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Pier 8 Yacht Brokers

Country Canada
City Ancaster, Ontario
Address 2360 Jerseyville Road West
Phone 905-512-1151

Pier 8 Yacht Brokers Reviews

  • Nov 21, 2022

JEFF makes money by ripping others off. I heard he stole someone's outdrives, then convinced the guy to buy new outdrives from him, took the insurance check, went to money mart and cashed it there because a bank doesn't even trust him. Charged the guy $1500 dollars for the money mart fee. Then apparently the outdrives appeared for sale through an associate of his on Facebook and Kijiji. He’s been charged and found guilty of fraud in Hamilton, where he sold someone’s boat for them (the seller was dying from cancer) so Jeff figured he could keep all the money as the owner wouldn’t be around to get it. Over $100,000.00 Dollars. He owes several trades thousands of dollars for completed work - if you are a trade and reading this, DO NOT DO ANY WORK UNLESS YOU'RE PAID UPFRONT. !!.. Think twice before you deal with Pier 8 Yacht Brokers - and ask to see his insurance for his truck before he hauls your boat.

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