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Regressions Skincare

Country United States
State California
Phone 888-778-0296

Regressions Skincare Reviews

  • Oct 25, 2016

I received a Facebook posting from Regenessis to try for sample for two of their products for $4.95 and$5.95 respectively for shipping and handling. They shipped them to me. They were very small sample sizes. In regular size type they said if you liked the samples you could order them. They did say that these wood be free samples and no extra charges. Evidently in the very small print they have if you don't call within three weeks after shipment these so called free samples become what they will charge you $85.00 a piece for. If you call before three weeks these will only be free samples. I can see if they send you another shipment and you do not cancel then you can be charged that amount. So how can something be a free sample and you will not be charged but if you if you do not call within three weeks they will charge you $85.00 a piece for them. They said that it was in the fine print at the bottom of the page, but it must be really fine print because I never saw it. They said they would me refund me fifty per cent a piece but I'm still being charged $85.00 total. How can something be a free sample but if you do not call within the three week time period from shipping they will charge you $85.00 a piece. This scam not only hurts people of all ages but it really hurts senior citizens like me who have to see such fine print that it is hardly visible. Please try to warn people by putting out some type of alert or warn the company of their criminal actions.

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