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Punta Pacifico

Country Mexico
City Mazatlán Sin.
Address Av. del Delfin 110, Nuevo Mazatlán Postal Code 82110.
Phone 1-800-001-2929

Punta Pacifico Reviews

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  • Sep 25, 2015

On September 7, 2015 we attended a “presentation” for a timeshare at the Punta Pacifico resort in Mazatlan, Mexico, where Juan J. Hueso and Maria offered us breakfast, a tour of their facilities and made their timeshare pitch. They offered to buy our two (2) vacation timeshares that we already owned for several years at prices that seemed not unreasonably higher than we thought they were worth, but as both a vacation program and an investment we realized that they did have a value that had accrued over that 10 to 12 year period. As with all these “presentations,” there is always a high pressure pitch with offers, options, features, figures calculated and pressure to buy their program. We, unfortunately, succumbed to their pitch, thought that they had answered all our questions to our satisfaction, used our charge cards to pay the $25,078.90 purchase price and signed their documents.

We, Cynthia and Edward McDonnell desire to cancel our purchase of Punta Pacifico timeshares/vacation program. Perhaps it is the fact that neither my wife nor I are business people used to dealing with large sums of money, or that I am retired and we rely solely on Cynthia’s income and my Social Security, but we, as a family unit are not in a financial position to lose the $25,000.00 that is at the crux of this deal. We were told that we could use money from the sale of our two timeshares and apply that to the cost of buying their resort timeshare. That got glossed over in the flimflam! We asked whether there were ANY other fees at all and were told “No,” yet we found that in order to process the sale of our timeshares to Platinum Marketing of America, we needed to come up with an additional $999.00 USD each for the two transactions. That got glossed over in the flimflam!

Now, upon reflection and a great deal of research, I find myself troubled by the prospect of having put my family in a precarious financial position. Now that I’m not under the “pressure of the deal,” able to analyze clearly the “flim flam,” the “pitch,” and the “presentation,” I must rescind my authorization and cancel and reject this contract with Punta Resorts as null and void, and request the return of all monies surrendered toward this contract. I also question whether someone who will be tasked with handling many thousands of dollars in sales would start our official first communication with this sentence… “It is just a pleasure to have you as member for this legitimism company, my name is Joshua Carter Ill be your account executive for this following process that you are going to take with us.” Doesn’t give me much confidence that I’m dealing with a competent person in a “legitimate” company!

Social media and the internet is a powerful source of information today. I have researched Punta Pacifico, Punta Resorts Cabo, Cancun, Mazatlan, Platinum Marketing of America, Holiday Systems International, Compania Hotelier Nadia, S.A. de C.V, Condo Share Interval, Residence La Jolla, Amazing Memories Club, Maricela Padilla, Maria and Juan J. Hueso and I am overwhelmed at the number of complaints, investigations and accusations of fraud and scams that are listed regarding these people and companies. I have listed as many names, phone numbers, email addresses and URL’s as I have found to substantiate the reason for cancellation of our contract.


• Punta Resorts, Cabo, Cancun, Mazatlan (and Puerto Vallarta?), Compania Hotelera Nadia, S.A. de C.V., Calle Camino Del Delfin No. 110 Col. Cerritos Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico, email: [email protected] URL:

• Sales contract (attachment A) (Note: All attachments are in zipped file attachment.)

• Cardholder’s Acknowledgement (attachment B)

• Membership activation #1058-PRM (attachment C)

• New Owner’s Verification Acknowledgement (attachment D)

• Addendum - Seller right of refusal (attachment E)

• Addendum - VIP Benefits (attachment F)

• Senior Certificate (attachment G)

• Marketing Services (attachment H)

• Juan J Hueso phone number and email (attachment I)

• AMC, Amazing Memories Club (Holiday Systems International Enrollment Application) Agreement number: ACM 1175 (attachments J), 100 International Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21202, Tel: (410) 670-8074, email: [email protected], URL:

• Holiday Systems International (HSI) - Enrollment Application (attachment K), Compania Hotelier Nadia, SA DE CV., Ave. Delfina #110 Cerritos. C.P. 82100, Nuevo Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico. Phone: (52) 669-989-2929, Fax: (52) 669-988-1384, US/Canada: 800-353-0774, Mexico: 01-800-681-1809 or Direct: 702-254-3100, email: [email protected], Mail: 7690 W. Cheyenne Ave., Ste. 200, Las Vegas, NV 89129, or URL:

• Platinum Marketing of America (attachment L), Douglas Harris, Director, One Shell Square, 701 Poydras Street, New Orleans, LA 70139, Phone: (504) 208-9919, email: [email protected], URL:

• Fees page (attachment M, print out from PDF attached named “Mc Donnell.PDF”)

• Fees page for transfer of title/ownership of Unlimited Vacation Club resort vacation property for $999.00 USD at the sale price of $36,200.00 USD within 180-270 days. (attachment N, print out from PDF attached named “Mc Donnell.PDF”)

• Fees page for transfer of title/ownership of Worldmark by Wyndham resort vacation property for $999.00 USD at the sale price of $53,00.00 USD within 180-270 days. (attachment O, print out from PDF attached named “Mc Donnell.PDF”)

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  • Oct 31, 2016

Punta Pacifico (LaJolla) Mazatlan Fraud

We also were scammed by Punta Pacifico out of $16,000. We asked for help through Profeco and they were able to get us $4800 back although they promised us $8000. How are they getting away with this? One party said her credit card company removed the transaction after listing it as fraud but that didn't work for us. Our card company said they could do nothing about it. Can we all get together and do something about this? We used to love to vacation in Mazatlan; now it leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

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  • Aug 8, 2015

We believe we are victims of a Time Share scam in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Although, we may not be able to recover the investment of $20,000 we want to make every

effort to expose the company and possibly prevent further questionable business practices,

or even fraud. Emails and phone calls are not answered and information of the corporate offices are withheld.

In addition, we have not received any correspondence in regard to the vacation package we supposedly


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