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Country Cyprus
City Nicosia
Address P.O. Box 16080 Acropolis
Phone 44 203 608 2687

Pytheas Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2016

PYTHEAS LTD, based in Cyprus (, HARRIS SAMARAS and his co-worker Martin Model. Both SCAMMERS, demanding up-front fees for loan applications which NEVER happen!.

He, Harris Samaras, claims to have under his management more than EURO 320 Billion, 44 offices worldwide and more than 1.200 workers-managers. ALL LIES!

Recently, the Germany based company W+ST Corporate Finance (61348 Bad Homburg) has been advertising with such LIES, scamming clueless people towards the above mentioned con-artist Harris Samaras and his promoter, Martin Model.

He, Harris Samaras, promotes himself like an ex-investment banker with huge contacts and billions of funds under his direct management, obtains UP-FRONT costs for "accredited analysis" by deception, promising to invest 100% of the required loan/investment for 50% participation and/or JV. ALL LIES!

His promoter in Switzerland is Martin Model with his company CURATIO (www.curatiocapitalgroup.ccom)

His promoter in Germany are W+ST Corporate Finance, Mr. Rainer Krahl and Ms. Kristin Meyer (

Martin Model is well known within this up-front scam industry, he promoted already in recently two huge scams where lots of people lost big amount of money! The companies where: APAHML (Hong-Kong) and ARCIS CONSILIUM. No one has ever been financed through these two companies, but Mr. Martin Model has been promoting like crazy said companies and pocketing each time at least 30.000 Euro as a "consulting fee" plus any additional costs for travelling and so on.

Once again: NO ONE has ever been financed through either Mr. Model OR through PYTHEAS LTD and Harris Samaras.

If in doubt, CHECK YOURSELF, run a due diligence on both con-artists, ask Mr. Samaras about his REAL offices, ask Mr. Samaras about his London offices (!), run a check for Mr. Samaras in Cyprus. You wouldbe surprised!!

Mr. Harris Samaras and his "multi-billion fund" hass NO VISITING ADDRESS IN UK and is just a BOX COMPANY in Cyprus!!

Once again: IF IN DOUBT, JUST CHECK!!!!!!

More details about this UP-FRONT SCAM to follow. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY to them, DO NOT COOPERATE WITH THE ABOVE MENTIONED COMPANIES, you are going to lose money AND time.

We didn't run a due diligence timely and we lost a lot of money and more than eight months time!

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