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Ready Set To Go

Country United States
State California
City Valley Village
Phone 818-492-8495

Ready Set To Go Reviews

  • Nov 3, 2016

Marc Hoffman owener of Ready Set To GO LLC sced me out of my investment into the company. Ready Set To Go is a company that provides a mobile set that can be set up anywhere. The idea behind it is that it would be appealing to producers as the crew would not have to make a company move to shoot at a particular location. Instead Ready Set To Go, has a portable bar set that they can set up anywhere. This saves valuble time and money for the production companies. I was approached by the owner Marc Hoffman and his associates to invest into the company. I invested $5,000.00 with the promise that I would receive $7500.00 within two months. That was nine months ago. Since then, Mr Hoffman has been in and out of jail, refuseses to return my phone calls, and has basically has given me the middle finger. I have reached out to Mr Hoffman and his associates numerous times trying to rememdy this but none have returned my calls.

My only recourse now is to make sure that no one else gets burned like I did!!! STAY AWAY FROM READY SET TO GO. Hoffman is a crook and a liar. DO NOT RISK YOUR REPUTATION AS A LOCATION MANAGER, SCOUT OR PRODUCER ON THIS FAKE COMPANY.

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