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Power Pup Clean

Country United States
State Washington
City Federal Way
Address 33630 4th Ave SW,
Phone (206)280-3451

Power Pup Clean Reviews

  • Apr 12, 2017

I had a very bad experience with this cleaning company and its owner. Not only was he over an hour late he stated that his company needed to upgrade our cleaning service to guarentee the cleanliness of the carpets. When he finished in 30 minutes he stated that the stains would go away as it drys. No true. He also stated that it would be dry in a couple of hours. Not True. When we called him the next day he was extremely rude on the phone and would not refund us any of the money we wrote a check for. I then called the bank and put a stop payment on the check. 2 weeks later he called and yelled at me and said he will get his money. 2 months later we found out through our bank he downloaded a form check and typed in my name and his company for payment and our bank account information. He then cashed the check at his bank. It was forwarded to my bank and they did not honor it. They said it was a fruadulent check. He then took me to Small claims court for arbitration. The arbitrator then got him to reduce the total damages to $400 from his $620.00. I was so mad I payed just to stop him from anymore slander. His company needs to be band from business Period.

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