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Raintree Vacation Club

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 10000 Memorial Drive, Suite 480
Phone 1.800.424.6532

Raintree Vacation Club Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2022

Club Regina and Raintree Vacation Club is a scam. Sharon Pisapia the manager continues to tell lies to me and they are violating Texas law. I was pushed and coerced to sign a timeshare contract by Raintree Vacation club sales representatives at Club Regina.

The agents lied in their presentation and failed to disclose that the maintenance fees would continually increase, that I would be responsible to foot the cost for a global pandemic and to continue to pay fees when non-essential travel to the resort was prohibited and was never told about the rescission period and actually came back the day after I signed the contract to cancel, and the agents told me it was not possible.

This was sold to me as an investment and a good business deal but the fact of the matter is that I have only been able to use this twice in 13 years and the points once for local trip and have paid this company about $17K for these three trips.

The corporation for Raintree is located in Texas and I found out that there is a law in Texas protecting consumers from Deceptive Trade Practices and the misrepresentations made by the sale agents in the origination and sale of this contract clearly qualify. I paid $8307.50 towards the loan for a unit that I do not want or need or use and it is paid off.

I continue to be billed for maintenance fees and membership fees and I demand that Raintree Vacation Club cancel this obligation and take back the unit. I have contacted Raintree Vacation Club numerous times and asked for them to release me due to the lies and fraud but they tell me that this contract can't be cancelled after the five day rescission period ends.

I tried to cancel the day after I signed the contract but the agents lied and said I was stuck, even though there was a five day rescission period. Raintree Vacation Club and Sharon Pisapia don't care about the truth, they don't care about facts, they only care about money and greed.

I am not paying this corrupt company another cent. They need to cancel out my maintenance contract and go sell this timeshare to someone else, hopefully by telling the TRUTH this time!

  • Mar 9, 2016

This raintree vaction club and Concord collections they use tell me there are 2 different sets of late fees now. I asked to explain. She just said there is 2 different late fees but could not tell me why. I paid online $1309.09 on March 5th 2016. My bill on Jan 10 says $1258.82. Feb says $1258.82. Mar says $1258.82. I asked why $1309.09 online? But bill never changes? They say 2 sets of late fees. Makes no sense. It understand it was late but why 2 different fees. I hate this timeshare as it is the worst thing I ever bought. You cannot get out. Nobody there to help you . They only want your money. Every year since 1995 when I purchased I never get a 1 Bedroom unti as I paid for. They only have 1 or 2 rooms every year and a hotel or stuido at that when I book. I lost many years and have paid becuase there have been years with no rooms at all available. So they supply no rooms but you are still stuck paying. Every time I get the chance I tell evreyone to steer clear of this ripoff timeshare!

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