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Rachel Bentley

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Louisville
Address 5911 Marina View Court
Phone 502 386 6401

Rachel Bentley Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2021

Market Leader advertises guaranteed leads for real estate. Sure, there are people who contacted me, however they all were out of state and/or false and or no telephone numbers. I emailed the contacts and rarely would I receive anything back. I began emailing these people asking how they found my contact as I was doubting the services. These leads appear to be scams as NONE of them became potential leads.

NONE of them were even serious about looking for a home to buy or sell. MOST of them were not even able to contact due to incorrect contact information. I paid $404 a month for these leads. I was committed for 6 months. After 2 months of this pattern, I began to research the company more to find out there are hundreds of complaints just like mine. I wish I would have researched it more instead of relying on their website. Their website had suggested good reviews, that I question are real people. I can't find how I could post a review on their site, and with all the negative comments and scam reviews outside their site, I now see why.

I called for a refund before my 6 month obligation due to their poor service, and false advertising. They refused to since they did profide people to contact me. There "leads" are misleading to the point of misreprentation and fraudulant, in my opinion.

I have reported them to BBB and this site to which I have never used before. I would think that if a reputible company received a severe complaint from a customer they would want to satisfty their customer service and reputation. Another red flag as they were not accomodating to offer any satisfaction.

This was my experience and I just hope others rearch this company prior to being a victime like myself and others of advertising

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