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Real Trucking, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Bellwood
Address 2701 W Washington Blvd
Phone (773) 732-5141

Real Trucking, Inc. Reviews

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  • Apr 4, 2016

Real Trucking stay away all Russian and they extremely RUDE and LIARS!!!!! All Americans run northeast.All the Russians run southeast, watch your paychecks also they promised detention time but you have to constantly watch your pay and if you do get it they take 15% off the top. Also don't call them because if they're busy they hang up on you! Also they pay on percentage you won't see rate confirmation sheet and if there's special instructions on the load you won't know until it's to late! There's no dispatcher on call after they go home so get as much information from there text messages because that's the only way they will talk to you if your lucky

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  • Feb 28, 2018

REAL trap

They also have a glitchy ELD which with stealed rates and unpaid layovers/detentions/repairs allows you to earn around $1,300 per full week OTR. They have a few accounts and all of them are heavy loaded (45,000 and even more). Water & Paper. Often WS and DOT inspections due to extremely low safety rating. Dispatching is a BIG problem. Safety is pretty rude. You REALly have to control your every single paycheck to figure out where is your money...

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  • Oct 14, 2018

Real Trucking in Broadview Illinois is real bad 4 company drivers...repay me with a 1099 and listed me as an owner operator independent contractor to avoid taxes and expenses as an employee After I filled out text documentation they never took out taxes or pain in to Social Security or workman's comp... Every paycheck was short and unexpectedly lower then expected.their lease program charges you $4,000 a month for a truck that you never get to own and after all the deductions you're barely left enough money to pay your taxes. Refuse to give raise at promised time of employment and after agreeing on a contract for salary was wrongfully terminated as unsafe driver instead of giving proper wage raises.

They have unsafe equipment and unsafe parking area in charge the truck drivers $100 per safety point for any and all violations.they have an accident deductible of $1,200 Driver's Responsibility but after having an accident charge me $2,500 deductible. The dispatchers will lie to the drivers and only pay them a percentage of the contract and dispatchers get a percentage of the profit from contract not paid to drivers.they claim not to have forced dispatch loads but they are forced dispatch. Please do not give promosed pay raises on schedule... When it came time for my Raise they offered me a salary position for less than I was making working hourly.

After negotiating with human resources for $1,750 per week... Was guaranteed dollar amount waiting approval on days off and taxes being deducted and one year contract in writing...the following day I was wrongfully terminated for being a safety liability without any warning write ups or complaints . Negotiating a raise Monday terminated on Tuesday after 3 years of Faithful 70 hours plus per week service to the company. Also worked80-120 hours some weeks but was only allowed to log 70 hours and paychecks were always short 4 to 10 hours less then actually worked.

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