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Country United Kingdom
State England
City Manchester
Address St Georges House, 56 Peter Street
Phone 44-161-836-6700

Rentalcars.Com‎ Reviews

  • Aug 1, 2022

When I had contacted this company on the Utah number, insisted that I send them a $300 cash app verification payment and then they would refund me $336. When I refused the asked me too join them on a teams connection, so they could look at At all the apps on my computer, I had refused.

When I told him that I was tracking their connection they abruptly hung up, and called me back and said that I had not informed him that the link was being tracked. I have several firewalls on my computer systems and I was able to pin an address where they were located.

When you called me back the third time I had advised them that had an exact location, they hung up properly I never called me back. Be aware of this company. They will download all your information, cause you were huge headache The Cash app #$sippthestylist (KEANA LUDIN) do not ever let anybody check to your computer with team connect, unless you Know the person on the other side.

  • Jul 25, 2022

Stay away from this website these people are so rude and ignorent. They are so cleaver that they have removed the option of writing review on Don't know how but that have removed giving google reviews , you cannot give honest review on google for, they such deceiving car rental.

I booked from there website thinking that they offer cheapest rates but it turns out they were the most expensive when they charged my credit card. They don't have there own car rental company or offices but they are middle man they get money from us "customers" and pay the car rental.

I booked a for 3 days from hertz through them they charged me 1700 from which they paid very little to hertz.

The haven't mentioned clearly the documents requirement, though I had all the documents with me, Hertz still refused to provide me the car, so I didn't get the car on the booking day and i had to rent from an other car rental cause I had to travel and catch an other booking, next day when I called, staff completed refused to service any refund and rather blaming me that I have not provided documents though I had all the document with me.

All other car rental companies would verify the document prior to confirm the booking, but these people were only interested in steeling money from my credit card and never explained of verified the document, I have driving license from two different countries and residency as well. but no sir why ask for documents when you can freely charge the credit cards.

In short I lost all 1700 and didn't get the car and since is a online service they just got away with this. My sincere advice get a rental car directly from big car rental companies like Hertz or Enterprise etc that will be cheaper and they have office that can help you with such situations.

Stay Away Stay away from such middle man online services ...... BIG NO NO ....

  • Mar 19, 2019

I rented a car throught and Eurocars and i purchased full insurance at the same time, When i arrived at the Eurocar rental desk at The Manchester Airport, England a very arrogant and rude man by the name of Al told me he would not accept my insurance and i had to buy from him for a very high inflated price.

I did call and they told me Al was being a awkward but there was nothing i could do about it i had to pay double the car rental rate just for the insurance alone. This was not at all what i had purchased when i made the reservation for the car and did cause me a great deal of problem.


  • Sep 30, 2018 booked a car in toronto for me, and took full payment from my visa debit. Then when I got to Toronto the car renatl place would not take my card for the deposit nor would they take cash. I can not find any contact numbers for rentalcars,com, no valid email to send a complaint or request a refund. they left me and my daughter stranded in Toronto, we were there to bury my daughters father. so sad, such a rip off

  • Oct 7, 2017

I arrived on time to pick up a Nissan rental car at Osaka, Japan from Nissan Car Rentals ('s agent there) on Oct. 3, 2017 and was told, first, that they did not have a car to rent to me despite my confirmed and fully paid for booking through It is no small coincidence that this same day a huge recall of Nissan cars was made, worldwide, by Nissan and this agency, obviously, rents only Nissan cars. After some back and forth, the agent there (Matsumoto, he called himself), who spoke almost no English, and had no identified superior, told me that my Bahamas International Driver's License (pursuant to 1949 Geneva Convention, as is required) could not be accepted because he did not have Bahamas on his "list" (of what, he never told me). That "list" had about 75 countries on it, excluding, obviously, many, including the Bahamas. This was an excuse because no rental cars for me were available that day at that location and because my Bahamas International Driver's license was full valid, etc. Matsumoto then tried to call the Haitian (!) embassy in Tokyo, then the one from Jamaica (!) [he had no idea what the Bahamas was] to verify a Bahamas International Driver's license (which, again, was not on his "list"). Bahamas has no representation in Japan. In the end the rental contract was simply breached by their failure to rent the car to me. I suffered the cost of other transportation, even accomodation issues and the loss of $1400 for the pre- paid rental through, for their part, claims to date that they are not sure what happened in Osaka Oct. 3 and offered to refund 25% or so of what I had paid to them, in advance, as they required.

  • Jul 28, 2017

I reserved a car with Provider should be Dollar Rent a car in Frankfurt, Germany. A Hertz daughter.

I made sure I had my creditcard document that they cover CDW.

Arrived in Frankfurt, Dollar/Hertz made me wait an hour before they were able to give me my car.

After the wait they told me that I have to pay an extra of 40€ per day for insurance, because they do not accept an insurance from my Platimum Master Card or Platinum Visa Cards. Instead they only accept Gold Master or Visa.

I called and the lady couldn't resolve it, so she cancelled my contract with Dollar/Hertz and gave me a new reservation with Europcar.

Instead of the original price of 396.23$ I now had to pay 644,83€ - that is almost twice the original price.

After the rental I contacted (they refused to deal with it unless the rental is over).

They refunded the first booking of 396.23$ only after I opened a dispute via my creditcard company.

They refused to refund the difference in charges and said it was my fault that I couldn`t provide the correct documents.

In my opinion did not use the leverage they should have to the actual rental car companies and in addition they calculate the risk of upset customers to pay more and shut up about it. That way they seem to offer best price, but in fact they charge more than if I had booked with a good rental car company directly instead.

  • Jul 4, 2016 Scammed $1770 usd because ill go to pick up the cars 12 hours late.. they don't give me a car and lost money one moth of rent,1.771 usd. Booking Reference Number:314488377. ill call many times to company and they dont cancell reservation or refund payment , i come to pick up car 12 hours late and for it i lost money , they stolen my money ,

  • Oct 16, 2015

Very deceptive pricing practices

The booking process is NOT forthcoming about the significant extra taxes and fees that are NOT included in the rental price. This may represent as much as 2/3 of their so-called "total price"

These fees and taxes that are still to be paid to the car company at the end of rental period the should be readily disclaimed at the beginning of the booking process. Instead they end up being in very fine prints buried at the end of the voucher once the reservation is made (and pre-paid)!

  • Aug 14, 2015

Made a reservation via Internet with on June 8th. Never received email confirming this transaction, or mail either. So I thought that the transaction did not go thru. From what I have seen on the internet complaints on this company, that seems to be their modus operandi. Yesterday the 12 August I received an email "confirming" my reservation and informing me that my credit card will be charged for the rental. Since I did not think that I had a rental with them I made other ground transportation arrangements for my trip. So I went ahead and cancelled this car. The outcome of this cancellation is as follows, they will refund me, however I will be subject to a $40 fee. My trip is not until the 9th of September. I am making this cancellation way in advance I find it very unfair that they are taking my money this way.

I would not recommend this company to anybody and I certainly will not be doing any business with them in the future.


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