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Re Property Network

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 2566 Shallowford Rd NE Ste 144
Phone 800-453-9178

Re Property Network Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2018

This is stupid

I never was able to see any homes when I tried to get in it today. I want to get out of this. It has been less then a week. I live in Ashland, Wisconsin 54806. Please take me off of Re Property and do not charge my credit card. I am starting to think you are a con to get money off my card. so if I see a charge from you I will call the Better Business Bureau. oh I guess I should give you my name.....Susan Zoldos Phone. 715-292-7402

  • Aug 5, 2017

I signed up under the 15 day free trial offer. The instructions were, that prior to the seven days, email your request to [email protected] On the 26th of July, a couple of days prior to the 15 day period, I tried going on that website. It did not exist. I tried different spellings of it. I got nowhere. Today, 8-4-2017, I noticed the charge on my account from Current Foreclosures Co. I figured it was them, as there was no one else I had signed up with, having that as a common industry. It was them. I spoke with a Priscilla. I asked her to cancel the account and asked for a refund, based on my experience in trying to cancel, on the website. She said I could only cancel on the phone. I explained to her that there was no phone number given on the cancellation instructions; that the only contact info was the web address and that did not seem to exist. She stated that she would cancel the order, but there was no refund, as I did not call the number. I repeated myself to her, and she told me the same thing. She added that she could put in a request for a refund, but it was not a guarantee. I asked to speak with a supervisor or a manager. She insisted she was the manager and supervisor. She said all she could do was cancel the order, period. She directed me to an email I will be receiving. By the way she handled the call and her attitude, it did not seem like I would get a refund. Please help.

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