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Presidente Supermarket

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1035 NW 9th Ave
Phone 1 954-523-2935

Presidente Supermarket Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2020

This store would be great, if you removed all the workers. This store is not American friendly, with two, at most, workers that can actually speak English. The deli side is even more horrible than that. The women working the deli will scratch their facesa wipe their nose with the gloves, that are supposed to keep you from contaminated the food, on.

Once you start to make your way out then you get to be greeted with an agressive security officer. The one that happened to be ours is hopefully their worst, because we treated poorly. We needed to replace a pack of 24 waters as it was leaking.

My father went to put the leaking one back and get another good one, as instructed by the cashier. I, along with my mother, waited with cart before going outside. My Father returned and placed the new, none leaky, water on the bottom rack of the cart. We then began walking to the exit

I noticed the security had been looking at us but while wondering what he was looking at, our cashier had called us over to get a "paid" sticker for our new water. My mother grabbed it and proceeded to walk to the door, as we saw that security had seen the cashier give us the paid sticker.

Instead he put his hand in front of the car, making it recoil and hit my father in the stomach. He stopped us due to not having a sticker on the water, even though my mother was visible holding and was going to place it on the cart.

My father argued with the security officer as he had caused harm to my father when he stopped the cart. After arguing for about 5 mins my dad tried to take a picture of the company logo on the securities shirt to complain to the company, however, the security blocked it with his hand and did not allow my father to take a picture of the company logo.

I would recommend you never go to this store. They treat you like garbage and will deny you anything you are entitled to know.

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