happen to feel like it and that's COMPANY POLICY? She continued, " you have video of what you say the driver did? Because if you dont Allied is not responsible for items left at the curb."

So they stole my bin and they are not going to return or replace it unless I have video evidence to prove what he did, which I do not. I cant even believe this the official company response to the theft of my bin by Allied's driver. The self-proclaimed manager also suggested I should use "use paper" for my yard waste and I of course extended my deepest gratitude for her grossly unwelcome and unhelpful suggestion which was completely outside of the scope of "I WANT MY FKG BIN BACK" and let her know I prefer my paper as oxygen-generating TREES and my bin for my yard waste!

Honestly, I think they're treating me this way because I am not a private customer so I cannot just cancel my service while (like so many other corporations making a game of mistreating their customers) I am tied to a municipal contract. WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

  • Jul 19, 2018

I recently purchased a property and I called Republic Services for a quote on trash pickup at my new location in Ohio while I was still living in North Carolina. Over the phone, I was told that I would be charged $79.10 a month for a commercial 2 cubic foot unit (including environmental fees etc.) and that this was not variable, I was told that there was no delivery charge for commercial. I was also told that there was no contract, that service was month to month, and that there was no termination fee.

I am now one month into service I have been charged over $240 dollars including a $55 delivery fee, I have been informed that I am in a 3 year contract which was digitially signed in my name on the date of the phone conversation, and upon further review (I asked them to e-mail it to me) stipulates a termination fee of 6 months x last bill. The monthly rate on the bills not including delivery fee etc. is over $90 a month. I am in a difficult situatioon due to this fraudulent digital signature on this contract that I was not aware of and I am anticipating a lengthy fight.

I am going to contact my congressman and request that the DA for the state of Ohio conduct a fraud investigation into Republic Services if I am not offered an out of this fraudulent contract without any additional fees beyond service provided. Republic Services is one of the most crooked and dishonest companies that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

  • Jan 11, 2018

Paid past due charges in November and received email for new charges under 52.00 due by the 20th.... invoice said past due after December 31.... paid in full December 19th.... then new invoice said they charged 216.00 if lien fees. Lien on December 18th AND removed 18th. Even before payment was lien removed!!! They refuse to respond or refund in there error!!!

  • Nov 16, 2017

I recently moved. When I changed the service address with my garbage company, I was told that there would be an $18 delivery fee to deliver a container to my new home, or I could move the container myself for free. The container I had was disgusting so I agreed on the $18 to deliver a new container. Then I got my bill and see they billed me $18 twice - once for container removal at my old address and once for container delivery to my new address. When I contacted them to complain that I had never been informed I would be charged this fee twice they told me that it states on the back of the bill that a fee will be charged upon cancellation of service. But I didn’t cancel service - I changed my service address!! Would not credit me this fee even though I technically did not cancel service at all. What a way to treat your long-time customers.

  • Aug 12, 2017

On August 3rd, 2017, between 12 noon and 4 p.m., a Republic Services truck drove over part of our property. It took down two large steel poles that the City of Hollywood had installed on our property to deter such happenings. I contacted Republic Services by phone on the same day. The woman on the phone said that she would file the complaint. Another person from Republic Services called us and told us that we could not file a complaint unless we had a photograph of the actual truck or the actual truck number. The City of Hollywood investigated the scene and informed us that it was not one of their trucks because of the direction of the tire tracks and that the tire tracks were coming from the Republic Services bin. We are seeking repairs to the destroyed City of Hollywood Steel Pulse and the vegetation and plants that were run over.

  • Jan 11, 2016

1-4-16 Our pick up days are Mondays and Thursdays. I called on Tuesday after they did not show up on Monday and was told that without a doubt they would be there Thursday. Thursday was another no show. I called on Friday and they swore to me that someone would be there that day. Another no show. I live on a country road and I have trash on the ground I explained that animals were going to come and either get hit by cars or that I could end up with mice and rats. They promised a Saturday pick up and gave me the manager's cell number. He never answered and there was no Saturday pick up. No one there has any idea what is going on and I have never received the promised follow up. It is now 1-10-16

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