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Radiant Revive

Country United States
State North Carolina
City High Point
Address 2216 Dunmore Court
Phone 877-753-1486

Radiant Revive Reviews

  • Dec 20, 2017

The skin care product dried my skin and I was unable to make contact with the company as they did not provide contact information on their receipt for the trial product or in the packing slip. They charged me for the full price for the products without ensuring it was what I wanted or as they advertised. I Goggled them and tried to emailing them on two occasions to cancel my account but never received a response so I obtained their phone number from my credit card company and called them today and they won't refund my money. I returned the sample as it did not work for me at all, but they are not concerned about that.

See above. Sharon .

  • Dec 20, 2017

On 11/15/17 I fell for the Facebook ad for Radiant Revive face cream. Ordered a "free sample" for $4.95 with an "add on" eye cream for an additional $4.95. I don't have a record of when the prduct arrived and there was no real packing list enclosed. I began using the product which I am not satisfied with. Then on 12/1/17 there were two deductions from my bank account (I used my debit card for the purchase) Charges of $89.95 and $88.47.

I attempted to contact them but after searching the internet I was not able to find anything on them. I've had family responsibilities that have monopolized my time so I did not pursue the problem. Then on 12/17/17 there were 2 more changes to my bank account!!! Another $89.95 and $88.47. And I have received no product for these charges.

I am single on a fixed income and I'm just plain lucky that none of these charges bounced!! I cannot afford these charges which appear to be every 2 weeks???? How can I get these people to close my account???

  • Dec 19, 2017

This company took 3 unauthorized transactions out of my bank account in the amount of 64.00$ Internet

  • Dec 18, 2017

I have not yet seen them take anything from my bank account; however, I read the report of one of your writers and saw that she had ordered the the same FREE samples that I ordered. She paid the shipping cost, just as I had, but was later billed $179.00.

So I'm getting a head start on it because I do not want them to deduct money from my account. I was just discharged from the hospital with heart surgery and cannot afford to have anything taken from me which I did not order. So I am willing to return the products that were almost empty when I received them.

  • Dec 14, 2017

I saw an add on facebook for a wrinkle reducer that I could try a free sample of their product for just shipping and handleing. After having the product a few weeks I receive notice from PAYPAL that $89.95 was deducted from my account to Radiant Revive.

I had not reordered the product... I could not see any results and was not intersted in pursuing getting more. I appealed to PAYPAL but was denied... Somehow this company can not only get through to banks but PAYPAL as well. I was denied re-imbursement.

They have the transaction listed as an in store and signature transaction!I am pissed! I am even considering pulling my PAYPAL account as I once considered them as an extra layer of protection from scams like this.... blah... they are no better than anyone else from scammers!

  • Dec 13, 2017

I ordered an eye cream that I was advertised as A "Shark Tank" endorsement. The cream was fresh with only a shipping cost. The cream was advertised as a free bottle because the woman that created this cream wanted women to try it at their expense as they believed you would want to buy it later on. It also showed where your bags under your eyes dissipated quickly. I was to only pay a shipping cost. I placed this order on the internet and researched the entire website looking for hidden costs or misleading info. I found nothing. I received a small box in the mail with the eye cream and a packing slip that had no name of the vendor, what my shipping cost was or a telephone number. It just showed that a 1oz bottle was sent. I thought, ok that is weird.

I received another box a few days later and a face cream was sent to me!! I never ordered that and again, the packing slip was vague. 2 weeks later I get 2 more separate shipments of the eye and face cream. I was shocked. So I started looking through my credit card statement and saw 2 payments, one for $88.47 and one for $89.95. I was mad. I called them and was told that in the greyed out area at the bottom of the website under terms and conditions, that I agreed to this scam. I said I did not agree to anything. I didn't check a box to agreeing to any terms at all. They told me by just making the purchase that concluded their agreement. Wrong. Very deceptive!

If they believe in their product what is wrong with being up front where it is plainly written and spelled out in the ad. Why? Because most people would not order this period. They are delusional. And lied. They try to offer you first a 25% discount, and then the BS, of saying they could offer their employee discount of 50% off. I said, No, I want my money back. I am put on hold and now then they offer a 75% discount. At this time I DID NOT SEE THAT 12 DAYS LATER FROM THE FIRST 2 CHARGES, THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN!! I told them I want all my money back and I will send them the unopened product back. I can't believe that I was charged almost $400 with out my permission. Lastly, I DID NOT GET THE PRODUCT, that was advertised!!!! THEIR CREAM DOES NOTHING. I have filed a complaint with my bank. STAY AWAY. AND BY THE WAY, I COULDN'T EVER READ THE NAME OF THE company on the product. I had to use A MAGNIFYING GLASS. THEY ARE A 3RD PARTY SCAMMING COMPANY. I didn't even get the product I ordered!!

  • Dec 13, 2017

Very unusual for me to order something online but the ad was on facebook and I thought a facebook friend had forwarded the ad. I ordered the free sample, then the company added a second free sample with it's shipping and a separate express shipping charge. A total of under $13.00.

I thought that was the end of it until I saw two additional charges on my credit card for approximately $90 each. When I called the card company to ask that this company not be allowed to charge anything on my card, unfortunately, I got an inexperienced rep who did not tell me that I needed to cancel my card number, so Radiant was able to do this a total of three times.

Other than the "free" samples, I received two boxes that I did not open and that I returned, per my credit card's instruction. Radiant refuses to accept returns. I never received as many shipments as Radiant billed me for, as the original two boxes were the only ones. After calling Radiant and getting into an argument with a rep, she called me back eight times, to harass me. I was refused an opportunity to speak with a supervisor.

When I ordered, there was nothing on the site about automatic shipments or I would have exited off immediately. The second customer service rep with my credit card was very familiar with this time of activity, calling it a scam. I intend to file complaints with government agencies and I hope all victims of this do so.

  • Dec 13, 2017

I called and emailed when I saw the charges come through in November and now in December. The operator and supervisor would not recredit me and told me it was too late. I received a confirmation code that I will now be cancelled from a subscription, that I never bought.

To make matters worse, even if I had purchased the subscription, as they indicate, I have not received any of the subsequent product after the trial sample.

  • Dec 13, 2017

In about mid november i contacted radiant revive to take advantage of a free trial of their face cream. They requested my card details to pay for shipment, which was fine. However, what they did not inform me about what to expect after the trial. Nothing was explained nor was i given the option to have my card charged after the trial. To my surprise on the 12th december my account went overdrawn due to the fact that they charged my card for two separate amounts of $89.95 and $88.47!!! This is highway robbery! I need my money please help!!!!!!!!!!!! This company need to be closed down!! I am sure i am not the only one who has reported this issue! Please help! Thank you

  • Dec 12, 2017

The Company behind Radiant Revive or Repair and Release Cream is supported by Celebrities and created by a Celebrity and her staff. Of course they think they can cheat normal people as they please, but not everybody will accept it.

In the ad the company promises a jar with Repair & Release for a trial of $4.95. No where in the print out after ordering this trial offer does it state that it will cost the consumer after 14 days $89.95 and will be charged every 30 days regularly - in other words it goes over into auto-shipment and auto-charge. But it is notwhere printed.

This action is absolutely illegal and in my view, these practices should be stopped.

I hope many more people will address this issue.

  • Dec 11, 2017






  • Dec 11, 2017

I wanted a sample for $2.95, this was suppose to be for shipping and handling, of this Radiant Reviving cream, but when I checked out another cream was added, that I DID NOT want and I could not delete the added cream. this brought the total to $10.95, instead of $2.95. I could not order through a live person. I will NEVER make this mistake again.

  • Dec 7, 2017

When I saw this advertisement, it represented itself in an ad as a product that Gwen Stefani had used to maintain her youthful appearance & was a no risk trial to pay the shipping....There was also an addition for the Eye Serum and just pay shipping on that item.

I was trying the product and didn't notice any immediate results but I'm 54 years old & thought it will take a little while. I was not aware that after 14 days I would be charged for the "Trial Product" automatically....2 charges (1 for 66.35 & the other for $53.97)

On today 12/6/17, I happened to look at my bank acct and notice this had occurred so after A LOT of searching found the phone #...After speaking to representative, Jacqueta, I realize those charges were for the "Trial Product" and was also enrolled for recurring shipments each month.

She appologized but said since I didn't cancel within 14 days there could be no refund but offered a percentage off of next shipment. I told her there were to be NO MORE SHIPMENTS & that I would have ordered more in the future but was not ready at the time because it was no financially feasible at this time. After a while, I became IRRATE.....I have to add that I am disabled with Multiple Sclerosis & live on my Social Security & this is Christmas season & had planned on giving my grandchildren a few Christmas presents.

We go back & forth, & she starts out with a 25% Refund & I tell her that is not acceptable.....After several back & forths she offered 75% Refund within 3-5 business days after I told her they were advertising under false pretenses using Celebrity names unindorsed & that I was going to file a major complaint, as I had been reading about this happening. I finally agreed to it but told her to cancel any membership that I unwittingly had enrolled for. Now I am just waiting to see if this matter is handled soon without putting my bank acct in the red.

Do Not Order Risk Free Trial of the Product......I repeat DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

  • Dec 4, 2017

When I saw this advertisement, it seemed like a fair deal. Pay shipping only, $4.95. I also ordered a bottle of Radiant eyes for $14.95.

While on their website, I looked everywhere for a company address, phone # and looked again for further info as to "was I signing up for more shipments". I could not find any information. Absolutely nothing.

When the 2 packages arrived, I wasn't very impressed. Didn't plan to order any more. That was on Nov. 8th & my credit card was billed $89.95 & $88.47.

On Nov. 24th & 25th another 2 packages arrived. My God!! That's only 16 days since I received the first 2 packages. I didn't order those 2nd packages.

I again reviewed my credit card statement and found that on Nov. 24th I was billed $4.95. Guessing the Radiant eyes I originally ordered for $14.95 will be on the next statement.

I called the company to request that they remove the two charges of $89.95 & $88.47 since I didn't authorize, nor want this product. I was told by the service rep that "I had agreed to it." That's a bold face lie!

The rep offered to speak to her supervisor & came back with an offer of taking 30% off the price. I told her that I was just going to send the product back. "I don't want it!" The rep then started to get irritable and told me "I can't send it back cause they won't except it."

Again, I told her I'm going to send it back as I didn't authorize this order. She went back to her supervisor and offered me a 50% discount on the 2nd order. Again I repeated myself. Then I told her that she really needs to find herself a real job, perferably one that doesn't scan people. She then told me I shouldn't be telling her where she should work. Her loss.

After hanging up on her, I called my credit card company but unfortunately, I have to wait till tomorrow to file a complaint & to have my credit card closed down and receive a new #'d credit card.

My husband also said that I should contact Georgia Consumer Affairs & Better Business Bureau, which i will definiteely do tomorrow.

  • Dec 2, 2017

All of the reports i have read on Yscam are exactly what i experienced. After numerous attempts to contact the company, the women tells me i had 14 days to cancel my free trial. Don't order this stuff. I haven't even tried it yet and its on my bank statement. Unfair that there are no way to retailiate for their wrongful actions.

  • Nov 30, 2017

I, as well as many others, received an e-mail from Macy's stating that they were having a close-out offer on some of their skin care products and the buyer would only pay $4.95 S&H. However, after 14 days, the company who manufacturers the cream charges you for the cost of the product. They claim it was in their terms and conditions, however, the order was placed through Macy's and there was no mention of a trial offer.

There is no contact information, no phone number, no address. This is very misleading, dishonest and they are using other prominent names to lure you to order the product and only pay the shipping and handling.

I did find a phone number, on this website, called, and they refused to reverse the charges they made using my debit card.

If anyone wants to pursue this further, let me know. They should be forced to reimburse people. They did agree to cancel my account but refused to reimburse me the $89.95. I wonder if Macy's knows they are using their name.

  • Nov 29, 2017

They are cheaters and scam you for your money. scam senior citizens out of social securty. It is hard to get by let lone somebody cheating you out of your money.

*The address was [email protected] You can get hold of anyone. I took advantage of an offer for under $5 for the 2 items with nothing that You sign up for automatic delivery of the products. You are not given a phone number to call, or ask questions or tell them that i am very allergic to the stuff. It sets my face on fire. I can't call and ask questions because I can't contact them. It should be against the law. I just received a jar of that junk today. I need help to send this junk back. I will fill in the address that was on the paper but no phone number. They never told you that you was going to be shipped on a monthly basis. I called them to get my money back because I was allergic to it . The lady I talked to was very rude and hateful.She told me to use less. I told her it burned my face and the one for the eyes burned my eye lids. She told me it was over 15 days and that I couldn't get my money back. Lied to me*

  • Nov 27, 2017

Free trial turns into a $190 purchase. Call 855-633-0203 to cancel and stop further charges to credit card.

  • Nov 22, 2017

When I called they told me it was for a 14-day trial. Nowhere on the webpage did it say anything about automatically renewing. I was told when I called that the order was placed on November 6th and today made the 14th day.

I told the person that I had today to cancel, so I told her I wanted to cancel so then she told me that I had to call and not a written notification. They did call me back and tell me that they went ahead and cancelled future orders but no refund.

  • Nov 21, 2017

I ordered a free trial offer. Just pay shipping. When I received it, there was no paperwork included. A few weeks later I received another shipment with no paperwork. I searched for the phone number to cancel my order. They said the products we're unreturnable and unrefundable. I received my credit card bill and I was charged for shipping and full price for the product. Within 14 days I was charged full price again and I hadn't even received the products.

  • Nov 21, 2017

Alleged to be "free trial" offer of product for payment of shipping only. Charge for $89 showed up on my credit card a few days later.

I just got off the phone with customer service rep. She blamed me for the additional charges and told me i didn't read the terms and conditions on the website: if you don't call to cancel your order within 14 days or some such, you'll get the bill for the whole amount of the product.

Well, if those were the terms and conditions, then the sample wasn't free especially if the company will not take unused product back!

I said i would file a dispute with visa. I was told visa would not assist because these thieves would prove the terms and conditions to visa and prevail.

Then i got the run around from the typical fraud script of offers of another jar of the product without charge as a courtsey. I said no. Then 25% refund as a courtesy. I said no. Then 50% refund as a courtesy, then 75% refund as a courtesy and then entire refund and "cancellation" of my order whatever that means.

I got a cancellation number and a promise of a credit to my visa account within three to five days. We shall see.

Beat these people over the head on the phone and don't take "no" for an answer.

And from now on, i will never subcumb to any internet "free sample" offer because i see these things are never "free" at all. The "hook" is some commitment to keep paying for product whether one wants to or not.

Read the fine print.

  • Nov 18, 2017

Nearly three weeks ago, I made 2 orders in response to an ad to "Say Goodbye to Botox" or somesuch, for two items less than $5.00 each - with shipping. They were supposed to be 30 day samples. OK with that. NO OTHER CONTRACT WAS IMPLIED. Nothing was on my shipments' order sheet.

Fast forward to today, I'm checking my account, and there is an unauthorized charge of nearly $60 two days ago. I respond to the emails that accompanied the original orders, [email protected] and I get a response to call their support line. I also look up on their website, according to the emails (whom I didn't order from in the first place), and it tells me: Requests for refunds can be sent to [email protected] All refund requests are reviewed for approval and will be processed within 3-5 business days.

Note the address. That site is down, or only used as an email server. No response from [email protected] to iquiries.

I call the number from the email. They implied that I joined a membership/subscription, that I needed to cancel within 14 days of my orders. WTF? They initially (several times) offer me discounts instead of a refund. It was like talking to a wall, nothing but canned responses. I asked them to show me where I signed for membership, some sort of contract, they couldn't comply. It was like the CS person was instructed AT ALL COSTS, NOT to let me get my money back. When I told them I would be reporting them for fraud, then they offered me a 50% refund, then as the conversation escalated, it rose to 75%. Finally, it got to 100%, and I just got an email confirm.

I'll wait until it happens. After 5 days, I'll have to cancel my card, file a dispute, and get a new card, if they don't honor the refund. What a load of you know what.

  • Nov 18, 2017

Agreed to try a sample for $4.95 for a wrinkle cream and they sent the wrinkle cream and an eye cream and started billing me $89 each month for each item. Have been trying to cancel and the phone is always busy so I haven't been able to get through to them to cancel.

  • Nov 18, 2017

With in the next three weeks, I was charged almost $ 400.00 for cream I did not order. When the cream arrived, it did not have any paper work with it, not even providing the Co. name. There was not a phone number to call in order for me to contact them about this matter. I had to wait until I received my Credit card bill, to beable to contact them. When I contacted them, I was told that I agreed to receiving their product monthly, NO, I did not, it would be crazy to pay that much money on a face cream. And as I said in the beginning of this, I declined the eye cream, but was sent it anyway. I am currently working with my Credit Union to get this matter resolved. I asked Radiant Revive for an address to return their product to, they refused to give it to me, their forteen days for the trial was up, they demanded the money. I now see through this web site , that they have done this to many people. This is very dishonest practice, they need to be stopped, I feel we should all get together and do a class action suit against this company. It is fraud, they are deceptive in everything they do. In three weeks time, I have been billed almost $400.00 dollars, and the cream does not work, it leaces your face feeling dry, not moisturized . I have not even opened the eye cream as I don't need it, nor did I order it. I have had my eyes done surgicly . There are a lot of complaints here for their company, all basicly saying the same things as I have. I have hopes that an Attorny will read all of these, contact us all, and start a law suit. It is the right thing to do. There are just so many scams out there, we need to put a stop to this kind of practice. I would love to be contacted on this, lets put these people in their place, show them that they re not going to get away with this.

  • Nov 18, 2017

Thursday, November 17, 2017 at 2:30 pm Pacific Time.

Using the Internet, I ordered a free trial (for the cost of $4.95 for shipping and handling) of Radiant Revive, endorsed by Rachel Ray, on October 2, 2017. I received the jar of face cream and a packing slip.

Then, several days ago, I received an unsolicited jar of Radiant Revive and another packing slip. This raised my suspicions. Yesterday, my Visa statement arrived. I was charged almost $180.00 (2 charges of $89.95 each; dated 10-18-17 and 11-4-17). I had not re-ordered this product because I hadn't even finished using the first jar. It wasn't until I saw the Visa bill that I learned how much the unordered product cost and to find a contact phone number.

I phoned the company at 855-633-0203 and spoke to Amber. I asked for a refund and she told me I had "signed" a contract. They refused to refund my money. I am livid. This was supposed to be a free trial where I would pay the $4.95 shipping and handling fee. I want my money back. The company had automatically charged my credit card -- the one used to pay the shipping and handling fee.

I asked to speak to a manager. Nope. I asked to speak to their attorney. Nope. I asked for their mailing address. Nope. I was given the email address of: [email protected] Apparently, 855 is a non-geographic area code. (I had tried to learn the company's location by typing in the area code.) My order number for the "free sample" was 22235. In checking the Internet, I now see that this is some sort of scam. I asked if the phone call was being recorded. Nope. Neither of the two emails I received from "[email protected]" said anything about: future orders, the cost of the product, that fact that the "agreement" is only stated on the Web, nothing -- nothing at all.

I sincerely believe this trick should be brought to the consumers' attention. Apparently, somewhere on the Web, it says that if the "contract" is not canceled within 15 days (for a 30-day "trial" face cream), they [the company] will automatically begin billing me. Other than the original jar of face cream (the trial jar), I have received one additional jar --unsolicited, and I have been billed for two additional jars.

Amber began offering me "reduced" prices for continuing the service (in lieu of a refund which could not be done). I said NO. I don't want the product; I offered to return the one jar i just received and was told that they do not take "returns." The jar is sealed.

Is there a class-action suit that I can join? By email, I have submitted my consumer complaint to Nina Pineda of 7 OnYourSide [ABC-TV]. I will be glad to speak to someone about this. To me, this is outright deception and theft. Any help/advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I just want my $179.90 back. Please help me.

Thank you.

  • Nov 17, 2017

This company ropes you in with false advertisting saying you can receive a free trial sample of their product for just the cost of shipping and handling of $4.95, and then ten days later they charge your account the full price for the product of $90. When you call, they say they don't offer any free trials, and argue with you stating you did not read the fine print. I work for attorneys and NEVER order anything that requires cancellation, so the fine print must be too fine to see. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE.

  • Nov 14, 2017

I responded to an ad for a free trial of Radiant Revive products " All you pay is shipping." Yesterday I learned that they were attempting to charge my credit card 88.00. I blocked the charge, but because I had willingly given them the card information, it couldn't be considered credit card fraud. He didn't have a phone number for these people. so I researched it on the internet " There are several very similar sounded web sites and I first contacted the wrong one, who gave me 2 phone numbers to two different companies. ( I'm not sure if that first one is part of the scam or not.) I called the 2nd number and was told " shipping was for the introductory offer. You needed to cancel the subscription within 14 days" " Ill be glad to fix this and you can continue the program for 25% off." Then it was 35% then it was 50%. I was not trying to play lets make a deal I just wanted to sever all contact with these people. I asked for where they were located and what their business license number was. I said " I really want the SC Attorney General's office to help me resolve this. "That information is not available" I suggested that she take a look at the office for consumer protection web site and decide if I was going to cancel this "subscription or allow the mail fraud people pursue it." She gave me " cancelation numbers" so I hope that I am through with them. If my bank didn't call me about "suspicious activity", I'm not sure if I would have noticed this. In the last two months I have had my banking/savings information compromised 3 times. It is tempting to do business the old fashioned way. I am sickened by the ripoffs the unsuspecting public is bombarded with.

  • Nov 13, 2017

When I ordered this product I was under the impression that I was ordering it from Macy’s there was an advertisement I believe it was on Facebook stating that Macy’s was closing all of there stores and they were deeply discounting there skin care products that would only be available online. When I ordered this I didn’t see anywhere that it was a trial and that I’d be charged for more of there product because I wouldn’t have ordered anything that automagically takes money out of my account I had problems that cost me hundreds of dollars in the past from a diet pill company it was so bad that my financial institution had to change my account number because of charges that started to appear over a year after they got that one resolved for me! And here I feel the same nightmare is happening again because they have charged me for 3 shipments the only one I received is first sample one that I signed on for now they have charged me $67.46 + $4.95 twice in less then a month, I’m on a very limited income and can’t pay my bills because of the charges I’m sick of the deception and now I feel I can’t order anything online because of these freaking companies that take advantage and there is no way to make contact except of course to try and send a letter to the address that is on the box they sent me the first order in! This shouldn’t even be allowed if there are consumers that like to get things regularly then let that be an option at there request and leave us other consumers alone I can’t afford this BS and now my credit worthiness will be affected because of this junk skin product that does absolutely nothing for me.

  • Nov 13, 2017

I am a faithful Rachael Ray fan. When I saw her new product for reducing wrinkles and lines under the eyes and face, I did not hesitate to order the two samples over the tv. The cost was was 9.85, which I paid by my debit card. The info program I was watching said nothing of any additional charges for trying her product nor did the packing slip contain any information saying I needed to cancel a subscription to her product. The big shock came when my account was debited 88.47 and 89.95. I am handicapped and live on a very tight budget, when I saw these I flipped! Calling the bank, I was told I had been charged by Radiant Revive. The even big shocker was when I called and they told me that I had bought into a contact and I should have cancelled it within 15 days if I didn"want to be charged again. FOR WHAT? I PURCHASED A TRIAL SAMPLE ONLY! THEY ALSO REFUSED TO REFUND MY MONEY! I live on disability, and you are worth how much Rachael? What a crappy way to do business!

  • Nov 9, 2017

They are putting out articles that Rachel Ray or Kirsten Vangsness from Criminal Minds has their own skin care line out called Radiant Revive. This is not true they are just using their names to lure you. They offer this stinky smelling cream to you for just $4.95 shipping. They have hidden in their terms without notifiying you to read their terms, you have to search for it. I only did so after I was scammed. After 14 days they charge you for crazy amount of $89.90 for cream and subscribe you to other shipments. Again without notifying you of their intent. Scammers, stay away.

  • Nov 8, 2017

I was reading an article about Kirsten Vangness leaving Criminal Minds because she had created these new face products making her look younger. There was an offer for a free sample of the face cream by just paying a shipping fee and an additional offer for eye serum for an additional shipping fee.

I have been watching for an email from them telling me the "catch" which didn't ever come. I just opened these two products two days ago and looked at my bank account tonight to find charges made yesterday and today totaling 178.42 (88.47 and 89.95). There is a option on the website to contact them (which I have submitted) but only a PO box for a return address on the package. There is a phone number to call which I will be calling first thing in the morning.

I will be working with my bank to try to get the fees charged back. Neither of these products are remotely worth this kind of money. I will be getting a new credit card number so they cannot continue to charge me any fees. With everything else I've read about this company, I know I am in for an uphill battle.

  • Oct 31, 2017

The day you order the product is the day the 14 day "test period" starts. The product has not even arrived yet. The charged my CC with 89.00. No phone number or address on packing slip. How are we to cancel. This is a fraud!!!

  • Oct 30, 2017

I ordered this product because of the "10 day free trial period" I read carefully and was aware that I would have to pay the shipping fees. I did not see a reoccuring charge that would be applied to my credit card if I did not like this product. It had Rachel Ray's name branded with this product, so I thought it sounded safe.

I ordered the product at the begining of the month. I recieved the product more than a week later in a brown box with no packing material, no instructions, no return address. The product was intact and not broken. The instructions on each bottle are in very small print.

I was concerned when the 14 days was going to end. I also was still worried they would charge and send the product out before I had a real chance to evaluate the products effectiveness. I sent an email response to cancel the product approximately 1 week after recieving this product. I did not get an email response back the next day, so I had to look hard for a phone number to contact this company, but called the next day. The representative I spoke with said that they would put my order on hold til end of November. I told her my concern was that I would not have enough time to evaluate this product since I had only had it 1 week. She did not tell me that charges would be made to my card regardless and apparently already had

I looked today and saw full charges for both the eye serum and the facial cream, totaling $178.42. I again had to look hard to find a phone number to call this company. The representative tried to offer me 50% off next order, then 75% off next order. I explained I wanted to cancel! I called back and spoke to a second representative before calling my charge card company to refute the charges that were made to my credit card. When I spoke to the next representative, she made it clearer that the day I called, which was the 14th day, the charges were already placed on my charge card. I would have had to call the day before if I wanted to get my money back. I also explained that I hadn't even had the product 14 days,that did not matter. Please let other consumers know this Free Trial is a Scam. Also Radiant Revive home web page does not have address or phone number. A hard to reach the company is never a good sign!

  • Oct 30, 2017

I just read the report regarding ordering trial bottles (2) of Radiant Revive products from Rachel Ray. I experienced the same scam in which I was not to be charged for the products but will only pay shipping charges. Two weeks later I was charged nearly $200 on two separate transactions a day apart.

I called the number (which I found on a report on your site) and they said I agreed to pay for this if I did not cancel this within 14 days. There was no language regarding this and I did not select a box to allow any charges other than this one time shipping charge.

  • Oct 28, 2017

On the internet the product advertises as radiant revive by rachael ray. The company requires payment of "shipping only" for trial size beauty cream. Before purchasing, i read to make sure there was no monthly recurring charges where they would automatically send the product and keep charging my credit card. I did not see anything of the sort so went ahead and ordered two radiant revive products Facial cream and eye cream) at $4.50 shipping each.

I received full-sized products in four days. Product looked fine. Box it came in looked fine. However, there was absolutely no company information on the packing slip. The return address was only on the box of 2216 dunmore court, high point, nc 27263. No directions on how to use the product. The print on the product is very, very small. No information on how to reorder.

I got suspicious and started doing more research on the internet. All of the information except this site, yscam, pointed toward ordering the trial product. Even if the title on the internet search said, "is radiant revive a scam?" it would say a few things and begin to sell you the trial size. Also, some of the sites read like it was written by someone from a foreign country.

After reading other radiant review reports on Yscam, i called my credit card company to tell them not to let radiant revive charge anything on my card. The agent looked into my original purchase and said when i bought the product, the box was checked that i accepted the terms and conditions which indicated they would start sending me products within 14 days and charge it to my credit card and that if i did not call the company to cancel, i would be charged $100 each for the two products I believe because they sent full-sized products) and be sent another supply at $100 each, a total of approximately $400.

I told the agent i do not remember seeing any terms and conditions, that i am usually very cautious and detail-oriented. She said that is how this company is getting people to pay, because they show the credit card companies that the customer agreed to the terms and conditions. She had the phone number of radiant revive (1-855-633-0203), called them for me and stayed on the line while i cancelled so she could make a record of it. The credit card agent was pleasant to this company and i was fuming but playing it cool. I said this was disgusting and asked if something could be done about this deceptive company, but she said they are doing it legally and this happens all the time. They especially prey on older people. I am middle-aged, so i've been around the block a few times but by no means gullible. She said i was lucky to get a customer representative that was pleasant and not outsourced. The credit card agent said this is happening more and more. She didn't know specifically of radiant revive Because i think they launched this within the last week) but with other similar-type companies.

There is something sneaky going on here. They are hiding those terms and conditions in a way that makes it difficult for one to see. Call your credit card and the above number to cancel your order now if you do not want to get stuck paying for expensive extra charges.

  • Oct 28, 2017

I saw the add for Radiant Revive Cream for aging and eye serum associated with Dr. Oz and figured it was legit. I ordered the free samples and gave my credit card for shipping charges and they sent the cream and serum and charged my account $178.42 plus the shipping chgs. I would have never bought it at this price.

There was no return address or phone number to contact anyone to address the issue. Defintely a ripoff. Would like money back and a address to send products back.

  • Oct 28, 2017

I just read the report regarding ordering trial bottles (2) of Radiant Revive products from Rachel Ray. I experienced the same scam in which I was not to be charged for the products but will only pay shipping charges. Two weeks later I was charged nearly $200 on two separate transactions a day apart.

I called the number (which I found on a report on your site) and they said I agreed to pay for this if I did not cancel this within 14 days. There was no language regarding this and I did not select a box to allow any charges other than this one time shipping charge.

I think this is appalling and I think Rachel Ray should be ashamed of this practice especially since there is no way she does not know this is happening by now. I am filing fraudulent charges against this company and getting my money back but I will have to close down my debit card so they can not charge again. This is a hassle and I should not have to do this.

Why would someone want to conduct business this way? It makes no sense to scam people when this will be the one and only time I will ever order such products. I would think they would make their money with repeat business that is freely purchased by the consumer and not by stealing. I will especially never order anything connected with Rachel Ray again.

  • Oct 27, 2017

On Oct3,217 I took a survey online and after taking was forwarded to a Skin Care that they had sad was free and only had to pay shipping. I took them up onit since looking over all the info did not state anywhere would have to respond back in less than 14 days or I guess be charged for the free item at $89.95.

When I checked my bankaccount on Oct 17th I noticed they had the $89.95 waiting to be withdrawn from my bank acount. So I immediately called the phone number the Radiant Revive had furnitioned my bank and was o my statement. The lady I talked to was nice when I explainded to her thqt I did not want their products to please remove me from any mailing of product and told her I was not aware of any such thing in writting. She said I was r3emoved. BUt have not recieved any moneys back so I am guessing my free pay shippping ony face cream cost me not only $4.95 shipping but $89.95.

This is such a ripoff and needs to stop. They need to put it all on writting explaining the full disclosure Where before you agree to anything you have a chance to read it all.

  • Oct 24, 2017

On October 3rd I saw an ad on line for a face cream from Macy's because they were closing. I knew they were closing some stores but not all. When I saw this face cream for $4.90 I thought this was because they were closing a store and wanted to get rid of the inventory. They also sent another jar I did not ask for I should have questioned this but I thought oh well it is not that much so I kept it. No where did I see I was committing to buying more if I didn't tell them in 14 days I didn't want more. So comsequently they charged my account $88.47 and $89.95 which I would never pay that much for makeup.

They have it worded so that you think you are getting a deal and when you call and ask they tell you you can't do anything about it. If you push them they tell you they can give you an employee discount and if you push further they tell you they will give you half I ask if they can give me half why can't they refund it all.

They told me I was lucky to be getting what they were giving me. She askd if they could do anything for me and I said no Iwould take care of it on my end. When I ask her for the company address she informed she couldn't give that to me only that they were located in Santanna,CA

Any help you can give me or help someone else not fall this scam would be greatly appreciated. I think I am going to call my local tv station and ask their trouble shooter to make the public aware of this.

  • Oct 24, 2017

Radian Revive is very deceptive company. Website is very deceptive and costl;y. DO NOT waste 180.00 on any of their products. they scam you with montly charges for what you think are samples of the product when in fact you have monthly charges.


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