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Country United States
State California
City Oakland
Address 10815 Macarthur Blvd
Phone 510-688-3264

PsychicShopOakland Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2015

I had difficult time and by chance was introduced by a friend to this psychic, name Diane Marx. She is about 33 years old, single mom of a 7 year old daughter who lives with her parents at , Oakland, CA. Her mom, Mary is also a psychic. First meeting, Diane was reading a tora card for me and she was right on the money. She said she could help me. And after 6 weeks all my money problem would disappear, the money froze by government would be released and such. I gave her a chunk of money, all in cash, she could only take cash. 6 weeks later, the situation did not change. She said she tried and it was getting closer, but not as easy as she thought. Then one day she called me saying she and the elders finally figured out what was wrong with my situation. She said I need to give her the whole sum of money that I owed the bank for, 134,000, all in cash, and she would keep the money for 9 days and she would give back and all problems would go away. I told her how on earth anyone get that much cash. Plus I don't have the money. She said I could borrow from friends or the take out my 401k. I told her it made no sense that I would get myself in deeper hole simply to be better? What happened to her promise that after 6 weeks all my debt would go away (because the money froze by the government would be released? She actually GUARANTEED the results!!) She swore on her life and her 7 year old daugher's life that she would give back the moeny in 9 days. I told her no. She said how about 70,000, half of it, or even a quarter of it. I told her not a penny, because it did not make sense. She said then I would NEVER get any money from the government. I told her, if the money was meant to be mine, it would still be mine. And I left, feeling desperate and stupid.

A week later, my friend whom I introduced to Diane few month before that called me and asked if I had talked to Diane. She said she had been calling Diane but it would go to her voice mail right away. I tried to all and the same thing happened. I told my friend that maybe Diane was having phone problem. Finally my friend told me that she had been seeing Diane for awhile and was told never to tell anyone, that's why she never told me about seeing Diane. She said she had just given 60,000 cash to Diane about a week before that, and now the phone did not work anymore. I was shocked. We compared notes and found out Diane told her the same thing, she would take the money for 9 days and give back and my friend's husband would return to her. 3 weeks later, my friend is looking for ways to pay the interest for the loan she took out from the bank, having her brother being her guarantor for the loan..

And calls to Diane's phon would immediately go to her voice mail.

The blinds at her shop are there, but it looked like no one lived there anymore. My friend went by and sat on the driveway and waited for hours, no one was there. The neighbors thought she came back only in the night. I fould her email from her website but the email was undeliverable. I left messages on her website, she used the website.

The only thing that was good out of this horrible thing is realizing how STUPID we were believing in PSYCHIC. I am very happy to say I am liberated finally for seeking pyshic's help. and I don't want to wish bad things happen to her (and perhaps her daughter too) since she swore on her own and her daughter'slife too. But what she took she would spend many life time paying back. She claimed to be an honest professional that no problem is too big and none is too small with clientele all over the world.

We have filed a fraud and scam case against her. Can't wait to see her face to face..

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