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Psychology Today

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 488 Madison Avenue
Phone (702) 830-7337

Psychology Today Reviews

  • Nov 29, 2019

Jennifer Lynn Hunter westlake village ca 91362

She is the worse doctor you’ll ever meet the most unprofessional scam artist who lost any touch or feel to her original choice of her professional who is helping people in need.

She will use and abuse her patients with setting them up more appointments they don’t really need and won’t answer there phone in a time of need.

She isn’t the right doctor if you really want to recover from your illness.

She will see you as another dollar and not some one who need the most help in support at time of need.

Don’t trust her don’t give her any money as she is an alcoholic that spend her money on her expensive hobbies and in need of constant money all the time

She is now supporting a drug addictions of the guy she moved in with in Simi Valley the is a former ex prisoner who served time and was arrested for drug dui and grand theft and tax fraud.

From a personal perspective she willl fake reviews and do what ever it takes in order to keep her expensive life style that she is used to

If your in the market for a single women don’t even think of her as she will cheat on you With her ex husband when you will go to work as he don’t work and live on her account.

She is looking for a auger daddy and Fast.

Beware beware beware !!!!!

Don’t ever give her a penny as she was married already twice and was engaged 5 and destroyed most of those men’s financially couse her money requests.

  • Nov 25, 2019

Jennifer Hunter is being pimped by her ex husband mike mcdevitt in order to take advantage of single men's in order to support her drinking and his drug usage she will take you to a date expecting you'll spend some money on her and then hit you with a horrible story about her life.

she is in a need for money and super fast as she is on her way to a BK please be advised don't give her any money and don't let her Take psychological advantage on you in some country's we call this person a fat a*s big p***y w***e kunt but her it's a doctor with degrees who take others people money and take advantage of them for her own personal reasons. Mark my words as I know every fake part of her body that look good from the outside but funny and bad when the cover removed as it's was done by a very bad plastic surgery for 4 times and some of it have scars and some covered by a heavy makeup that when it's comes down make her look like a pig.

so if your into feeding left overs pigs Jennifer is the women of your dreams.

im dieing to get an answer As I have shocking proofs above her and her behavior and her fake bad job and her being a s**t who used and abused men's for money and drinking and getting money for her ex husband mike mcdevitt who use meth in a daily base

  • May 7, 2019

I can't believe how unprofessional and rude this so-called doctor was during our first session. She didn't seem to want to speak to me at all and said "I'm not going to sit here, listening to dead air." I was hoping she'd ask me more questions so I can open more to her.

She asked me if I would pick her as my therapist at the end of the session and I said "I'll think about it." Is she crazy? The session was horrible and she seemed antsy to end it ASAP.

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