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Phoenix Transportation Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3160 S Valley View Blvd #205
Phone 702-940-7978

Phoenix Transportation Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 7, 2017

The moving was a disaster. Besides last minute price increase that makes me got rid of many things to stay in budget.

Only one person came to delivery, we had to help him.

One TV, two folding chairs, and two mattresses never got to destination.

The other TV was destroyed (screen smashed).

Many boxes arrived opened and things were missing.

Many other things arrived damaged.

  • May 3, 2017

I moved from Houston to Las Vegas in October, 2016. Unfortunately my house sold in 5 days so I had to move quicker than expected. Since I was moving in with family, I only brought one queen size bedroom set with matching dresser. Plus a couple of easy chairs, refrigerator, washing machine, 3bookcases and all my personal items. Basically the total moved fit into a 10x10 room, if that much. I received a quote for $2210+. After the movers finished packing they said I had 800 cubic square feet of belongings. This increased my total move to $3,529. A little much but we were leaving the next day to drive so I was stuck. When I got to Vegas the apartment was too small for everything so I requested just my clothes and bedroom furniture. Tha movers took everything to West coast movers facility.

After three weeks I finally got my bedroom furniture delivered. The West coast movers NEVER returned my phone calls, I just had to keep calling until a person answered. In fact I actually had to get my salesperson, Ann with Phoenix transportation involved. I paid $1,155 down and $590 upon delivery of the bedroom furniture. I was extremely upset because they broke the legs off one side of my antique dressing table. Since I couldn't set it up, I requested they put it on the patio and rather than carefully lifting it over the runners to the door they just ran over them and bent the runners where the door would no longer close. While I was trying to fix it one of the movers crammed a paper under my face to sign for what I had received. This paper said something about being $4990+. I said I didn't owe that much more. He informed me it was for the value of the remaining items in storage and wrote on the original bill of lading the Dow payment, the payment for that delivery and.y balance due of $1,794. I started paying $225 a month storage fees after my 90 days.

Finally got a house and called for the remainder of my things. Now remember they don't call you back. I finally got a live voice and said I wanted delivery because I was not paying May storage fees. Then this person named Cathy gets on the phone telling me I owed $3,409 cash upon delivery. I tried arguing that my balance showed 1784. But I was caught between a rock and a wall. When the drivers actually show up, they would not even open the truck without the cash first. Since there was additional damage to other furniture, I called to see how to file a claim and was told by this Cathy person to call the number under section 7 on the back of the bill of lading. I called and when the person called back she said this company was out of business and I had to file claim through the government. I let my salesperson know this (through email because they don't know how to dial a phone. She said they were still in business and gave me the dot number. Need to check with the government on my filing but now I am wondering if this is just another one of their scam's and a person cannot get any claim money. I actually signed for the standard 20K insurance. People please be careful. This company will definitely take advantage of you

  • Dec 21, 2016

I would like to report PHOENIX TRANSPORTATION SERVICES, INC. as scam.


I paid a deposit of $100 in advance (Dec 13) and set an appointment on 19 as moving date but they didn't show up.

I called and texted many times on the day, however, they kept ignoring.

What was weird is that Erica who is the rep said that 17 or 18 would be the best for pickup and we agreed to set the appointment on 18 but the manager, Mark texted me just 2 days before the moving date that the appointment is actually on 19. I was confused.

Also Mark called me on 13 that they could not proceed with my credit card which had no problem and asked my debit card instead to get the money immediately.

I got their estimate but contract sheet. I thought they needed to check my items on the moving date and then would like to have an agreement with signature.

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