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Country United States
State North Carolina
City Charlotte
Address 4135 S Stream Blvd #400
Phone 704-553-7144

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  • Jul 18, 2017

This is a copy and paste of what I submitted to the BBB.

PMAB deliberately and dishonestly attempted to collect on a debt that I do not owe and opened an account in my name with a credit bureau.

I had a disputed account with a hospital. I asked the hospital's account department numerous times to provide proof I owed them money but they never did, only sending me basic balance statements that did not provide a trail of the balance due. In the past the same hospital had made mistakes on another account, stating I owed money when my balance was zero. I had paid thousands of dollars to my account and fully believed my account was zero, but on April 14, 2017 PMAB sent me a letter stating I owed a balance of $1,042.26. Also in the letter they offered a 50% 'settlement' of $521.13 if paid within 30 days of the date of the letter. I called PMAB and explained that I didn't believe I owed any money, the hospital had never provided proof of owing a balance on this account, and that I did not want them to contact me again.

I also told them I'd not make any payment over the phone and make my decision of what to do. On May 8th, 2017 I RELUCTANTLY sent a check for $521.13 to PMAB, even though I had NEVER received proof of owing the amount..well within their 30 day 'settlement offer' period. PMAB cashed my check and I thought the issue was done.

Today I received a notice from a credit monitoring service saying that an account had been opened in my name. The company opening the account was PMAB. I called PMAB and was connected to a Mr. Peterson (ext. 3416). I nicely explained why I was calling and he firmly told me he was trying to collect a debt. When I explained that I had been contacted by my credit monitoring company and asked him why an account had been opened he again said it was to collect a debt relating to the original $1,042.26 balance. He originally did not mention I had made a payment of $521.13. At that moment I reached into my file, retrieved the April 14, invoice that I had written the date and amount paid. I confronted him as to why they had opened an account in my name and began to read the letter stating "Please remit 50% of the balance $521.13 to close out your account." Again I explained that I had not believed I owed anything, but wanted to completely get them off my back! He then told me I STILL OWED the $521.13 because I had not contacted them to say I was going to pay the $521.13. He acknowledged they had received the payment, but continued saying I owed another $521.13, even though I had paid within their 30 day settlement period, because I had not called to tell them I was paying.

After strong words were exchanged I told him I wanted a transcript of this call since I was told it was being recorded. He told me they do not provide transcripts. (I bet my attorney could get one!) Eventually he put me on hold and when he came back he told me he would contact the credit bureau and have the new account removed. I asked him for a letter stating my balance was zero and that my credit bureau had been contacted to remove the account. He implied it would take 48 hours to process. I told him I'd give them two weeks to get a letter to me. I 'will' be watching my credit to make 10000% sure there is no information on my credit pertaining to this thieving collection company. Lastly, when I once again asked why an account had been opened in my name Mr. Peterson said, "it might have been an oversight!" Nice..."an oversight" with my credit!!!!!

In closing, it's absolutely ridiculous that in today's world, where your credit number plays in the cost of your insurance, home mortgage % offered, and so many other things, that sub-human companies like PMAB have the ability to just place or open an account in my name that will be reported to a credit bureau. By law, any information that might be harmful to an individual's credit should automatically have a 90 day waiting period after the date that the client has been informed of the intentions of the company to place a report or open an account.

(I have learned since submitting a report to the BBB that my credit report has been harmed.)

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  • Jun 15, 2017

My husband called May 8, 2017 to get a total of what we owed. The guy that helped him gave him two amounts. My husband asked several times was he sure that was all we owed and the guy reassured him that that was it. My husband paid the two accounts at that time by credit card. I ran my credit report and three different accounts showed up from PMAB. I called and Ms Gamble told me that they were under my former name and the guy that helped my husband didn't look up by address. We've never received any invoices for these three amounts. This has caused my credit score to drop and hurting us on purchasing something major. We feel like something just isn't right here.

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  • Nov 10, 2015

After 6 months of paying on a medical bill for 6 months I was told by the medical company billing representative that even though I paid on my bill on time monthly that it was there policy to turn my account over to a collection company and I would arrangement payments with the collection agency. I started paying PMAB in April 2015. I WAS 2 days late paying on the account in August and decided I could make a double payment for that month. However,because I'm in their system with a set amount.

The double payment I was making that day would not accept the payment so the worker, Renae sked for my card number again and stated she would apply the other amount the following day. She tried to get me to have this payment set on "auto withdrawal but I explained to her this could not happen because the credit card is linked to my Healthcare Savings account and there is no way to set up such an account and for this company to continue to mail me a monthly statement/payment invoice. I never received another bill for September and October. It wasn't until I went to check my credit score and saw where my score dropped fro 750 to 672 within 2 months.

Because of my credit score plummeted so drastically I was unable to refinance my home for a 15 years loan with a 3.25% financing because of this company reporting me to the credit bureau for 2 consecutive months as no payment/late payment over 30-60 days. Although I call to catch payments for the months I did not receive a invoice I was told the only way the infractions could be removed was for me to pay the balance in full. I am now being forced to pay this bill off early if I still want to refinance my home with the current low interest rate. This is soon unfair and a set up possibly for the worker to collect on her commission with my account to add to her Holiday shopping.

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