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Red Roof Inn

Country United States
State Ohio
City Springfield
Address 2071 N. Bechtle Ave., Box 226
Phone 877-733-7244

Red Roof Inn Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

I was staying for work. When I came back at night my key card would not open the door. Being used to it not working until the 3rd or 4th swipe I kept swiping until I hit about 12 swipres. After that I went down to the front desk. The same woman was there from the morning when I left.

I told her my key was not working. She asked me what room I was in and re-keyed my card. This time it opened quickly but the latch was over the door. Thinking the housekeeper had left it over but not locked I stuck my finger in the opening to push the latch over.

Right then the door slammed on my finger and a woman was just standing there glaring at me through the crack not saying anything. I immediately went back to the front desk to ask where all my personal belongings were. In particular I was asking about my bodycam. I had a lot of belongings in there as well as food.

The woman asked for my I.D. and said she had no record of my reservation or my belongings. I went back a couple days later and asked the same woman and she told me the same thing. They have cameras recording video.

I have a few emails going back and forth between Red Roof Guest Relations and someone who claims to be a negotiator for Red Roof. Not once have they acknowledged what happened to me or told me where my belongings are.

I now have a ticket in with the Attorney General of Washington over the matter. Because of the injury I incurred during this incident, Seattle Police are asking me to report this as a robbery in an official police report over the phone. This is not a comfortable place to stay either.

No microwaves or refers in the room.

  • Jul 2, 2022

We lived at this property a total of 4 years. Went through 2 different GMs that were stealing from customers and were fired. I have every reciept from everyday we stayed. 2 weeks ago I went in to pay rent and was charged 419.00 instead of my usual 489.00. I made sure to ask the clerk are u sure this is right? He said yes, then he proceeded to inform me that the price had" gone down that week". I got my reciept .

Next week I was told by management that the following week I was underhanded by a day and that I was demanded to pay 561 in full or be kicked out. i was outraged. Even tho I had the reciept that said oh it was the cashiers 1st day so I paid the money. After doing so I contacted the Florida department of Revenue and was informed that the hotel owed me every penny of those taxes which made me happy.

I also have to mention my wife and I have been robbed on this property assaulted, held at gunpoint, many things have happened and nothing has been done to make any of it right. Not even so much as an I'm sorry. Like the hotel claimed I was under charged, I made my claim that we were over charged. In taxes by about 2,000.00 .

We were told we could no longer pay or renew our week. We.were kicked out the next day . Today. After 2 straight years no check outs, we didn't get a 7 day notice IN writing or anything? The manager claimed i signed something that gave them the right to remove us in a 48 hours after notice. There was still no notice and the form she claimed i signed was from 4 years ago. A previous stay. I want this business prosecuted, for all my family has had to endure while living there.

I want all my money back . I want my money for the 800.00 worth of clothes that were stolen from thier laundry facility, I want my 2000.00 back in ripped off taxes and unlawful price hikes when our price was supposed to stay the same once our exemption kicked in. Pleasecif there's anything anyone can do to help us put a stop to this I would be greatly appreciative.

  • Apr 24, 2018

I was lied to by Manager of Stafford Ve Red Roof Inn House cleaning staff aparently disregard multiple requests in both English and Spanish verbally and door plaqard. Do Not Enter. Customer Service subsequently also made false claims. The room was noisey both day and night After having been a frequent flyer, I was treated like a third class citizen on many levels from local to corporate. NEVER AGAIN RED ROOF. I normally would blow this off, but after their treatment Im taking this personally and will take this to a reasonable conclusion.... R.R. INN Not th only Cheap Dog friendly place

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