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Pod 39 Hotel

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 145 E 39th St
Phone 212-865-5700

Pod 39 Hotel Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2015

Assistant to the owner of a private travel company, I had to make a last minute reservation in NYC for my boss. He brought his adult daughter with him, as she is leaving the country for a few years. My boss was travelling on buisness- NYC had limited picking.

I ended up booking a bunk-bed pod for them at the POD39. Upon checking into the room, he noticed that instead of a bathroom door- there was a foggy peice of glass... his daughter stood in the bathroom to test the visibility- the fog didnt do much for privacy.

1st he went to the hotel front desk to see if there was a room with some privacy (as he is traveling with his daughter- the glass is highly inappropriate)- They couldnt assist, as they are at full capacity. Next, I called Expedia and spoke to an agent in the Philippines who was unwilling to assist. She stated that POD39 doesnt allow refunds. I told the agent to please find a way to make an exception- they cannot stay in a room where they cant use the bathroom privately- this is unacceptable." She said "The hotel is unwilling to refund you." and hung up.

I called the hotel and they said they cannot refund a 3rd party booking.... So, they wont allow Expedia to refund it and then are trying to blame Expedia.... this is poor buisness practices. There should be a warning label for this property: if travelling with anyone- you will have zero privacy when using the bathrooms.

When a business man is travelling with his daughter and this sort of privacy flaw isnt disclosed prior to checking in to the hotel- There should be NO issues with extending a refund.

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