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Rare French Bulldogs

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 11832 Claycroft Ln.
Phone (951) 808-2131

Rare French Bulldogs Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2018

I purchased a 6mo old chocolate & tan French bulldog from Michelle on May 2 and just received the limited akc paperwork today 7 weeks later after a whole lot of back n forth on the subject matter. Do your homework...make sure breeder follows county/state breeding regulations. Verify the following as quoted by animal control: CA state sellers permit, county business license, kennel license if applicable and if pup is over (4) months make sure they are up to date on all shots/license and get a contract and health guarantee. Unfortunately, I was not provided with a health guarantee nor did I sign a contract. Cash only transaction. For those in Texas where the Krebes also sell frenchies contact your states animal control to inquire what is required.

  • Jun 15, 2018

I never thought I would be the one in this position but this is why you must be patient and beware of money hungry breeders, they start to lose moral of the dogs well being and are just looking to make a quick buck. We recently bought a pup from Michelle. It has been far from an enjoyable experience and unfortunately the one suffering from it the most is our puppy. When we first took a look at the pup at "Rare French Bulldogs" we fell in love with her, Michelle called her a "Mini French Bulldog". We decided to purchase the puppy. The day we took her home was on a Friday afternoon however before we noticed the puppy visibly had a running nose at the breeders house, Michelle said she had the fan on in the room and that was the cause, so we left unalarmed trusting her (first mistake). It is undeniably my mistake for not taking her to the vet immediately after purchasing the pup from Michelle.

I take ownership of that, however as a breeder "of many years" Michelle should have known something was clearly wrong with the pup and should have never sold a puppy in that state until fully healthy. The pup was too calm, didn't want to play and would cough up her food and could barely breathe (photos attached).

We were finally able to take her to a Vet whom specializes in French Bulldogs. I find out she has URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) and she is now on medication. It is also cautagious to other dogs. I know French Bulldogs are a very unique and special breed, I just wish I had an eye for the issue at the very beginning. Unfortunately we now have the pup and the issue is seeming to worsen. Looks like the next step is to take her to the vet again for chest X-Rays and CBC. Take it how you want it, but I do not recommend buying from Michelle. There is plenty of good breeders out there, that care more for their dogs and customers. All she was worried about was the Health Guaranteed being voided. No, the fact is that she is willing to sell sick dogs. Please take this as a firm warning. Thanks for reading.

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