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Professional Idiots, Inc.

Country United States
State Colorado
City Castle Rock
Address 115 Wilcox St Suite
Phone 1 303-777-5400

Professional Idiots, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 2, 2022

Not only does this dude look like some sort of roach, he acts as repulsively as one! Jonas Brown never paid me for Elance/freelance services. Looking at the Internet, it is plain to see that he has not even bothered to pay for other services either! I am happy to know that this roach is being brought to light.

He may try to scamper and run like a roach, but he needs to stand for his crimes. This dude had the audacity to write a book titled: "Breaking the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle."

Dude is a fraud and you need to steer clear of him ASAP! He also lies, calls folks names and begins businesses with new names, but the same lies deceit and fraudulent ways.

Jonas Brown, everyone has a problem but you. Why do you lie and try to get something for nothing? You scammed me as well as others. It is only a matter of time in which you will face the music for your crimes. Forget your sorry-a*s rebuttals and remarks. You are a FRAUD.

You ought to be ashamed of what you do to others. I see you began a business titled “Professional Idiots”- you are certainly an idiot alright! How fitting for a roach-looking a*s such as yourself. Look at the reports you have on this site.

All of these folks could not be lying about you! You are horrible, sickening, repulsive and you need to quit!

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