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Planet Fitness

Country United States
State Ohio
City Fairfield
Address 544 Patterson Blvd
Phone 513-889-4004

Planet Fitness Reviews

  • Feb 23, 2024

THe person at the front desk TOLD me to cancel before I left it would be 1.80

I was ethical - did not want to do this.

I asked Ashley the MGR if she felt it was "right" to charge me an annual fee for 10 visits.

She kept going into the "legal document" I signed. I told her his is BS and would tell ALL of Olympia

Come on world have some integrity

Money hungry Planet Fitness ridiculous

  • Feb 3, 2024

This gym is the worst don't waste your time go down the street to jacked gym and be respected.

Wear do I start

1 always waiting for Equipment (need more)

2 Needs real Management never anyone at the front desk!

3 gang members workout with there guns on

4 none follows dress codas

5 bath rooms are a mess all the time (flush the toilet Please

6 the distressful members who come and go as thy please

7 Creeps around harassing women video tapping me wile working out

8 cameras don't work any wear inside or outside

9 had money took out of my bag

10 had to call the police because some one was foiling me in the gym and home!

So if you don't what to get raped or shot I would look somewhere else to workout Cops are there all the time just last week someone was yelling at the girl none even stopped to help her so you go at your own risk

Planet fitness

630) 896-5500

1842 Douglas Rd Montgomery, IL 60538

  • Jun 5, 2022

This place is a SCAM and I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and Department of Consumer Affairs. I SPECIFICALLY asked them when I was helping my teenager sign up (15) if there were any hidden fees or annual fees. The young man helping me said NO.

My daughter then was surprised that her checking account was overdrawn and they charged her an "annual fee" without telling her. I ASKED THEM if there was an annual fee or any other fees besides the $20 per month and he said NO. When I spoke with Armando - the manager - he used my past membership to tell me I "should have known there was an annual fee because I was a member.

I QUIT this gym because they did not inform me of the fee and it overdrafted my account. So....when my daughter wanted to join I was VERY hesitant. I ASKED another person about fees even when the boy helping us said there wasn't.

I was "assured" there was no other fee than the $20 per month. SCAMMMMMMMMM. They charged us a fee and her account is overdrawn. DO NOT USE PLANET FITNESS!!!!!!!

  • Mar 27, 2022

Denied services that were paid for. Enjoying "Black card" membership for 2 years at Inverness location. Denied BlackCard services repeatedly while visiting Leesberg location by "Tunica". Admitted in but was relentlessly harrassed because home membership was different. When I complained and walked out, Tunica stormed through exit doors after me into parking lot trying screaming and trying to provoke a fight.

I continued to my car without stopping. Later, GM / Joya, instead of firing the insane employee, cancelled my membership when I complained. I then received a harrasing phone call from Joya the following Monday, again gloating about the cancellation. I then called 911 to report harrassment by Planet Fitness, Case # 220030480 / Officer Caston.

  • Mar 10, 2022

I filed a complaint about an employee taking my name out of the system to search me on social media. The General Manager's response was to cancel my membership prior to speaking with me. If you file a complaint, just know you will be discriminated against for it. What's sad is that there’s no telling how many other women come into this gym have been victims to staff members using their personal information.

It's scary because these gyms have the customer's personal information such as name, banking information, and address. What's sad is I have never been to a gym where the GM has a screaming match with the customer in the gym!

The employee name was Reggie Knighten who attempted to add me on social media. The GM had a hard time believing that an employee would do such a thing. If I am lying, how do I know his entire name? Exactly.

  • Mar 28, 2021

NEVER do business with Planet Fitness in Snellville, Ga. They require ACH withdrawal for fees and will STEAL from you after you cancel your membership. They will deduct "annual maintenance fees" and monthly fees after you cancel your membership. Check their BBB rating - "F" with many complaints of exactly this practice.

  • Feb 13, 2020

Especially for 2007 86 St 11214 and 1601 Kings Highway Brooklyn 11229. But the managers told us that it applies to all planet fitness. (check before you sign up with any).

Do you go to a gym to breath toxic chemicals and ruin your lungs?

If you are doing aerobic exercise, do you realize you breath 20 to 100 times more air than someone at rest? In this case, it’s 20 to 100 times more dangerous chemicals that can wreck your lungs? Do you know what it’s like to not be able to breath? Have lung cancer? Have a lung removed? Have to live on a ventilator that breathes for you? Have severe asthma and can’t breath? Have Emphysema and are short of breath no matter what you do? Do you look forward to this? Well if you damage your lungs it could happen?

FOR ONE: They never tell you when you join, or if you joined and are already a member, that you are not really breathing 100% fresh air while you are working out, but at least 50% febreze and air freshner chemicals. They have about 40 white units on the walls all over the gym.(see attached photo).

Nobody really knows what they are. They are not labeled. Nobody asks what they are. They never tell you when you sign up or attend this gym that they do this. They are all over, on every floor on the walls. Just look and you will find them. They are seriously implicated in respiratory problems such as copd, asthma, lung cancer, bronchitis, etc.

On top of that, they have signs all over the place, that says, please wipe down all machines and they give spray canisters to do that with 0- great, right? WRONG!@ and everyone does THIS and sprays this stuff all over the machines, in the air next to you when you are going aerobic workouts on the treadmill. They think it's water. Well it's not. It's got heavy concentrations of chlorene and ammonia in it (I saw the list of ingredients, which is not posted on these bottles you are spraying or just sell it and you can tell)- 2 chemicals that are toxic to the lungs if you breath them in. Why they could not just use rubbing alcohol or something like this with no toxicity and disinfects?

People if you really need to join this gym or if you are already in the gym, please demand that they take out all the febreze canisters immediately before you join and refill the cleaning canisters (which are available every 25 feet on wall racks in this gym) with water or rubbing alcohol instead of chlorene and ammonia You did not come this gym to risk debilitating sickness. You will see one day that they will be in a lawsuit because of this. But you don't really want to be that sick to have to sue. Your health is more important.

Please protest: picket your gym if they use air fresheners, give the story to the local papers and tv stations, stand out in front of your gym with fliers and give one to everyone that walks in to make them aware of the dangers. Call the dept of health, dep, your congressman, etc. get a lawyer to file class actions lawsuits against: planet fitness corportate, your local gym, the owners of that gym and the managment of that gym



Febreze Ingredients

Below you’ll find a list of just some of the 87 chemicals found by the EWG in Febreze Air Effects, listed in order of their toxicity to humans:

BHT – Known as a neurotoxin, endocrine disruptor, immunotoxicity, non-reproductive organ system toxicity, skin eye and lung irritator

Acetaldehyde – Known to cause cancer, toxic to reproduction and development, immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin, skin, eye and lung irritator

“Fragrance” – One of the three ingredients actually disclosed, it’s a neurotoxin, immunotoxin and allergen

Propylene Glycol – Causes cancer, allergies, toxic to immune system, accumulates in the system, non-reproductive organ system toxin, is classified with “enhanced skin absorption” and irritates the skin, eye and lung

1,3-Dichloro-2-propanol – Carcinogenic (causes cancer)

Limonene – Allergen, immunotoxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Methyl pyrrolidone – Toxin to reproduction and development, allergen and immunotoxin, non-reproductive organ system toxin and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Alcohol denatured – Also disclosed in the ingredients of Febreze, it’s linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, organ system toxicity and skin, eyes and lung iritator

Butylphenyl methylpropion al – allergen, immunotoxin and and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Ethyl acetate – linked to developmental/reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, organic system toxicity and and skin, eyes and lung irritator

Geraniol – Linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, o

  • Jan 21, 2020

With beards First they took 2 payment that wasn’t supposed to be done without my concern. So I kindly went to my bank and complain and my bank said go to the fitness center and tell them what happened they will refund your money back because they took your money we did not take it. And I went to the fitness center this uneducated Mexican dude that can’t even spell his name started having manner towards me . I said either I’m getting the gym membership that you guys took from my account or refund my money back he said he can’t help me that I should leave the store right now .

I got really pissed after he said that to me if not that he was in the property of that store I would stick him and tell him let’s fight as a man and see who wins cause I know his uneducated self Don’t have any manner he don’t know how to talk to people at all so I went ahead and call the cops to get involved in this when the jobs came he tried saying I am fighting people In the environment lying on my name so I got trespass warning and I am getting my money back nobody is playing with what I got with my sweat.

We all work but he don’t know what works means. This life is how you talk to people that’s how people will y’all to you. If he kindly help me with the gym membership they deducted from my account I would kindly take my two foot and leave that environment with peace but he did not do anything but create more problems. In conclusion planet fitness is a*s they are scammers they get people bank account just to get your money and they end up putting in uneducated people to get customers like me mad, people that can’t help people that can’t even spell there name to control my bank account? That won’t happen when I’m breathing in this life.

They criminals it’s all Mexicans with bad records they put There: they just want your bank account to get your details and take your money anytime they want... they took my money 3times a week. They are criminals I got trespass because I called cops on them. This a plano store by collincreek mall. They just want you bank info to take your money. I need my money back and I will get it by all means!!

Criminals poor service. Bad bad service they get uneducated people to interact with customers. They all scammers, I said call the manager or call the people who took this money from my account he said no I should leave the store right now that go me pissed. As a customer service I are to service the customer and do what the cut wants, like I don’t want your life. U took something from me and I need it back, u can’t give me back? That’s hell and I don’t want be there. I’m getting my money back or we going to court let’s face it!!!

  • Jan 1, 2020

I started my "black" membership in 11/2018. When It came time to cancel after fulfillment of my contract, I was unable to receive any communication from PF. I reached out to them numerous times electronically, (as I had moved away from my home store location).

They do not respond to electronic communications.

After 2 additional months passed, and charges being drafted, I made a special trip to the closest location to my home to cancel in person (as that is the ONLY way to cancel, even after FULFILLING your contract). This drive was some 45 minutes away. The location indicated that since they were not part of the Franchise of the store I originally signed up at, they were unable to help me!!! I guess the "Black" membership doesn't provide any added benefits when it comes to where you can cancel.

I left frustrated and called the only number I could find online (apparently you cannot reach the local stores). The person on the end of the line indicated that I had to go to my original location to cancel OR send a certified, return receipt requested letter to that location to cancel. So, my options were either to drive another 40 minutes to that location (spending more money in tolls, gas, etc.), or spend more money via the postal requirements they outlined.

Once a contract is fulfilled, a company should not continue to charge a customer who honored their obligations. I understand making it difficult for someone who just wants to cancel for no apparent reason.

I paid out my contract and was continually charge and made to jump through outrageous hoops to get the excess charges stopped.

BUYER BEWARE. You will be a hostage to any contract you sign until the end of time. Forget trying to get out of it!

  • Jun 27, 2019

First I should have known the 23.60 charge when I saw it PB Fitness confused me however 08/2018 I went with my Girlfriend as a guest and was told by a gentleman at the counter in order to be a guest i need your ID and to sign here... (I used to be a member years ago) he had me sign a reactivation WELL I had no clue because I gave no Billing info well since 09/2018 I have been BILLED.

I just noticed now because I am a business rep and in between projects I honestly never have time well I did TODAY. I called the 800# they say go to the HOME OFFICE in person they will cancel for you GREAT I repeat I never asked for the 10 months of 23.60 BACK I just wanted to STOP Future Billings Well in ORDER to STOP the BILLING it costs $50.00.

Im like NO NO NO I went to my bank to stop the billing before I went I just wanted to STOP future billings like is that so hard NOW Enjoy my reviews my story PISSED Consumers is next.... OH the REPLY from the Female Manager I assume was OK when i said enjoy the reviews. THEY DO NOT CARE they are all FRAUD and KARMA people this is HOLIDAY FL Pasco County Karma is worse than a REVIEW

  • Oct 16, 2018

Please think twice before signing with this gym. I canceled my account (I have a signed cancellation document) in November 2017 and they kept deducting funds from my account for three months. I had to get the corporate headquarters involved to properly stop the charges and refund the money. Now, October 2018, they have starter charging me again. They have no right to steal money from my account, however, that has not stopped them. This company is suspect at best!

  • Jul 22, 2018

Planet Fitness Tamarac 7501 N. W. 57th Street Tamarac, FL 33321 United States 954-526-1900

I am fed up with the Planet Fitness Gym location I attend in Tamarac Florida. Yes I do go to other Planet Fitness gyms around the area but the Tamarac one is the closest to me. It is terribly run, I do not recommend it to anyone and things there just keep getting worse, worse to the point that I am extremely perturbed and writing about it to get out my frustration.

Many of the machines aren't working properly, there is a hole(that I believe was patched up at some point) that is forming in the corner of the wall. This location had a bad molding problem some time ago but I am not fully confident it has been fully resolved. I primarily go to get a good work out and use their massage beds but there massage beds are always breaking down constantly. Everytime I bring this up to the management there I get the cool brush off as if I am bothering them(or shall I say him) with frivolous concerns. The management there(I believe his name is Marlon) isn't the only problem.

There are particular morning people/employees who are less than friendly. Normally that wouldn't bother me but rude behavior from 2 of the morning girls is usually what you can expect to be greeted with when you first walk into the facility as is what happened this morning like almost every morning I go. I cant even take a shower after my work-out there anymore as the showers are disgustingly. I brought this up to the manager on more than one occasion, only to get brushed off again with a "we are working on it"

There are only 3 showers there, none of them give good water pressure, the first one has s**t stains on the shower curtain that has been sitting there for over a month and I specifically mentioned this to that manger there with no attention paid to my concern. The third showers handle smells like people have been rubbing their genitals on it.

I have complained to the staff, keep getting referred to the Manager and this fella over there just brushes me off. I am at my last wits with this location, and since I keep getting told to speak to this manager who is incredibly useless than I am resorted to writing a complaint and letting others know DONT BOTHER WITH THIS GYM.

  • Mar 17, 2018

Georgia law requires that a contract be presented before you sign a contract.

I repeatedly asked for a contract for me to review was presented before joining planet fitness in valdosta, ga. Their policy is to email you one after you sign up. You do not have the ability to object or change the wording, or note, in writing, that you are disabled, as the contract states after you they have unlawfully taken your monies. Then refuse to comply with ada laws and give your monies back.

Address of planet fitness, valdosta ga

D/b/a vantage valdosta, llc

3200d north ashley street

Valdosta, ga 31602

Local# 229-244-0084

Per georgia’s secretary of state filing

D/b/a vantage valdosta, llc,

Control# 14010712

Formed 1/20/2014

Organizer And owner’s addresses and telephone numbers) for future

Entrapped victims, so that you may write them directly. The locals seems to have amnesia.

Pascagoula, ms

Owner william lee brumfield

Telephone numbers to reach the owners and decision makers.





This information is deemed reliable, but not all these numbers have been contacted. Whether they be cell or landlines has not been verified.

Mr. Brumfield’s email [email protected], and [email protected]

Another address that appear to be where mr. Brumfield may be located:

, ocean springs, ms

Please reference the yscam numbers below, so as not to regurgitate verbatim what happened to me and others in my area. I had it happen to me, and i have met many others wherein, they are experiencing the same reoccurring problems as those in the reports below. Although you cancel, the debit continues to come out of your account.

Their policy is to debit out of your checking accounts. No other options are offered. Complaints to management go without a response. Complaints about ada violations go with so “leave”. Basically, they want your money under false pretenses, which is fraud, since a contract is not presented before you sign, although requested. I repeatedly asked over a 3 day period for a copy of a blank contract for me to review and i was denied.

Please note, georgia is a one party recording state, and these requests were recorded. It is their “policy” to only email you a copy after monies have changed hands. Since those funds are electronic, i would love to see a class action suit against planet fitness. I have noticed in reading all of these reports, a pattern of deceiving military and military families. This must stop. Yes, the public at large should have their legal rights addressed, but to oppress the elderly, disabled Which happened here in valdosta) and the military is cold hearted.

  • Jan 27, 2018

I took out a $1 membership for the new Planet Fitness opening in my area in August 2017 in May. The gym opened two weeks early. Without my permission and no notice, they charged my card. Again, I did not receive any notification that my card would be charged or that the membership had actually started. Though the gym was not opened, the membership for the $1 started immediately, though I did not have access to the gym I signed up for. I could go to another location miles from my home.

I never went in to activate my account. Being handicap, I did not have a way to get to other locations. So, I decided to wait until August, when the gym was "supposed to open." Since there was no money when they charged the card early, they charged a $20 insufficient funds fee.

I called to inform them that they charged my card without my permission on August 1. They told me that I would have to go to the location where I signed up. As I stated, I’m handicap and had to wait for transportation. When I went in on August 7, I told the person at the desk who I was and what happened. They told me they could not adjust my account. I told them I wanted to cancel my account and requested a refund. The young lady acknowledged that my account had never been activated. She went to speak with the manager. She came back and told me that I would receive a credit on my account within 30 days.

Thirty days had passed. I called the Planet Fitness to inform them that I had not received my refunds. After checking my credentials, I was told that I would not get a refund because I did not cancel until August 7 and it had to be done by August 1, though my account was never activated, even though I called on August 1 after learning they had already charged my card before August 1.

This is outrageous. Planet fitness knows that I NEVER activated my account. They charged my card early, therefore when I went to use the money on my card, it was not there. At the very least, they should have contacted me so that I could enjoy my membership, not just take my money.

  • Dec 28, 2017

Well, I guess this is what I have to resort to for my small voice to be heard. I had the worst experience with Planet Fitness on Vivian and Antioch and it brought me to tears. To make it worse they deleted my previous google review. This Lee’s Summit location is owned by the same owner.

6 months ago, my mother became deathly ill with kidney disease. She had acute renal failure which means we didn’t have any warning or prep time to figure out how to best care for her. We decided to have her transferred from Kansas City to a transplant center in ST Louis where my brother and I live so we could care for her. She was in a coma when she was admitted so we were on our own dealing with insurance and jumping through all the hoops to get her on the transplant waiting list and trying to figure out her finances. I was tasked with handling her finances. Stopping all unnecessary monthly occurring billing was my first priority.

I can’t speak highly enough about all of the companies that I had to cancel with except Planet fitness.

Amazon- no problem, membership cancelled.

Netflix- no problem, membership cancelled.

Spectrum Cable- no problem, subscription cancelled.

Cell Phone-no problem, transferred to our plan.

Membership to an arts and crafts website-No problem, membership cancelled.

A computer antivirus service-No problem, membership cancelled.

Her Newspaper subscriptions-No Problem, memberships cancelled.

Recurring monthly debit to her church- No problem, membership cancelled.

Planet Fitness??? ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE! These people are the MOST ruthless, disgusting and money hungry human beings I have ever come in contact with!! After explaining the situation, they didn’t care! They said my mom had to personally come into the facility to sign a piece of paper or send a signed certified letter via mail with a check for the cancellation fee. I asked them if they could wave the fee due to the circumstances and their answer was a resounding NO. The demeaning way they spoke down at me left a knot in my stomach.

After forging her name, we sent the certified letter and paid their stupid cancellation fee b/c we had more pressing issues at the time but if I had to do it over, I would have personally driven to Kansas City with the stupid letter and the stupid check and shoved it down the greedy owner’s throat. To add insult to injury they continued to debit her account the following month. These people can NOT be trusted with your bank account number.

I have NEVER dealt with a business that exhibited such a lack of empathy for its customers. My fingers are shaking as I type this. And isn’t this the gym chain that advertises ‘No Commitment’ memberships? How is it no contract if she had to pay a cancellation fee???

Hopefully Planet Fitness won’t be able to delete this review. This website seems solid with their promise that they never delete reviews for $$. Wish google was the same way. If you do post a truthful negative review about Planet Fitness, make sure you place a copy of it on this website as well. I have screen shots of other bad reviews that appeared on the Vivian/Antioch PF google page from six months ago that are now missing. If I get time I will post them on this site. I think they pay google to have negative reviews removed.

BTW: Mom received her ‘gift of life’ transplant on November 11 and is doing well and recovering! We are spending our first Christmas together in several years. I’m so happy she is still with us. God is good!

  • Dec 19, 2017

I have been a "member" for about a week now, I was told by a representative that it would be okay to bring my family to the gym to workout then when I tried it was only for one at a time so when I tried to cancel they want a 60.00 cancellation fee even though they misled me in the process of signing up.

Contract Trap. Do not join this location they omit information and chain you to a year contract with ridiculous fees. Be warned READ the contract if you are looking to join but I do not believe they care about their clients due to the fact that they are only interested in money not clients. The manager is pretty dense apparently has no personable skill so trying to negotiate with them is obviously useless. So go somewhere else that actually has a 24/7 gym not 24/4 and get your moneys worth.

  • Aug 29, 2017

On 1/20/17 I went to Planet Fitness in Somerset, NJ to advise them that I was terminating my membership. Membership at Planet Fitness is month to month. I had a letter to give them because that is what I had done at other gyms. They told they didn't need that. The girl did something at the computer and said that was it. She did not tell me to sign anything and she did not give me any paper work. On June 20, 2017 I notice that they were still taking money out of my banking account. I went to planet fitness that day and told them what they were doing. They told me that I was still a member. I told them that I had terminated my membership on 1/20/17. They said I had not. This is where we are at this point. Records/computer show that 1/20/17 was the last time I was at Planet Fitness.

  • Jul 14, 2017








  • May 12, 2017

The contract for planet fitness is a joke!! They lie and mislead you. I canceled my membership within a month of having it. I had to cancel because money was awfuly short for myself and my family just simply cant afford it. Now im struggling with customer service due to the contract not being clear. No where in the contract does it state that one has a grace period untill the 25th day in the month from when you signed up. It states that and ill quote this "Cancellation prior to the 25th of such month" This is refering to the annual fee ... Annual fee is billed by which was stated to me many times when i was signing up, the first on june every year. I cancelled may 10th and my bill with the gym is paid in full and i in fact handed my card to the employee afterward and left! They are still saying i will be billed for the next 30 days!!! This is unethical and immoral!!

  • Sep 30, 2016

I moved back home to Pueblo, CO the first week of Sept. from Tempe AZ. I had to transfer my account, which was easy to do at the Tempe location. I used the Tempe location gym every so often. I was the primary account holder, but my mother had created the Tempe location membership for me about a year ago because at the time I was transferring banks etc...and it was a gift for me to get back in just made sense. Once I was back home in Pueblo, not even a week, I realized I would either be moving up to Denver or back to AZ; due to some tough family issues I was going through mother. I made the move on 9-5-16 to move back to AZ. I got back in the groove of hiking and working out, but the Tempe location said there was something very strange going on with my account and that it had been canceled/transferred. To my surprise, I said, "no that is a mistake, I transferred it back to Tempe a week ago". They understood and allowed me to work out several days while they tried to figure out the issue.

The Issue:

On 9-7-16 my mother went into the Pueblo Planet Fitness location very irate and demanded the account be canceled. That was completely understandable considering the state my family was in, I even expected it. The store manager told my mother, "we cannot cancel the account unless he comes in person with a photo ID and cancels the membership himself". My mother then told him I had fled the state and was incarcerated, which was a blatant absolute terrible lie. Keep in mind, I was finding this out from the Tempe location manager, and it was incredibly humiliating to be told that in front of people. I told them, "I am not incarcerated I am right here". They were just as shocked as me, and allowed me to work out that day and that I could bring in my own information sometime that week to create my own membership.


I called the Pueblo location the next day. I spoke with the store manager, who dealt with my mother on 9-7-16. I said, "didn't you ask her for proof of what she was saying", "Why didn't you tell her, "We have store policies we follow ma'am, and he must be here in person in order to cancel"?". The store manager was robotically apologetic and offered the resolution for me to make a transfer with my own account info, even though it was canceled under fraudulent pretenses. I told him, "in order for this to occur and for me to continue membership with any Planet Fitness, I wanted an email stating what was said and transpired on 9-7-16 between him and my mother. He obliged, he said, "No, problem at all, I understand your frustration, and will send you an email as soon as we get off the phone, I am writing it now". Well that was at 12:48pm on 9-27-16. I waited patiently for an email to come throughout the day. Nothing from him! Not even an explanation of why he wasn't going to. This made me a little more perturbed than I had been. I called back at 4:58pm to speak with the store manager again and the store assistant manager told me, "there is a chain of command, and that the store manager would not be sending me an email about anything and that my account was canceled, and I needed to re-sign up somewhere else where I live. I told him, "if I need a subpoena, I would get one". I then demanded to know the owner of Pueblo location Planet Fitness franchise and a good number I could contact her at. All the assistant manager gave me was the Loveland, CO location phone number.

The Owner:

I called the number the assistant manager gave me, which was the number for the Loveland location. The owner, Carla Love, owns two franchises one in Pueblo, and another in Loveland. I spoke with a really nice guy at the Loveland location at 5:15pm who understood my frustration gave me an *exact number to reach her at and also her email address. I called Carla 5:22pm and left her a voicemail explaining my frustration and that I wanted an explanation and a definite call back from her the next day. At 1:02pm I called the Loveland and said, "I want to speak to Carla Love today"! The woman told me "she is in a meeting, and I will relay the urgent message to her". I received a call from Carla Love at 1:35pm. The conversation was 7 minutes long and was recorded. She had absolutely no sympathy for my situation. Three times that woman made it seem as if I was trying reinstate my membership by means of my mothers account info, which was NOT true AT ALL. I told her, "you are trying to get off the phone with me, you are being dismissive, unethical and rude. I told her, "I want an email stating why my account was canceled without my permission. She said the reason my account was canceled was because my mother was so irate, and that the Store Manager feared she would change her bank account information anyways. I said, "you are telling me, that because some crazy lady shows up with fraudulent information you go against your own store policies?" She told me that she and her staff had spent enough time on this.

  • Sep 17, 2016

I joined Planet Fitness in Niles Ohio, but after being a member and realizing that their machines, tanning beds, and water massage tables were always Out of Order, not working, or having technical difficulty getting the necessary repairs; I decided to cancel my membership.

I was told that I had to come and sign a cancelation form. So I went in the next day and signed the form. I asked for a copy, and I was told that their printer wasn't working; but, it was 'ok' because it had been filed and there would be NO more debits from Planet Fitness. After this, I STILL had 6 more monthly charges (debits to my bank account) from Planet Fitness, Niles Ohio. This REALLY concerned me, so I called and spoke to Reid Lamport (manager) and he told me that there was not a cancelation form for me on file, and that I was not going to be refunded. Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT sign up with this gym!!

  • May 2, 2016

I showed up with my sons to workout, the Manger Christine F and Asst Mgr Marte suggested I leave my 10 year old outside, unattended while I worked out because they lacked the proper insurance and sittin area for children to sit at while the parents worked out. Problen is, they have a clearly sectioned off area, with railing, seating, tables and tablets for customer to sit at. Maybe they should consult Golds Gym, it's not a problen there.

When the assistant manager threatened me with calling the police and having me phsically removed (beacuse my son was sitting at a table in the waiting area) I asked her for the proof that he could not wait at the tables, she went in the back and returned they notified me she was having "printer issues", - I told her I would leave when I received the so called statement he could not be there.... so after twenty minutes she can back with a fourline piece of paper restating the rules of a guest, not my son waiting in the waiting area.

The reason I feel this is a deceptive practive is they did not disclose the facts, documents or statement stating my child could not sit at the waiting area while I worked out.

The president of this company should imeadiately contact all memebers to re-establish the so-called new rules, relocated the current management to another facility and make ammends for the embarrasing show of rude behavior by staff at the facility.

  • Mar 12, 2016

I had a membership for almost two years at this location. I did not go one time. My contract was completed and I had no other obligations to them. My family and I moved away and I decided to finally cancel. I called them and asked to cancel. I was told no that I would have to come in. I was not going to fly into Austin to cancel a membership so I told them I couldnt do that. They told me to send a letter saying that I was cancelling.

I sent a letter

Two emails

Filed a BBB complaint

They still have not cancelled. Michael Turner COO even contacted me to say they would not cancel unless I jumped through more of his hoops. They milk you for every penny they can get out of you. This is a terrible company. Do not get into a contract with them because they will try and make it a lifetime contract. You would think two years of membership dues without a single use would be enough. Thanks Michael Turner!

  • Dec 19, 2015

Last visited the gym in October 2015 because of pregnancy. After November's fees were deducted from my account I called the gym to see what they could do about future payments since I would not be attending until after I have the baby. The lady on the phone informed me that I could cancel my account with a fee or if I brought in a letter from my doctor I could suspend my account. She also informed me that I may be able to receive my fees back since I hadn't returned in a little over a month.

I got my doctor note at my next doctor appointment on Dec. 11th and took it over to the gym. The lady that I spoke to said that she would mark my account and I left. Then on Dec. 18th I checked my account to see that I had been charged on Dec. 17th. I called them immediately and told them that I had came into the gym to suspend my membership. I was then informed that I would have been charged anyway because I came in after the 10th and there is no record that my account was in suspended status. "If I cared so much about being charged, then I would have abided by the contract agreement and made sure I was there before the 10th."

My biggest issue is that I wasn't informed that I would still be charged for coming in one day later even though I haven't been there since Oct. Also, the person on the phone was extremely inconsiderate to the fact that it is the holidays and everyone can't brush off a $22 payment. I feel as though they really don't care about their customers, only the money and they clearly train their employees to think the same way.

  • Oct 26, 2015

I battling Satge 4 matastesized cancer. I joined to try and keep in shape.They gave me the full monty. NO ONE EVER told me there was a ffee to stop my membership.I was unable to use with my health. I went ther many time s to try and cancel.They said at your one year anniversary.I went oone week before.They said .We changed our Billing company.You have to do it before June 10th .So I am paying from April until June 24.99 with tax and fees. I physically went in in June and cancelled.They continued to bill my Credit Card. I called them.No avail.Then I called my CC company.I cancelled payments. They sent to collections.I had to pay them over $ 240.00 to get rid of the negative reports that went to collections.They did not give me a receipt in June.When I went back in August , Not only did I sign the little CC machine with the fake pen.WHICH I DID IN JUNE. Though No RECEIPT was GIVEN TO ME..... SCAM SCAM SCAM.......I got a receipt and an E Mail. I made sure that skinny little Lying OLD t**t Manager gave me my RECEIPT. LIARS. Ripping off a CANCER PATIENT.... GOD BLESS YOU .You Snanky Ol H*' ..Place stinks like dirty Urinals all the time and is filthy.You have to clean all the machines and toilets, showers, sinks , bath floors yourself....Or they are dirty..

  • Oct 21, 2015

I signed up for Planet Fitness in April 2015. At the time I explained to the woman that I had a disability and that I wasn't sure if I could do do it but I wanted to try as I was recommended by my doctors to do physical activity as it may help me. I was told that if I couldn't do it that I could call and cancel. I went one time and realized I couldn't do it (I have nerve damage in my legs as well as arthritis and fibromyalgia). I called after that and tried to cancel but I was told I signed a year contract. I've called at least 5 times since then, every month I'm charged, and I'm always told the same thing. I even went in and complained. I now call corporate and I was told that I signed the contract and it would be $58 to cancel, which I've told them every time I've called that I'd pay for it. And she said I could pay her today the $58 to cancel. Its better than every d**n month! She also said that the contract said I'd have to go in or write a letter and since I signed the contract that's what I'd have to do. I told her again I went in and they wouldn't do it and not once have they ever told me that I needed to wrote in to cancel. I also told her that since she mentioned the contract saying that that the contract also says that if someone has a disability that they can call and cancel as long as they have medical records. All of a sudden she is willing to waive the $58 fee today and cancel my membership, so I said yes that's what I've been trying to do for 6 months now. I asked about being reimbursed for all the money they've taken and she said she couldn't do that as I signed the contract for a year and that I was "supposed to write in and cancel" and that there's no proof I ever called. I told her that I was never told that by the girl who signed me up and I was told I could call, which I've done numerous times. I also told her I'd send her my medical reports, per their #7 on the contract about a disability, and I'd also send her a copy of my phone bill proving I've called that its not my fault the employees are rude and incompetent, not documenting my calls. They were all rude! I did get my fee waived and account canceled but I've also paid $21.95 a month for 6 months plus a $58 "yearly fee" I had to pay 2 months after I signed up. That's not counting the couple overdraft fees I've had to pay as I assumed they'd be canceling my account and I didn't have money in my account. The $58 yearly fee also caused an overdraft fee as I never knew that was being billed to me. I'm so sick of this company and they really need to be held accountable for their practices. I see 390+ complaints, basically all the same as mine, on consumer reviews and now I know why!! They sign people up and then refuse to tell them how to cancel when they want and bill randomly. This has made me so mad as I have only gone to this place 1 time and I've been billed well over $200.

  • Aug 5, 2015

This "business" advertises a cut rate $10 per month for a fitness membership. They also charge an "initaion fee" and on top of that an "annual membership fee". All totaled you will pay almost twice the advertised rate when those "extras" are figured into your bill.

They also advertise "personal" asstiance for working out but in the two times I asked for that for my son, I was told they were too busy. Yes, too busy flirting and playing with their cell phones

I was charged $61.77 to cancel this worthless membership and was "guaranteed" that would also be the end of my monthly charges.

Lo and behold, come the next month my bank account was illegally accessed by them for my monthly fee of $10.65. When I complained, I was told it would take 7-10 days to get my money back!!

I filed a with the BBB and they did send me a check but I also demanded that I get my $61.77 fee back as they failed to honor their end of the contractual agreement to void that contract.

Their COO responed that I was "way out of line" in making that request. My reply was that this company is "way out of line" and should suffer punitative damages when they illegally accessed my bank account.

His response was simply that "it was an employee error"!! I guess he would say the same about their lousy service.

Steer clear of PLANET FITNESS and if you are lured in by their th$10 a month false rate, make certain you read the fine print!

This is my personal opinion of how I was treated by this company.

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