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Power Home Remodeling Group

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Chester
Address 2501 Seaport Drive First Floor
Phone 888.736.6335

Power Home Remodeling Group Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2021

I felt cohorsed into getting this siding done, when i really couldn't afford it but they kept telling me they felt very concerned for my families health and well being... which was extremely caring and you don't always have that with companies, so I felt that if the mold issue was that serious I could have my homeowners help with the cost.

I told them I was going to have my homeowners insurance adjuster come and check out the issue with the mold and Power home remodeling told me they would help, but they didn't and my adjuster never made it to the site to inspect the mold issue while they were taking off the siding. So now I am not getting any help with this service through my homeowners. I feel like I was taken advantage of , I also bought expensive windows from them too. My payment for all was supposed to be $180.00 a month and now its $220.00 a month. I am extremely upset with them for this.

And it is only on half my house....$12,000.00 for half of a house sided. RIP OFF very expensive

  • Jul 29, 2020

A Power HRG rep cold-called at our door and convinced us to set up the appointment. That process alone took at least 20 minutes, a bad sign that we ignored. When the account exec came, he took nearly 4 hours of our time trying to convince us that we needed a new roof, and could only get a quality product at a good price from Power. He quoted us price of $54,000 for the job.

Suspicious, I contacted several local roofing companies for estimates on a 50-year roof, fully warrantied, with new gutters and leaf guards. The quotes came back at $17,000 for the roof, plus a few thousand more for the gutters.

Don't even let this company waste your time.

  • Aug 12, 2019

When my wife and I were deciding on windows, we got quoted by several companies. Power was right in the middle for a price close to 30K for the 17 windows we wanted done. The pitchman quoted us really high and immediately gave us a 12% discount "if the installers could take pictures afterward".

Our windows were installed in March of 2019. The actual windows are of mediocre quality, about the same from what you'd get from any other install job. Nothing special.

The job was supposed to take 2 days but the crew that they sent to do the job was able to finish it in 1. Awesome, right? Nope, it was fast but careless. My 1st grade son could do a better job caulking. Absolute carelessness on the interior and exterior. I'm not just being picky either, even though I should be able to be so after spending 30k.

On install, it was noted that one of the casement windows didn’t operate properly. It was fixed on-site but should’ve been a warning.

Soon after the install, another on of the casement windows wouldn't open properly. I called Power to report the issue and was told the installers would come back out. They reported the issue with the casement window and said they'd come back out to immediately fix it after a part was delivered. That pieces delivery date has come and gone. It's now June and the window is still inoperable.

Installed in March. Currently paying for them. Not working right. Not happy at all.

I've called Power a minimum of 15 times, all of which they promise me a supervisor will call me back that day or the next. I have yet to receive a phone call or any indication that steps are being taken to fix the issue.

Decent product. Crappy installers. Lazy customer service. I will not use them again and would never recommend.

  • Aug 27, 2016

I had a roof installed by this company in which they scratched my deck and left quite a mess of trash and nails to clean up afterwards. Then i spent the next 3 months trying to figure out how they were going to fix my deck. First they tried to have the guys who did the roof fix it for no pay. I wouldnt accept a bunch of mad guys working on my deck that were not going to be paid. Then they finally agreed to have my contractor who installed the deck do it but the catch was i had to sign an agreement that was 3 pages long were they take no responsibility. I would not sign and then that stopped all talking and now i have to spend more time taking them to court. There salemen are very slick. Trust me and just walk away.

  • Dec 16, 2015

HORRIBLE. Stay far away. initial salesman appointment was for 7pm. his "presentation" lasted FOUR hours. when we finally managed to kick him out at midnight i should have realized something was off about these guys. There was a funny moment when he wanted to inspect the attic. Upon returning he claimed to not be able to breathe and that we had mold up there and he was highly allergic. We had to get the roof replaced ASAP, he wheezed, it was a matter of life and death. He then proceeded to use our bathroom to wash his face and compose himself. Amusing, since we do not have such an issue in the attic. We do, however, have a mold issue in the bathroom, where he emerged perfectly fine, no worse for the wear from his ordeal in the attic (lol). Despite this nonsense, and after much deliberation, we decided to give them a shot at a large project (roof and siding) through financing they had arranged. Liked the technology they were using and the lifetime guarantee seemed appealing.

The initial guy hands the project over to a "project coordinator" who sends a site inspector out. He stayed for 3 hours and decided that before they could begin, we needed to make some improvements to the deck and chimney first, otherwise they couldn't offer the lifetime warranty. They offered no help in recommending someone to perform this work, but despite that I get it completed and the inspector comes out again. by this time the financing offer had expired. Anticipating this, I contacted them weeks earlier and told them they'd need to extend the financing offer. Impossible they say (this is where i point out that their financing guy is patently incompetent). no big deal i thought, just get another loan (credit is quite good). offered me a new financing offer at an outrageous 18% interest + a lien on the house. um, no thanks.

To boot, the paperwork they sent contained documents they required me to sign in which i agree that all work has been completed 100% to my satisfaction. They didn't lift a finger on the project, but they wanted me to sign paperwork saying i was completely satisfied with their work and that they were under no further obligation to me as part of the loan conditions. again, no. All the while they were rude, dismissive and unwilling/unable to follow up properly. These guys are crooks through and through. They are highly deceptive and rely on intense pressure and scare tactics to make deals. I have no doubt that the workers actually performing the work are good at what they do and the project would have been completed to my satisfaction. The issue with this company is the deceptive practices, lies, high-pressure tactics and general incompetence of their office personnel.

I pride myself on honest reviews, so i stand by my statements here. My sincere and strong advice to anyone looking to do business with these criminals is to run the other way and get someone local. As a final FYI, their project cost was $40,000. Our local contractor was able to do it for less than half of that, and i trust them FAR more. It's times like these that I wish i could award zero stars, but if i could warn just one person to stay away from Power Home Remodeling, the one star will have been worth it. You've been warned.

Oh, one more thing. They take great time in explaining how unique and superior their products are. This too is an outright lie. You can buy their roofing products from GAF (Timberline HD), and for siding they use Cedarboards Insulated Siding by Certainteed. Your local contractor can easily order them for your project ;)

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