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PC Solutions

Country United States
State Missouri
City Ozark
Address 1310 South 3rd Street
Phone 417-581-4300

PC Solutions Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2024

I purchased an ebay item richard had for sale

12 thread 24 core $595 machine.

when it arrived it didnt boot or post.

the ad reads 12 months warranty and 100%satisfaction guaranteed right in the pictures and description. he was slick and put no returns but still boasted support and i took the chance on his product.

when his solution of a different video card he sent didnt work i took the computer to a local shop which said after $50 diagnostic fee that its either the board or the cpu.

i notified Richard and his response was not only am i an idiot but the computer shop that tested it is also an idiot and dont kbnow how to handle such a machine.

so i still added i have nop working system, his response was i haVE MORE THEN ENOUGH PARTS FOR WHAT I PAID. WOW

so i asked if i could send it back on my own dime, his response via text cause he never answered the phone was....we are done. i called him again and left a message asking him again to remedy this situation and he said i was on my own.

see he pulled the scammer trick on me that ebay warned me about when i had opened a return option cause he took a while to get back to me and i know my time is limited for recourse. he said the solution was a video card, and that he wouldnt do anything unless i removed the claim for refund. i thought he was honorable and i removed it which made ebay totally ignore any other refund attempts as once you close it you can never reopen it.

again, i bought what he boasted as high end, it was doa and i still have no computer and i see how he used the system against me. buyer beware this person is not honest. i have akll the texts and receipts to support this claim and i stand firm i was scammed and this richard guy is laughing as i type this. its out of state so i probably cant do anything but bite the tail.

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