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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 855-423-8411

Renaderm Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2017

I ordered Renderm online on 3/14/17 and used my Wells Fargo debit card acct. to pay $3.99 for shipping & handling in which my acct was charged. The next screen that appeared was Nuriva which I assumed was also free because there was no fee. The next screen was Natural Beauty C Serum which cost $39.99 at which time I backed out the site. I went to my bank to put a further stop payment on Farlex Inc. A few days later, I received free bottle of Renaderm, Nuriva, and Natural Beauty Vitamin C. Later I received another bottle of Renaderm. I called Customer Service at 1-844-888-3832 and was told I did not call to cancel. I was a bit befuddled about payment because my Wells Fargo acct was not charged and I did not receive a bill from the company. I returned the 2nd bottom of Renaderm and Natural Beauty Vitamin C Serum on 4/17/17 by USPS Tracking #9114901496450675042863. A few months later as I reviewed my Visa Chase credit history, I discovered several charges from Health Match and Best Health which totalled about $400.00ish. I honestly did not enter my Chase Visa card acct info in their site. The company obviously hacked into my Visa Chase credit account and put these charges. I emailed the company at [email protected] and they replied I provided my Visa Chase info which is a deliberate lie. I did not call them because I would have become maniacally vile. This was such a wicked scheme which I know they will not admit. They replied and stated some refunds were granted. I truly hope this company is thoroughly investigated. PLEASE POST TO THE PUBLIC BUT DON'T REVEAL MY NAME.

  • Mar 24, 2017

Renaderm Super Collagen Cream Nuriva Advanced Revitalizing Serum Offered on Facebook as Miracle help in wrinkle reducer around the eyes. Promoted by Mrs. Trump, Christy Brinkley, Ellen Degeneres, Angelina Jolee and on and on. This company grabs you with a 14 day trial offer for less than five dollars. The product does not even arrive in that time to attempt trial before the TWO deductions of 99.15 and 94.67 hit your account. Yes TWO different deductions but arrive in same packaging. Then 14 days later again. Health Match and Elite Naturals will show on bank Statements. They use new phone numbers on everything they ship. You MUST CALL both companies to stop!! 855-423-8411 and 844-386-7265. They will not take back opened product. Just take your 50 refund, they will charge you for restocking, shipping and tracking. If anyone has lawsuit in progress let all know.

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