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  • Feb 4, 2024

Jennifer Weiss Eckmans Hollywood Florida Air B & B Queen Ackee Twin Tree


The first thing I noticed is that there was a lot of debris and Toxic Chemicals around the property. On the left side and the side of the yard, all kinds of paint cans and debris from some type of apparent re modeling Both her trash cans were completely filled to the brim. They had never been emptied. She also asked if I would empty the trash and take the trash and put out on the street. Which of course I would not that's not my responsibility as a guest . The kitchen trash was completely filled. I got a message from the host like the 2nd day. that said somebody's food had been eaten from the kitchen. And if it happened again, there would be consequences a direct quote from the host Jennifer.

Then somebody in the house was constantly doing laundry and putting their laundry on the dining room table. Where we're supposed to eat our meals. I addressed this issue. And then the texts started coming from Jennifer the host, sometimes 20 or more day and night at all hours I don’t know what she wanted from me I am a guest at this so call Resort for my holiday season Every day about all kinds of different things. That didn't enhance my vacation. I was here to have a beautiful Holiday vacation and visit my 90 year old mother. Then I noticed rat droppings all over the dining room. Also on the kitchen table and on the floor I addressed this issue. She said the maid would be coming and the maid came at like 5 o'clock in the afternoon. On that particular day the maid took all the laundry that I had asked about and she folded it up. And put it in the cupboard. She said that the laundry was gonna be thrown away. I have no idea what was going on. I thought it was the other guests laundry Their continued to be an issue with somebody doing laundry and putting a laundry on the dinning room table One morning I was sleeping and I get a phone call from her saying her son was here to pick up and take away some furniture. The 2 seats that were for the kitchen counter for you to sit on if you wanted to eat breakfast or any meal at the counter. Which would have been nice because I really didn't want to eat in the dining room with all the rat s**t. urine and laundry. The laundry machines were right next to the dining room table too not a pleasant experience to have a beautiful meal and have to sit there. listen to a laundry machine or smell somebody's dirty laundry.. So therefore there would be no chairs to sit at the counter. This I find it's extremely unusual to take furniture out of a house when you have guest staying there. Her son to the charity and left I was actually resting when that all happened. So they disturbed my rest as well showed up unannounced disturbed my rest. I've never heard of such a thing. Taking furniture out of a house when a guest is staying there. Something is very wrong. Then she kept sending me numerous messages asking if I wanted to move. Her son who came to pick up the furniture told her that I had luggage all over the house I only had 2 pieces because there's nowhere in the tiny little thing similar to a big closet converted into a bedroom to store anything. They have no cabinet space whatsoever not a single closet or anywhere to hang clothing I mentioned that my wife would be upset if she would stay here, which of course, she wasn't with me, she was. In another country, the son went and back and told her and she twisted the thing around, saying that my wife was coming here. Totally bizarre, the woman continued to bombard me with texts constantly. I stopped responding. I was getting ready to visit my 90 year old mother to have a beautiful holiday time. mother. I don't have time for this craziness Lat night I to put a a nut on the counter to see if there was any response from the rats.Well I was shocked when I went out there. maybe an hour later the nut was gone and there was rat dropping all over-the-counter. What more can say I only stayed their because we were in the middle of prime Holiday season and everything was booked up other wise I would have left I liked the area and the places that were nearby were convenient. So I decided to tough it out.

Even if she gave me all my money back if it still wouldn't be enough for all the torment. Not to mention having to live with rats. She said several times an exterminator would come. But that never happened. I really didn't want to be in here. When they were gonna spray poison, how wonderful? She completely shut her down? She shouldn't be allowed to run an airbnb, she's a raving lunatic. She also said if I gave her a bad review, she would give me a bad review so I couldn't rent a B&B and future. What a nutcase this is actually the first I travel all over the world normally staying at hotels. I guess it was just a stroke of bad luck. Oh I have to mention that. She also said I could pay her some of the money in cash. That's a true fact before I agreed to the price. You said I could pay b n b some money if I wanted to I could pay her directly I have photos and videos to substantiate my evidence and also all of her text messages teeny videos of everything mentioned here

As I have high Blood Pressure. I came home late in the evening and noticed the door code was changed without any notice. One of the other guests also was lo. Find a ladder and climb through a window. So I could get my Blood Pressure medicine. So I wouldn't end up in the hospital.

Every single day there has been. Rat droppings on the kitchen table on the kitchen chairs on the kitchen counter. There is also supposed to be rat urine. I also set the rat trap which is not my responsibility. Also, the host failed to ever clean up the debris on the side of the house which is probably causing the rat issue. Furthermore I am a complete neat freak and this is known. One of the guests seems to have a problem and said that the bathroom was messy, which is completely absurd and I got a complaint that I was watching television late at night. This is absolutely absurd as well. Because the volume level was extremely low. But this particular guest seems to just want to cause a problem. I would have moved out long ago. This woman is also an intimidator she seems to like to intimidate the guests at all hours of the day and night

she told me she snuck into the house when I wasn’t home was over at the house and she saw that I had my toiletries like my toothpaste and toothbrush on the bathroom sink strictly forbidden she said TOTAL INVASION OF PRIVACT AND B &B REGULATIONS AGAIN I've never heard of such a thing in my life. This woman is truly a mentally deraanged lunatic she's was threatening me to take my things out of the bathroom. I have no where to put it. She has no storage space anywhere in the house. I've never heard of such a thing this is just so bizarre one nigh I came in to screaming almost violent house guests they were saying the host was trying to charred the a an extra cleaning fee She also sent me an invoice for $100.00 because she said a guest claimed that left the toilet seat up

OH MY GOD!!!!!

On New Years Day

Came home to huge mess in the kitchen. There was also tobacco and marijuana on the counter. Yes SMOKING IN THE HOUSE AGAIN VIOLATION OF B&B RULES and they've big mess all over the kitchen of food left everywhere. And drinks from aparent New Year's Eve party. And this woman's concerned about me leaving my toothpaste of toothbrush out. I've never left one dish in the sink the whole time i've been here unbelievable

Now someone is putting the thermostat up to 84°. I have high Blood Pressure. 84° is not an acceptable temperature. Most normal people have a 70° house that's standard. This is making My situation here extremely uncomfortable now it's getting worse by the day The host said I had a deal with it was my problem. Also, the other guests were very noisy always slamming doors constantly and making lots of noise, And they were very rude and just respectful to be in shouting obscenities Not to mention the whole reason why I was here is to visit my 90 year old mother for the holidays. And this woman did everything but to try to destroy my joyous Vacation Of course cause I was so concerned about my health and the volatile situation. I left two days Before my actual check out date. Running in fear of futher harassment and concerns

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