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PNC Merchant Services

Country United States
State Illinois
City Naperville
Address 9 E Ogden Ave
Phone 630-416-2812

PNC Merchant Services Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2016

I own a small Auto Detailing business and opened a business bank account at PNC. I was contacted by Eduardo Garza VP Merchant Account Executive to purchase a Clover POS system. My business partner contacted him and reviewed all the information about the system. After going back and forth about it for a week, we decided to go ahead and get the system. We were told by Eduardo that we would get a $350 rebate and a $200 rebate for purchasing the system which would be credited to our account in the first month after we make the first $25 sale. Eduardo also advised that the system is $699 but in the end we would only be out of pocket for $149.99 after all the rebates and that we would not have to pay for the system until the end of October. Eduardo said he sent me out an application to apply for the system and once approved, he would go ahead and place the order. We received the system and were not told that we needed either a phone line or wifi in order to use the system. I advised Eduardo that we are a very small operation and we didn't want added expenses. At this time we are not able to use the system because we do not have wifi to run it. Additionally, our account was debited $768 on October 3rd for the cost of the Clover system when we were told we would not have to pay for it until the end of October when we planned to pay for it. Eduardo never told us that we would have to pay the tax on the total of $699 meaning in the end the cost to us was $218 and not $149. After reviewing was Eduardo called an "application" I found that this was a contract and not an application. It was for 3 years and includes and ETF of $900 if we cancel early! Eduardo NEVER stated that we were signing a 3 year contract nor did he mention an early termination fee. I have the text message saved where Eduardo stated he had emailed me the "application" for the system. Never once was I told I was signing a 3 year agreement. I understand that part of this is my fault for not reading the 45 page contract in detail. You would like to think you can trust people from a bank. I now have a POS system that I can't use because I don't have wifi or a phone line. It was not disclosed to me at the time of sale and I am very upset. I feel Eduardo was very deceptive in his sales techniques and left out a LOT of important information. I want to cancel this sale and send this machine back as I can not use it and I was tricked into signing a contract under false pretenses.

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