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Phoenix Aviation Flight Academy

Country Canada
City Richmond Hill, Ontario
Address 118 Sunridge Street,
Phone 1-819-663-2901

Phoenix Aviation Flight Academy Reviews

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  • Jul 28, 2016

My name is saeed from iran . me and my friend a year and 6 months ago i applied for phoenix aviation flight school in Gatineau airport – Ottawa canada i wanted to become a good pilot in canada , but now i am not anything becuase of them , i lost my money , they wasted my time my life my future .

everything was ok untill our visa submitted by New Era Immigration law firm . they sent our Refusal-Letters to ms ritu (General Manager/Air Pilot) on october 14 -2015 and we got this email from from ms ritu on 16-10-2015 (

Hi Saeed

How are you. I got a call from Ms. Anna today, she is a owner and main lawyer of New Era immigration law firm . She is saying that yours and Naeim file is about to get finalize and visa officer has asked document to be submitted by Tuesday in order for him to make positive decision on your file and finalize your visa.

1. Signed letters from Prospective employers for the students (within 1 year) - You and i and lawyers know that you are planning to get a job in Canada but immigration Canada doesnt work that way . They like to see when student come to Canada they will finish the program and leave the country. But there is a privilege that once you complete your flight instructor rating successfully and get a job offer letter you will get work visa but thats a later process. Now as we speak you are strictly coming for flight training and visa officer want to make sure you will leave the country once program is completed. Can you get a employment letter from some airline in iran or some other country stating that once you complete your flight training they will like to interview you and if you qualify they will hire you,. Its just a letter, they dont have to hire you as we know you want to work in Canada but to get visa we need some kind of letter like that from anywhere possible.

2. Immigration Canada have really complicated the situation, they have asked bank statement of our account which will show proof of did we actually receive full funds. Now as i did an exception for you by giving full receipt of payment for half payment received they need to see proof now which i dont have. I have no proof you paid full fees. I am afraid but you will need to pay remaining fees in phoenix aviation head office bank account not personal account by tuesday. I know Saeed its a too short notice but in order to give you visa, visa officer has put terms which are difficult and if you dont fulfill it they will refuse your visa.

Same thing they have asked from Naeim he needs to do same things or else visa will get refuse.

Please find attach Phoenix Aviation head office bank details in USA where you need to pay funds not in Personal account anymore.

I will write email to Naeim seperately, let me know how you want to proceed) ( i asked ms anna did u sent this email to ms ritu she told me never ever )

and i sold my home prepared money sent to them , after a month ms ritu told us unfortunately your visa got refused.

now after a year and 6 months iam not a pilot . i lost my money . i lost my future , i lost my health , and i can not trust to anyone easily ,

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