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Raj Kalyandurg

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas

Raj Kalyandurg Reviews

  • Sep 13, 2023

I'm furious and devastated by my experience with Raj Kalyandurg, a supposed CPWA operating in Plano, Texas. He touts his role as a managing director at Merrill Private Wealth Management, but my encounter has been a financial nightmare.

Raj Kalyandurg, is a master manipulator, expertly gaining clients' trust and then leading them into investments that line his pockets with commissions while leaving them with meager returns. He's a slick salesman who makes grand promises, but the moment you lose money or don't meet his high balance requirements, he vanishes.

His tactics are predatory, and he's only interested in landing "big fish" investors to boost his own wealth. One prospective client was shocked at how little he cared about their finances and how he hurried them out when they mentioned $5 million net worth. They left feeling humiliated.

Raj Kalyandurg's aggressive sales tactics are a nightmare. He pressured a client into an unsuitable annuity despite their objections, resulting in a shouting match. Many clients find it near impossible to reach him when they face issues with their accounts.

A reliable wealth advisor cares about their clients, respects their input, and is accessible in good and bad times. Raj Kalyandurg,falls short on every count. Trust your money to someone who GENUINELY cares and is there when you need them. Stay far away from Raj Kalyandurg, a predator who puts his interests above yours.

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