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Quick Cash 4 Test Strips

Country United States
State Texas
City Beaumont
Address 2305 North St Suite 210
Phone 1 800-979-8220

Quick Cash 4 Test Strips Reviews

  • Sep 10, 2021

I on occasion as others do get a surplus of this item and they have a sale by date. So not to let them go to waste I offer to them, to sell them for a price they have advertised. I submitted a form that they supply and they figure up after that the amount they would owe me. I followed exactly what they said to do and mailed them to the address they supplied. They received them just before noon on 8.4.21. It is now 9.9.21. I have called the number they supply and all I ever get is a man who gives a rude voicemail back. It says that if you keep calling you will be put at the end of the payment list or, you may not be paid at all. Basically what it means is do not bother us.

This Rich Spillman guy supplies a personal email that customers can contact him and so I have by now emailed him several times and again he is very rude with his replies. He again says that you are on the list to be paid but if you continue you will be last on the list to be pais or not paid at all, this is very frutrating to be treated this way when all I am asking for is a status report in hopes of being paid the $396.00 dollars and the $25.00 dollars for being a new customer.

I emailed him on 9.8.21 again with no reply from him this time so I figure my money will not be coming so this is why I am filing a report again him for Fraud I guess it could be called. I followed all his directions exactly as specified as I said above. I found his company on Facebook where he advertises. I wonder how many more poor souls he has swindeled. I don't like doing this but something has to be done. Thanks for your help.

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