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Priority Wrecker Service Inc

Country United States
State Illinois
City Batavia
Address 1375 Paramount Pkwy
Phone (847) 964-3005

Priority Wrecker Service Inc Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2022

I left work and found out my car wouldn't start. I figured it was a dead battery as there is a voltage leak somewhere in the vehicle I am driving. I searched on Google for a towing service to jump start my vehicle.

Don't use Google. You need to Vet all people and companies that provide any service for you. I didn't do that. So not only did I not get a reputable towing service, I called a service that was based in an area almost 40miles away from the orgin of the tow.

The towing company lied to me about the ETA. If they had told me honestly that it would take over three hours to arrive at my desination, I would have found a tow service closer to my location.

The dispather asked for my name and my credit card number and three digit code, so I am sure if I canceled the tow due to excessive wait time that I would have been charged for mileage and time the driver lost when underway to my location.

When the driver arrived, he asked for my license, and took photos of the front and back. Something no tow service has ever done. So know this company had my credit card number, name, DOB in their database leaving me vulnerable depending on how that information is stored, and who has access to that information.

It took three minutes to jump start my vehicle. And I was then presented with a $239 bill. I was incensed with the charge. I had a vehicle towed over 50 miles to my home last year and it cost me $250. This was a jump start. I told the manager dispather that the charge was absorbanant, and said that half that amount seemed realistic.

They offerd a 40 reduction to $195. I just accepted the fact that I was duped and moved on to payment. They then told me their credit card system was down and that they accepted only Chase pay, Venmo and cash as payment. I asked then why did you ask me for my credit card number? Why can't I use it for payment?

The driver said, I would have to go to a cash station and pay with cash. I got in my car thinking the driver would follow me th the cash station location. and the driver immediately started using his vehicle to block me from leaving. I got out of my vehicle to ask why he couldn't follow me, and he said either you get in my truck and we go to the cash station together, or I hook your car and take it to our inpound yard" So the driver wouldn't let me leave, and threateddned to TAKE MY VEHICLE WITHOUT MY CONSENT.

This is illegal in Illinois and most states. I agreed to the charge as I was never not going to pay. I resented the agressive blocking manuever and threat that they would take my vehicle. Mind you, it wasn't loaded on the truck at the time.

The driver took me in his truck to the nearest cash station and waited for me to return with funds. He took me back to my car. I paid him, and he left. Nothing about this company seems legitimate. Stay away from them.

Hindsight is Twenty-Twenty:

The play is Call your insurance company, AAA for roadside assistance for a reputable towing service. Do not use Google. Have an emergency kit in your vehicle. I have two Halo Bolt portable car jump staters, but I didn't have them charged and in my vehicle at the time.

Have a charged battery jump stater in your vehicle as part of your emergency kit in your vehicle. Never let yourself become a sheep as I was that day.

  • Apr 1, 2022

Priority Towing Illinois Lic Number 223838, IDOT LIC, 3162139, JOHNATHAN MAYE, ZACHARY WILSON 370 E 17TH ST, LOMBARD ILLINOIS 60148 Priority Wrecker Service Inc. , Jonnys (DBA) ,Countrywide towing and Recovery, All country towing and recovery, maye-way towing & recovery.

BEWARE of this tow company they only accept cash and they stall on telling you the tow price until its time to let your vehicle down they charged $475.00 for a 9 mile tow. my insurance company warned me not to use Priority Wrecker Service , ZACHARY C. WILSON OWNER, JOHNATHAN MAYE, OWNER, I am a woman, I was with with my 4 year old child and the tow company showed up first so against the insurance company wishes I went with Priority wrecker Service, and I immediatley regret it.

Obviously this is a scam that they use on women. both my son and I were traveling along a well traveled interstate in illinois, interstate 55, somthing droped of a semi and I accidently ran over the item, at that pooint my vehicle tire light went off and it let me know that I needed to pull over because the tire was low. Once I pulled over I discoverd that I indeed had a flat tire, so I called my insurance company, Nationwide, who inturn contacted priority wrecker service Inc.

After the call the insurance company called me back to say that they canceled Priority Wrecker Service because she did not realize that that company was Banned from doing business with theme, I asked why and she said it was because of customer complaints and damages to vehicles I stated to the insurance company that I would wait for another company, so the insurance company contacted another company, I was instructed not to use Priority Wrecker Service. how ever they showed up first within a hour and a half.

Now keep in mind the insurance company gave the tow company the to, and from towing location and Priority Wrecker Service new this how ever they never quoted a price until we made it too our destination they said the fee for a 9 mile ride would be $475.00 ,I was shocked and I asked to speak with the drivers boss, Johnathan Maye, or Zachary c Wilson, That did not go well as his boss begain to use profanity and tell me that I should of listedned to my insurance company and that he will not release the vehicle unless I pay Cash.

The whole ordeal led me to call the police in order for me to get my vehicle released in my driveway . $475.00 was paid immediatly and priority wrecker service refused to release my vehicle until the police threatened to arrest the tow truck driver for auto theft . the driver told the police I needed to sign a release, the police told the driver of the tow truck to rerlease my vehicle or risk being arrested.

this whole ordeal was not made any better because the person I assumned to be the owner was even more disrespectfull than the tow truck driver, priority wrecker service goes by 6 different business names and I see why. they are nothing short of CROOKS and SCAMMERS, Mothers and Daughters beware do not use this company because they will scam you out of your hard earned money and in this day and age it seems that everyone is trying to take advantage of woman and children .

Also they refuse to provide a receipt so that I can forward a copy to my insurance company. This towing company from hell needs to be OUT OUT OF BUSINESS ASAP, I HAVE LOOKED THEM UP BY THERE LIC NUMBER AND THE STATE OF ILLINOIS HAS 100S OF COMPLAINTS ABOUT THIS COMPANY.

Illinois Lic Number 223838, IDOT LIC, 3162139.

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