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Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address 5501 Headquarters Drive
Phone 1-800-665-5510

Rent-A-Center Reviews

  • Jun 14, 2022

I have been a long time customer for close to fifteen years, but in the last year, the service, the harassment and the downright bullying has been ridiculous, the problem isn't with the manager but much of the staff, I've been lied too, and ripped off, even after asking several times if I owed money on the cell phone I got about a year and a half ago, I was told I owed nothing on it, but just today I was told that I owed $3500 on a phone I would have continued paying on, had they told me I still owed. Fed-up, with this company there lack of compassion, they really need to work on compassion and there horrible attitudes towards those with disabilities.

  • Aug 15, 2021

Mondo from Rent a Center in Pleasanton Tx. spoke with my granddaughter and myself on the phone, her fianace was killed in a motorcycle crash and had an account with rent a center. We told Mondo what had happened and he said there was a 5000 death benefit, he did not explain that it was only for the merchandise (tires) that were from there.

He should have filed the insurance claim but instead was telling us there was a death benefit for 5000, not once did he expain the process. I paid the account in full for my granddaughter so she did not accure any further charges since Mondo wanted to make arrangements to get the tires back, that should have never happened, he should have filed the claim. My granddaughter called several times asking about the insurance claim and on at least 4 occasions he told her he was waiting to hear back from them.

We finally called and he was yelling at us on the phone and told us we were trying to cash in on his death. Never have I been talked to or treated like that. He never filed the claim, we have tried to talk to coprorate and contacted the web messages, left numerous messages, and no one with get back with us. I asked for a refund but that was refused. We have called coroprate and still am waiting to hear back, but doubt that will ever happen.

  • Jul 13, 2021

Rent - A - Center RAC Rent a Center This company provided a lift chair (I am handicapped) and after 1 month I had it returned. THIS Company continued to charge me for 3 more months bilking me out of over $100 dollars. After repeated attempts to get my money returned, they made numerous promises to send me a check, or refund my debit card; all to no avail.

  • Jun 22, 2019

This was one of most disrespectful experiences I have ever had! I needed a new bed frame and wanted the Ashley Queen Adjustable Base. I called before I went into the store, told them what I wanted, and was told to just come in and they would be able to help me.

I brought my best friend and my two children with me and when we walked in no one greeted us. We walked around the very small store for over 10 minutes before someone called out that someone would be out to help us. I could see there were two employees laughing behind the counter and we were the only customers.

Finally, one of the two employees came towards us still laughing and introduced himself as Mark Carver, the Manager, and asked what he could help me with. I told him I called before I came and wanted the queen sized adjustable base bed frame. Under his breath I thought I heard him say that they didn’t carry queen plus size adjustable bed frames.

He then looked at my friend and said that I should think about a sturdy king size bed frame for me and my "partner”! I was humiliated because me and my friend are girls and plus size! He then corrected my two children who sat down on a love seat and said that the floor model wouldn’t hold their weight and to please not sit on the furniture!

We left immediately and as we walked out the door, we could hear the manager and his crony burst into laughter. If anyone who is overweight, "Rent-A-Ridicule” is the place to go to be reminded of how hard it is to struggle with obesity. Some people are just bigger and no less deserving of the rights and respect as everyone else.

The irony here is that Mark Carver sports a dad-body with an "over-flowering” mid-section! I hope my review carries enough "weight” to dissuade other "plus-size” individuals, with or without children, from renting even a stick of furniture from Rent-A-Center’s Mark Carver. Too Big to Carve-her

  • May 2, 2018

Eustis, Fla So I rented from this company a few household items. I've was really pleased with their services until Labor Day weekend 2017 For starters, my new fridge went out, lost all my food, etc... needless to say, Rent a center worked with me, they took my fridge Sept. 4th, gave me a 100.00 to help towards food, (wasn't much, but did offer something) the also sent me a loner fridge. Now mind you, this was nothing in comparison of what I had. I am paying for a stainless steel fridge, ice maker, etc.. all the bells and whistles. They brought me a small fridge, no ice maker, etc... In removing my fridge, they ripped my vinyl floor, damaged my front glass door, and storm door, etc... This all while we have a major hurricane heading our way (Irma) - I can be a little understanding when it comes to having items on hand to use while mine are being fixed, however, things got worse, instead of better.

Fast forward 1 month ahead, - we finally get told our fridge is ready, yet, they have no way of brining to us, not to mention that we now owe 500.00 for non payment of this item. (We were never told we had to continue paying on this item while were using a loaner fridge) mind you, due to the hurricane, we did lose phone, and power for 9 days, however, I am sure, with all the reports I've read, if they really needed to get in touch with us, they would have come to the house, etc... no effort was made - so now we are told we can't have our fridge back until we pay in full for the past due. Payment was made, fridge was finally delivered approx. 1 - 1 1/2 weeks later. When we received our fridge, and set it up, we noticed the parts are missing from the door.. ie: the door does not line up evenly, making the ice maker not work properly - We've put in a claim back in Sept. with their insurance company, we received 500.00 for loss of food. Fast forward to May 1, 2018 - we are still fighting with them, we have not received the parts for our fridge, (fridge has been paid off ) floor and door are still damaged, we are looking at over 1500.00 more in damages, that is only for the materials, not labor. I have a complete paper trail with pictures that we have sent to their insurance company, as well as called supervisors etc.. with no such luck. Even threatened with a attorney, still no response

Consumers beware, the hoops this insurance company had me jump through were insulting.... I had to send them proof that I owned my residence, however, my tax deed wasn't good enough, they wanted a copy of my mortgage statement, I refused to send them, as I felt my acct. #, amount due, balance, etc.. was none of their business.

  • May 15, 2017

We currently rent a couch, loveseat, Tv and Ps4 from RentaCenter. We had falling behind on one payment due to my husband losing his job. Totally on us and I get that. So he had called them to let them know beforehand that we will be missing that payment and to not worry that we'd have it by the next. The worker in which responded that we will work something out. We were so thankful. The day after they showed up banging on our door. Not knowing who it was i didn't answer because i recently moved here and didn't know who would be knocking. Anyway they called MULTIPLE 3rd parties (which is NOT allowed) including my husbands last place of employment, our landlords, and multiple family members inquiring that we stole the furniture and haven't paid in months. And that because of it if they(whoever they called) didn't tell us to call that we will be hand cuffed and brought to jail on felony warrants. Which nevertheless turned out to be untrue. Not to mention we had not stolen.

At this point we were 12 days overdue. Finally after hearing about it my husband called and they were extremely rude and mocked our affordability. He told them (we read the agreement) that they were not to contact 3rd parties and that they are not even suppose to show up at the door until 15 days passed due. She disagreed and said they can do what they please. He thus asked for her to quote in the agreement where it says that in which her response was "i don't know the long one" very unprofessional. Well the reason for this complaint besides the banging on the door which eventually turned day to day which due to the aggression I was too afraid to open it; they finally showed one day while my father and his gf were visiting. They knocked on the door very hard in which my family looked at me shocked like, "is this company serious?".

After about a half hour my father goes to leave when things settled down and as they both walked out the guy, who was hiding behind the wall in the hallway, jumped out and pushed open my door and entered. My father then pushed him out the door as he was an intruder. The worker then started swearing and yelling "Give me my sh*" My father and his gf said entering was illegal and he may settle it in court with us. He then proceeded to say he told out landlord everything and she said he may enter. That he had papers(Illegal. Not true. And he dishonored more of the agreement by telling 3rd parties personal information of my rentals if so) and what's funny is at the end of it all he did not once serve us papers. Gladly this was all on Camera. He continuous got in my familys faces aggressively and when we said it was on camera he ran out and into the truck. We obviously called the police once he trespassed. We had to lock the door with my family out there due to him trying to reach for the door. The cops completely sided with us and had them leave. The guy tried to bullsh* them like crazy and they knew it. NEVER rent from rent a center anywhere. I've heard multiple stories like this and who knew Id be one of them. I'm not satisfied though. i will be slaying them in court but I want more. I want to press charges or know more of my rights and what was illegal.

  • May 4, 2017

This company harasses you. I work non-stop. I try to be responsible but work comes first. I have a family as well that I got to maintain. When I first rented from them it seemed ok. Then, things jut got worse. They would call you non stop. If you were at work and couldn't get to the phone. They would call you from another number, then, from a private number.

There were times that work got annoyed by their constant harassing phone calls non stop. We've had long brief conversations about their harassment non stop phone calls. They got rude. Once, they were rude and my fiance told them to call back but he didn't apprciate them constantly blowing up his phone. He hung up. They had the nerve to call back to pretty much inform him to never hang up on them.

They are rude. Disrespectful. And, even when you owe any amount of money to a company whether you're running late, it's against the law to constantly harass them. They do this and get away with it. Apparently, from other cilents and ex cilents who have and still rent from them that they harass you constantly with phone calls and have no respect.

  • Feb 27, 2017

In November of 2015, my wife and I purchased a couch and love seat set for just under 1000.00; we paid the months up front and happily waited three weeks for the delivery, upon delivery we were happy, ignorance of what was about to become. Our son like to sleep on the couch some nights and we would let him, he was haveing these welted bug bites, the whole time we aren't seeing any bugs, we think he is allergic to soaps the whole nine, cause like I said we aren't seeing any bugs, or signs of the bugs. Then it started to happen my wife started getting bit, and they were burning itching bug bites. The whole time up until now i have never been bit. It was some time after first Feb, we went and did our taxes, by the end of Feb, first part of March we recieved them back, we paid in full, for our furniture. Not knowing what was going on with these bites, so we talked with a pest control company, about what we were experiencing and he came and did a full on search of our home, cause he didn't find anything, he asked if any furniture was new, and said yes we just got these from Rent a Center, in North Platte. He started taken the cushions of looking in the seams, then he asked if he could take off the dustcover , he only took loose a small section really before we could see there was something in there but as the cover came off, the magnitude of the bed bugs in this couch was unreal. I then contacted Shelby, the store manager, she said cause we already paid in full a week and half prior that it was our problem. After months of buying supplies to kill these invaders in our home the pest control guy said his company has sprayed thier warehouse many times for these bugs. Knowing you have a problem and it showing up in a deal you have done with a customer, is not a coincidence, it's bad business. My family and I felt robbed, hek its Feb 2017 , we have finally gotten them out of our home we think, and still need a couch;don't let this happen to you, buy some where else, don't risk it you will be sorry....

  • Jan 17, 2017

I got a Toshiba lap top from Rent A Center in Iola KS and seem to work fine at first and then started having problems with the power connection on the laptop would not charge right. They sent it out and was gone for 2 weeks. Got it back same deal. Sent it out again and got it back still wasn't fixed. Then The hard drive went bad and they sent it out again and got it back and no OS on it. Sent out again and got back then the board went bad. Sent out again and got back again. Wasn't long after that SD slot went bad was told after gone for another 2 weeks got back and told couldn't be fixed. Was told have to find another laptop and don't know when one will be located. They also don't put any notes in the computer when talk to so calls happen everyday. They also charge outrages fees for stuff that can be bought cheaper from other places for less and better warrenty. Think twice before doing business with these people.

  • Oct 26, 2016

Rent A Center Port St. Lucie - allow Agent Noel to charge your credit card without permission. Every week this store calls you about the charges even after you have asked them to stop calling. You pay online evey week and they know this. They were NEVER authorized to charge my credit card- Thus committing FRAUD. When starting renting they promised me everything and never delivered. Charged me for a TV never recieved. Never got the Tv I asked for and promised to give me credit for my purchase. Still waiting on credit on my bill.

This store is so unporfessional. I am reporting them to the Better Business Business, Corporate office and all the news channel. How dare you charge peoples credit card without permission.

  • Sep 17, 2016

Rent a center... how do I start?!?!? They arrested rude.. they call and call multiple times a day! At one point they left their little cards that they came by my house all over the front of my garage! Today was the final straw I have been super patient with them and yes I'm late and going to return my items . I was working today a 12 hour shift and they called me 10 times while I was at work ( mind you I work at a call center so I cannot physically answer my personal cell phone!) They proceeded to go to my house and pound on the door for over an hour. My fiance and 4 year old son were there. My son was napping but they woke him up! They scared him and he thinks there is bad guys at the door. They proceeded for almost 2 hours to ring and pound on my door and call me. As soon as I git an opportunity to all them back they refused to leave when I said I am not home I am at work and you are a scaring my son! They proceeded to tell me they will call the sheriff and tell them my son is home with no supervision. I said I never said he wasn't supervised my fiance is there but your not welcome in my house when I am not there. They straight up told me they weren't leaving. I hu b g up and called their store manager and she said I'm stealing the furniture. I said no I'm letting you take it tomorrow your harraswing my son and banging on my door!!! Get off my property! So annoying will not be doing business with them again

  • Aug 29, 2016

Rent-A-Center was delivering a dryer to me that would have been paid off by now and they dropped it down the stairs so I had to send it in to get repaired they gave me a loan and put me on the back burner and never returned it so now I just found out I'm paying $3,000 for just a dryer when my original one should have been paid off six months ago

  • Aug 13, 2016

We bought a washer an dryer from rent a canter march 10 2016 on a special they had. i went back in april and was talking to the manger that was there then an told her the washer was dented so she told me that she would take more off and she did an gave me a new contract. i also told her that i had a paper from where i had rented a washer and dryer before a pmt freeze for 568.05 and if my waher and dryer was paid off before 90 days that i only owed 649.48 so she told me to bring it in. so a few days later when i went back she was out having her baby so i talked to someone ealse there and they said they would take care of it that it had not been taken off. so about a week went by an i heard nothening so i called and a women answered said he was not there but that it had not been taken off. that they would handle it. so this whole time i have still been making my pmt went in to make a pmt wanted to get it on a month. the man there told me to go ahead a pay a month an he would get my account updated. that was on july 1st went to make a pmt om aug 1st and it showed my account behind so i called and they said he was no longer there so know they want to pick up my items. this place is a joke sence the manager sarah has been gone.and sence they are cheating me ill never do business there again so take my advice and stay away

  • Mar 26, 2016

Ughh. I just want to pull my hair out with these people. So unprofessional and rude. They came knocking on MY door seven times in one day. One of the bosses tried to yell at me. I told him I would call the police and get him for harrassing me. They rip you off. The same TV my mother got we got, hers $499, ours $3,000 total scamers. The owner definitely needs to fix this. Horrible service to their customers. They scared off all my friends and family and then called MY landlord.

  • Dec 4, 2015

I rented from rent a center on s orange blossom trail and after the promo(where paid for one week you got 3 free) they have been non stop harassin calling two/three times a day (even callin after hours ) commin by my house knockin and ring the doorbell for 15 min (i work and never see them) but my neighbor tells me) and one day i called them for payment and one guy had the audasity to say "youre bustin my b****" i was like excuse me. reported it to the dist manager didnt hear anything for like three weeks then last week while at work like clock work they came to my house and my neighbor sends me a recordin of the rac guy sayin "we'll be back tommorrow b****" hes lucky i wasnt hear because he would have seen one .Reported that and the dist manager was just sweepin it under the rug sayin he doesnt condone it but yet his main focus was a payment and ssyin his guy dont have time to be callin two three time a day when i have the call log to prove it .So glad ill be rid of them but NEVER rent here fo somewhere else .Thinkin about takin legal action

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