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report scam

Country United States
State California
City El Monte
Address 9909 Valley Blvd
Website Reviews

  • Aug 21, 2015

It is unfortunate that businesses like this exist. They create several different ecommerce websites under different names with the same products, at different prices. This is obviously done in an effort to deceive consumers into thinking that they ere several different entities. It is not surprising that while their pricing varies from site to site, they are generally cheaper than most of their competition.

Their marketing tactic is "The lowest price wins" but the consumer ultimately loses. The initial elation felt by their customers for finding the "Best deal" are quickly replaced by anger and resentment when they realize that the company offering the lowest price, fails to deliver the service expected.

Quality service is so often taken for granted. A previously filed report suggests that purchasing furniture online should be avoided at all costs. However, a little diligence on your part can help you avoid becoming another unhappy, dissatisfied customer complaining on this site. When shopping online, it is important to look at MORE than just the selling price. If a website is offering an item at a much lower price than every other website, you should ask yourself "Why?". How can an ecommerce site sell items at pricing that is so much lower than others?

We've all heard the saying "If it seems too good to be true... it probably is". What are they sacrificing in order to get that product to you at such a low price? Is it shipping? Is it service? Or worse yet, both? Before committing to a purchase online you need to do a little research. Read reviews left by previous customers. Do they have more bad reviews than good ones? If so, you should probably avoid doing business with them.

Check this site, as well as the BBB. Do they have unresolved complaints? It would probably be best to stay away from companies that show little concern for their reputation. Especially companies like this one that change their name or create a new website if they receive too many complaints.

Does the company have a phone number prominently displayed on their site? If so, call them. Do they sound knowledgeable and professional? Do they even answer the phone during regular business hours? If a company doesn't answer the telephone when you are trying to purchase something from them, it is safe to assume that they will probably not answer your calls if and when you have a problem.

READ THEIR POLICIES!!! Be cautious of companies that do not have their return policy as well as other pertinent policies posted on their website. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Make sure that you understand how they do business so you know what to expect BEFORE handing over your hard earned money.

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