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RedFynn Technologies

Country United States
State Arizona
City Tempe
Address 960 W Elliot Rd Ste 112
Phone 1 888-510-9871

RedFynn Technologies Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

We paid $6,500 cash for a POS system for our restaurant under the promise of full tech support and service from Redfynn through RetailCloud. The system was misrepresented for restaurants as it had myriad failings; unable to create a table number, wouldn't stay online, printout of an order took 3 times more space, etc. It is obviously a system for retail as in clothing and shoe stores. All of these issues should have been overcome but the tech support consisted of a young lady working from home googling my questions and not coming up with many useful answers.

We are in Central Florida close to Orlando and Tampa but Redfynn support nor Retail Cloud had any local techs who could be on site. We would have to wait until 11 am to get anyone on the phone as they are three hours west in California. However, when we tried to go live April 15th, the system crashed and no one answered any of our urgent calls throughout the day. We reconnected the old POS system after an hour and a half during which the staff was threatening to quit if we didn't. We went back and forth with Redfynn but none of the main issues were dealt with and the total lack of tech support forced us to try another POS system with local techs who spent the whole first week with us.

We tried to return the POS system but they refused to take it back. At least it won't cost other restaurant owners to lose sleep. Ms. Aubrey Allen or some other rep will likely reply with a bunch of points about how theyn think they did their part. However, we opted to lose a $6,500 investment rather than try to stumble along with no tech support and jeopardize our business. The new system, Tabit, has been a game-changer as great POS systems should be, increasing our sales 10% by accelerating service all around. I would be remiss if I didn't warn other restaurateurs of the trap that RetailCloud is. They need to contract with local on-site tech support staff and make their restaurant POS system much more user-friendly.

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