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Prestige Marketing Consultants, Inc.

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Nashville
Address 2 International Plaza #104
Phone 615-360-0084

Prestige Marketing Consultants, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2015

I work at a small shop in Nashville. At the time, I was completely content with my phone carrier. My husband and I were with AT&T, and he travels alot, so we made sure to have a plan with plenty of data and nice phones to go along with it. We had financed Iphone 6's through AT&T, and still owed some money on them. This particular day, my husband was out on the road and I was working alone at the shop. A young man came in and started up a conversation about my phone carrier, saying he had a great 'business plan for business owners and managers'. Initially I was completely put off, wondering why people like this even bother. But then! He told me "This special business T-mobile plan is half the price of yours with the SAME data/text/coverage as yours. ALSO, T-mobile will absolutely pay the rest of your balance on your financed Iphones, but they will still send you new phones in the mail that you can do whatever you want with! All you need to do is take the sim card and insert them into your Iphones. Sell them, keep them as back up phones, whatever you would like to do! Also, of course we will pay the cancellation fees for AT&T" I was super skeptical, and this gentleman could tell. So he took a seat and proceeded to stay at my place of employement over 2 hours. I was busy at work making chocolate (i work at a very small chocolate shop) and didn't have time to sit or look over anything. I continued to ask him about the offers he had made, and he assured me that all of them were true. I definitely should've known better, but the idea of saving all this money, plus Tmobile paying off over 600$ that we still owed on our Iphones! Wow! I had to do it. So i did. There was no contract, all I had to do was speak to a woman who said "do you understand the things (this representative) has told you today in which I said yes, and a couple other questions. He told me to expect the phones in the mail within 7 days.

So, we got the phones in the mail, took the sims out and put them in our Iphones, switched servies, and then sold the Tmobile phones on craigslist (because we didn't need them, right?) All was great, and fine! Then. I get a bill from at&t for almost 900$. (remianing balance on our phones + last bill) So i proceed to call Tmobile customer service. They are shocked and almost rude at my request for them to pay this bill, and tell me no way! The only way they will pay for financed phones is if I hand them over to them to reuse! At this point, I am totally confused. I ask for the name and company of the sales rep who came into my shop, and begin to do research. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. This company is a huge scam. I finally found a toll free number (1-844) of the company, and begin to call. I ask for this man by name, and the representatives continue to tell me he will call me back as soon as possible. Two days later, i finally call back and demand a supervisor or manager. After 30 minutes on hold, I finally get one. (Keep in mind, when i googled the phone number it was 'hidden for privacy reasons' under the white pages and said not anything referencing a company name) So, I explain my story to the supervisor, Of course quite flustered but trying to retain decency. She proceeds to put me on hold and comes back saying there was nothing she could do becuase we were outside of our 'grace period' (WHAT?, I switched over not EVEN two weeks ago). She said that "Oh, LAST month we were doing a promotion on paying off financed phones, but not anymore, your sales rep MUST have forgotten or not have been informed! I then asked if I was to be held responsible for the incompotency of her employees in which she replied "sorry, but yes"

On top of that our plan IS NO WHERE NEAR what we were getting with AT&T, although he told me it was better. 25gb of data with AT&T ended up being 1gb of data each with tmbole then after goes down to 3g. At this point, our options are to see if Tmobile will have some understanding, or AT&T will take us back at the same plan. But even still there is so much sticky business to wade through in between. This has been an absolute nightmare. PLEASE stay away from anyone that is offering some deal such as this. SO many lies, so much deception.

  • Nov 17, 2015

Chocolate phones

Wow, that is terrible. A representative walked in my office where I work today. Thank goodness I saw this post in time. Why would T-Mobile, a successful company with stockholders allow a business to falsely represent their name? Sketchy. I told the man in the suit that he doesn't work for T-mobile and it doesn't make sense that he would sell so,ethjgnmethjg if he isn't authorized.

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