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Renee Swanson LLC

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Gretna
Address 1820 Belle Chasse Hwy #203
Phone 504-266-2101

Renee Swanson LLC Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2017

First of all: do not be fooled by scam websites such as and where she is a paid subscriber thus all negative, honest reviews are being removed. Beware: she defrauded me out of money by taking a huge retainer in cash without signing a contract. She said that she needed to look at my case to decide whether she will want to take it. She started calling previous lawyers (without my consent and awareness that I would be billed $$$ for that). Finally, she "decided to take the case." By that point I was not sure that I should be hiring this individual. She started calling me, trying to finagle into signing her agreement. (Later she billed me for those calls as "responding to client's call" - an outrageous lie!). After I gave in and signed the agreement, she terminated the contract right away, saying that she "will not take any action on my behalf." She stole over $1100 from me. After that she could not eve mail my documents to me, saying that "it would cost her money." I had to prepay for shipping and send a label to her. She took over $1100 and was not willing to spend $10 from those money that she stole on shipping! SHE HAS DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME WHERE LEGAL SERVICES ARE CONCERNED; LITERALLY TRICKED ME AND STOLE THE MONEY.

I filed a criminal complaint against her and a detective, who investigates financial fraud, after reviewing my documents told me that he agrees that she defrauded me out of money and tricked me; but, unfortunately, he said, because she knew how to make sure that she will not be charged with a crime, there was not enough to charge her with financial fraud. I never met anyone so deceitful and lying. Be very careful and stay away from this charlatan!

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