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Country United States
State Utah
City Orem
Address 212 1330 W
Phone 1 385-275-5663

Polymule Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

On 4/03/18 I placed an order through an Indiegogo campaign for a Polymule cart for $570.00. The campaign generated $123,000 and was in excess of the $100,000 goal. Per the campaign/company owner, my delivery date was supposed to be August 2018. It is now 2022. STILL NO CART, but plenty of excuses from the company owner Dennis Draleau. Excuses and empty promises that abruptly stopped after campaign update #19 in 2020.

This is a direct quote from the owner in October 2020: We are back on track to raise the final amount of capital needed to move into production. With architectural and construction plans currently being drawn up, we aim to have the facility completed by August 2021. We will need about 30 days to bring in and set up our equipment. Production will begin shortly thereafter. We want to reassure you, that our backers (YOU), will be the first to recieve products off the production line.

Since then crickets. He will not respond to inquires from me or, according to an Indiegogo rep, from them either. This company is still on the internet and Facebook with their product. Just beware, I am a customer who paid $472.00 for a cart, was pre-charged $98.00 for shipping and never received the product. Now the company will not respond to requests for updates.

This is a quote from Draleau in a campaign update #18 July 2020: We suspect many of you are afraid that you will never see a Polymule or a refund. Many of you feel frauded, scammed, betrayed, frustrated, and concerned. That exactly how I feel.

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