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Plumbing Nerds

Country United States
State Florida
City Bonita Springs
Address 24120 Production Cir #6A
Phone 1 239-688-4085

Plumbing Nerds Reviews

  • Feb 26, 2024

Plumbing nerds came for a possible clogged main sewer line. After they pulled toilet to snake the flange broke becasue it was rusted. They knew they had me. Toilet was pulled, needed a flange replaced to reset toilet, tenants living in home so they need a workign toilet soon. had me backed into the corner with no toilet working. Charge me over $900 to repair/ replave the flange and wax ring. What they didnt know is I own over and manage over 200 homes and I know exactly what this job costs. This was a $200 maybe $300 job. Going rate for a new toilet is $600 plus. They had me backed into a corner and took complete advatage of me.

I would never use again. Plent of plumbers in Naples Florida who wotn rip you off when they know you are trapped

  • Nov 5, 2022

We called this company and they sent somebody out, however they didn't resolve the issue. They tried their snake, this didn't resolve the issue, they took a deposit of $500 to do the water jet the next day, this they guaranteed to fix our issue, it did not. Their guy let water run over our hardwood floors and put towels down, the towels were wet and now the seams have spread on our floor. We called to get our money back because after two days it was apparent they couldn't get the job done, the manager said they would give the money back, but instead took out the additional $500. So, in addition to them lying about giving our money back, they ruined our floor. The guy came over a two day period of time, never showing up when they said he would be here. Our kitchen was left in shambles because of this company. Then they fraudulently took $501 more out of our account. The $1001 is a small price compared to the floor we now will have to replace! We are considering suing.

We called a different plumber the next day, he resolved the issue, without any drama. The company we called was Mike's Plumbing, he used an old-fashioned snake, resolved our issue within 2 hours, but more importantly knew what he was doing.

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