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Premium Auto Movers

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 13370 SW 131st St #109
Phone 800-524-0236

Premium Auto Movers Reviews

  • Dec 23, 2016

Stay away from this company if you can I quoted them online, was contacted by them Very pushy and order the truck for me without my consent. I agreed the deal, sent them my credit card into, big mistake. After that they just gave me the driver's information I set a date with the driver, then changed the date because the vehicle was not ready, so I rescheduled the pickup. On the pickup day the driver left without pick up my car, and the next available date would be 3 days later. I needed the car in urgent so I called this company and requested a cancellation

In their contract there was clear state that the cancelation fee would apply, but did not specifically state the amount. The employee who I have been working with said it would be 20 dollars for the cancellation. Here's the fun part. They had 127 deposit pending on my account. After the cancellation they put additional charge of 150.

They said they were gonna drop the pending 127, charge 150 and refund 127, so they would take the difference fee as the cancellation fee Quite strange right? Instead of just charging me 20 they had to go through that kind of trouble to perform a scam

Fast forward to days later apparently they did not drop the 127, and they did refund the 127, and they still charged me 150. So in total, instead of 20 of the cancelation fee they charged me 150 for it I tried to contact them and left voice mails, and I've gotten no response When I finally get a hold of them they basically yelled at me and refuse the refund. They pulled a contract on me, said the contract stated 150 which is total bullshit because the charge is not under cancellation it was for something else. Then they made up excuses for the change such as it was for the driver.

Yea the driver whom I contacted with and bailed on me, and made no effort on going to pick my car. They also blamed on the employee who I worked with for explaining things wrong. They will makeup all kinds of bullshit just to not take the responsibility I contacted my credit card company and they said they've gotten no response from this company, according to what I hear from them seems like they'd grab the money tightly due to their money sucking, greedy nature I would suggest you to avoid working with them because they are a headache to work with, a total disgrace in the car moving industry and a filthy scam

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