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PayPal Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Jose
Address 2211 North First Street
Phone 888-221-1161
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  • Dec 10, 2019

On November 6th of 2019, I bought a bunk bed from sale club LLC online. It was $164. I dont usually buy online unless they have the option to pay with PayPal. I always felt safe with knowing that PayPal had the buyer protection policy.

It became the 19th of November and my son had still not received the bed. I checked PayPal to view the invoice. It looked correct with my son's shipping address on it.

I then went to the UPS site and ran the tracking number. Shockingly, I saw that the status of my shipment was "delivered" at "the dock", and signed for by Hoopman!I dont know who this Hoopman is, and why was it dellivered at a dock? It sounded commercial to me. Not a residence at all.

I immediately called UPS and gave them the tracking number. They looked it up, then told me it was delivered. I told them that I hadn't received it. They then tried to tell me that the tracking number I gave them doesnt belong to me. That's when I asked to speak to a manager. The manager told me that the package had a different address on it than my son's and that's where it was delivered. Though l asked multiple times, UPS would not tell me the address, because of their 'privacy plicies".

I was outraged! All I knew was that it went to somewhere in Grand Rapids, MN, it was delivered to "the dock" and signed for by "Hoopman', There was nothing more UPS could do for me, so l called PayPal. I thought they would help me for sure!

To my dismay, they did nothing but argue with me. She wanted me to get a signed document by UPS stating that the shipment went to another address. I told them that I had a hard enough time talking to them and that they wouldnt give me the shipping address because of their privacy policy, but PayPal still insisted I get this document.

I again called UPS, and again they told me they would not help me. I went back and forth from PayPal to UPS trying to get someone to help me. At one point I talked to a nice lady at PayPal who said she will refund the money back to my card, because if havent gotten it, because it went to the wrong address, that wasnt right.

Later that night,I looked at my email to see that PayPal overrode her decision, and would not reimburse me. I was not getting anywhere. PayPal then asked for me to start a lost package claim with UPS. That's what I did.

The next day, I received an email from UPS. It was about my claim. It actually said where the package was shipped to! It stated that it was shipped to L&M Supply in Grand Rapids. I thought, "Now I have proof for Paypal!"

I immediately sent them that proof. I received an email back from them saying that I still must provide that document by UPS, even though what l sent them was undeniable proof of the shipment going to L&M Supply. Not my son.

On December 10th I called UPS again to ask for a document stating that the shipment did not go to my son's address. Finally an understanding and helpful lady answered. She said she would send me the documentation that I needed for Paypal to my email.

The document stated that the shipment went to 'the DOCK, was signed by "HOOPMAN", and it was delivered to L&M Supply 1200 East Highway 169 Grand Rapids, MN. As soon as I got it, I forwarded it to PayPal. They again denied my claim, although l'd done everything they had asked me to do. Their explanation for the denial was that the package was deemed "delivered". Delivered to whom, didnt matter. Paypaľ's buyer proportion plan is a farce.

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  • Apr 14, 2020



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  • Feb 11, 2020

So i canceled this service more than two months ago directly with the fraudster and you can't help me stop them from taking my money every month? I guess it's time that i start exposing paypal for fraud. There has to be some way to end them billing me for delivering nothing!! wouldn't you be pissed off if someone were stealing your hard-earned money? Please help me end this nightmare!! if you don't i will be submitting paypal to all of the fraud entities that exist online and that can't be good for business.

Your loss! i've been an account holder in good standing for more than 20 years! because of your non-action in my fraud case you have been reported to the bbb, scamion, etc. With many more of your customers to follow me out the door. I can't believe that you sided with fraudsters!! wow!! never thought that i'd make a purchase, cancel service and continue being charged. Paypal has lost all credibility to protect it, customers, from fraud. End of rant. Sorry to go, but i rely on online payments. Time for me to find a new alternative.

Oh! and i'll be taking thousands of your customers with me ;) enjoy your loss! here's what paypal has stolen from me since december 2019 - total $271.84 transaction id: 3lm74424tg462844h pp-i-7961570 unauthorized access closed

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  • Jan 1, 2020

I made two on line purchases with my Paypal account, asssuming Paypal stands by the consumer. I have been disputing the charges since August of 2019 with no help from Paypal or the vendor.

Vendor is a fraud company selling junk from China with claims that are not facts. Why Paypal would contine to permit people to be out money to the is company is upsettting. Can contact anyone from ZestAds Limited.

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  • Dec 10, 2019

On November 6th of 2019, I bought a bunk bed from sale club LLC online. It was $164. I dont usually buy online unless they have the option to pay with PayPal. I always felt safe with knowing that PayPal had the buyer protection policy.

It became the 19th of November and my son had still not received the bed. I checked PayPal to view the invoice. It looked correct with my son's shipping address on it.

I then went to the UPS site and ran the tracking number. Shockingly, I saw that the status of my shipment was "delivered" at "the dock", and signed for by Hoopman!I dont know who this Hoopman is, and why was it dellivered at a dock? It sounded commercial to me. Not a residence at all.

I immediately called UPS and gave them the tracking number. They looked it up, then told me it was delivered. I told them that I hadn't received it. They then tried to tell me that the tracking number I gave them doesnt belong to me. That's when I asked to speak to a manager. The manager told me that the package had a different address on it than my son's and that's where it was delivered. Though l asked multiple times, UPS would not tell me the address, because of their 'privacy plicies".

I was outraged! All I knew was that it went to somewhere in Grand Rapids, MN, it was delivered to "the dock" and signed for by "Hoopman', There was nothing more UPS could do for me, so l called PayPal. I thought they would help me for sure!

To my dismay, they did nothing but argue with me. She wanted me to get a signed document by UPS stating that the shipment went to another address. I told them that I had a hard enough time talking to them and that they wouldnt give me the shipping address because of their privacy policy, but PayPal still insisted I get this document.

I again called UPS, and again they told me they would not help me. I went back and forth from PayPal to UPS trying to get someone to help me. At one point I talked to a nice lady at PayPal who said she will refund the money back to my card, because if havent gotten it, because it went to the wrong address, that wasnt right.

Later that night,I looked at my email to see that PayPal overrode her decision, and would not reimburse me. I was not getting anywhere. PayPal then asked for me to start a lost package claim with UPS. That's what I did.

The next day, I received an email from UPS. It was about my claim. It actually said where the package was shipped to! It stated that it was shipped to L&M Supply in Grand Rapids. I thought, "Now I have proof for Paypal!"

I immediately sent them that proof. I received an email back from them saying that I still must provide that document by UPS, even though what l sent them was undeniable proof of the shipment going to L&M Supply. Not my son.

On December 10th I called UPS again to ask for a document stating that the shipment did not go to my son's address. Finally an understanding and helpful lady answered. She said she would send me the documentation that I needed for Paypal to my email.

The document stated that the shipment went to 'the DOCK, was signed by "HOOPMAN", and it was delivered to L&M Supply 1200 East Highway 169 Grand Rapids, MN. As soon as I got it, I forwarded it to PayPal. They again denied my claim, although l'd done everything they had asked me to do. Their explanation for the denial was that the package was deemed "delivered". Delivered to whom, didnt matter. Paypaľ's buyer proportion plan is a farce.

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  • Jan 9, 2022

On January 8, 2022, I made a purchase through PayPal for $ 4,996 with my credit card. When choosing the payment method, I chose to make the payment in dollars and not in pesos (my local currency).

PayPal, anyway, charged me the payment in pesos, so I ended up paying 250 dollars more thanks to the PayPal conversion which is very unfavorable for the customer.

My credit card, which is in dollars, when receiving a payment in pesos converted it to dollars, causing me to lose another 170 dollars in the conversion.

In the end, the amount of 4996 that I selected to pay in dollars cost me $ 5414.

I contacted PayPal on several occasions and they told me that since my local currency is the peso, the payment was made in this currency, regardless of the currency that I have chosen as a means of payment.

This seems to me to be wrong, if PayPal cannot charge me in dollars for a purchase that I chose to make in dollars, it has to refuse me the payment, it cannot unilaterally choose to charge more money in another currency.

The transaction id is 26N41273V6291893Y

  • Sep 6, 2021

We have received a payment of $569.94 on Sep 06, 2021 for receipt number 39264GQ81094

You have made this transaction through "PayPal Pro Credits", please check your statement for the same.

For assistance, please call +1 (844 344 4015)

Product and Shipping Details : -

Estimated Delivery Sep 07, 2021 Product Name

Samsung Note 10+ 256 GB Qty 01 Amount $569.94

Warm Regards

Account Team

one of four email i have received

  • Aug 28, 2021

PayPal Holdings Inc.

I had been a customer of PayPal Inc for a couple years as a business account. I had several issues about PayPal's account limitations and account freezing but I was able to solve those issues by identifying myself.

I owned a shop called K-FAM Records for Korean albums overseas. On April 17, 2020, I received a call from PayPal asking me too much information about my business such as:

How much sales do you get per year?

Who are your suppliers?

How long you been in business

My suppliers don't need to be exposed because it can be used against them. They didn't like my answers and told me they will limit my account until I provide the following items

Proof of Fullfilment (Which I gave)

Supplier's information (That's none of their business)

Business information (I gave them what is public use)

PayPal Inc limited my account, took $564.74 to place on reserve because they said this:

"PayPal is holding a reserve of $561.74 of your existing funds. This is to ensure your PayPal balance is large enough to cover any disputes or refunds you need to address. Your money will be released based on your account performance." It's August 29, 2021 and there has been no chargebacks, no refund reports, and thanks to them, I had to shut down my eBay account because they prevented me from refunding the money they took as a reserve.

I reported them to the BBB and they told me I have a balance of $509.06 that is due on a linked account I have no idea about. They refuse to release my funds until I send them a check. I shouldn't have to use my own money to pay them when they are reserving $564.74 already on my actual PayPal account. PayPal is not a bank. They shouldn't have a right to hold funds.

After several months in August, Ticketmaster announced a tour was cancelled and they said I will receive a refund in my original payment, which was the PayPal Debit Mastercard, but PayPal closed it. I want to withdraw the money I earned on my own before they take it from me. PayPal's representatives are horrific. They reply the same messages on Twitter and Facebook. I cannot express how terrible they are and how they are hurting small businesses and customers alike.

This was from the Office of Escalations:

My name is Chaitanya, and I am reaching out to you from PayPal's Office of Executive Escalations. Your outreach to the Better Business Bureau was forwarded to me so that I can fully address your concerns. I understand how concerning this issue could have been. I regret for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you, please allow me to offer further explanation concerning your issue. I regret to hear that you did not had a satisfactory interaction with our customer service team, I assure you that PayPal strives provide best in class service in all the interactions.

Please note that, any internal opportunities identified are conveyed to the concerned department to improve our service and I thank you for your valuable feedback. A review of your PayPal account shows that on April 17, 2020, PayPal placed limitation PP-L-223022187229 on your account and requested additional information from you concerning your PayPal account. This information was requested after a standard review indicated that your selling activity required clarification.

  • Aug 22, 2021

End of month statement: balance incorrectly figured. Beginning of the month balance plus deposits, less debits did not agree with the ending balance. Their ending balance was off by over $20.00. (In their favor). This happened in 3 different months totalling over $60. I figured out that an end of the month food purchase was deducted from the balance, but not listed. This happened on the last day or two of the month in each of the 3 incorrect months.

The transaction did list on the following month statement and was subtracted again from my balance. I emailed them this info to their dispute department. I sent them a spreadsheet showing my transactions and running balances. They replied no error! Their list of errors to choose from did not include statement errors, so I had to pick something, and the best choice was to click on the transaction that was subtracted twice but listed only once. The PayPal dispute dept did not spend enough time to analyze in depth their own math!

They obviously have a glitch in their accounting that is subtracting pending transactions from the month end balance (without listing the transaction because it is not finalized) and then listing it and subtracting it again (with tip included) when the transaction finalizes at the beginning of the following month. The pending transaction should affect available balance only, not actual balance. They don't report actual balance on their statements. They incorrectly use the month end (available) balance as the next month's beginning balance.

  • Aug 4, 2021

Here is how this scam worked:

1. Received on my dily email (anybody can harvest emails) a FAKE charge on my paypal account. A phone number claiming to be PAYPAL's fraud prevention was included at the bottom of this fake invoice. You know the usual - "if you didn't make this order please call paypal fraud prevention department at 801-893-7293.

2. The person answering had copied word by word the protocol of responding to a customer, asked me for my verification and email associated to paypal after I told him I never made this order.

3. After he got my real email associated with paypal he told me the 1st fake order was cancelled and said he temporarily put a new charge of $389.99 to my account that I will NOT be charged. I was charged they used this time my real email associated with paypal. He asked me to NOT LOGIN INTO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT FOR 48 hours "while the verification process is going on". I becaume a bit suspicious and called paypal USING THEIR OFFICIAL 1800-221-1161; 1888-895-5610 or direct 402-935-2050.

4. Paypal told me "there is NO requirement to avoid logging into paypal and change my info untill investigation is going on. Paypal does NOT HAVE A Fraud Department Investigation phone 801-893-7293. I changed my password & filed a real fraud complaign.

5. I reviwed the fraud process & filed a second complaign explaining this time, how the scammer got my real email & placed a VERIFICATION SERVICE charge, that I never ordered. Offcourse the scammer Annop Sen had to put his name & email and is NOT part of verification service (this doesn't exist) & paypal believed, I was correct. Waiting for my refund now.

What helped me was verifying, by calling the real paypal numbers I already had. Lesson: do not trust any strange phone numbers & very "professionaly sounding fraud prevention" call, just call back the the real paypal numbers.

  • Jul 16, 2021

I have my Paypal business account which I was using for last year for my study online transaction and helping other students. My account was running fine and I was doing day-to-day transactions. On June 3, 2021 Paypal limits my account and blocked the withdrawal of my funds without any reason and says we are holding your funds and closing your account.

I was holding my hard earned cash in that account and they have blocked me with all of the transactions without any reason. I asked in their message centre what violation I have done they said we are not supposed to tell you that. Paypal is holding my money for no justification and holding it illegally.

Paypal email = [email protected] Muhammad Hashir


  • Apr 26, 2021

Sold item on EBay,buyer paid through Paypal, Paypal claims non payment, attempted to resolve by e-mail and phone, spoke to person who was English impaired, absolutely no resolution , totally frustrating, no accomadation for disability in hearing

  • Mar 17, 2021

In mid February there was a fraudulent charge on my credit card through PayPal. I called Capital One, they issued me a new card, credited my account, and started an investigation. I also called PayPal to let them know. When I received my new card, I added it to my PayPal account to cover the reoccurring charges I have set up. On March 15, during the on going investigation, PayPal took it upon themselves to re-charge the amount on my new card without my permission or awareness. I found out by logging into my credit card account to check my balance. I called them and they confirmed it was the same charge put back through by PayPal and it cleared my account and funds removed. After an hour on hold with PayPal, I demanded to know the name of the person who made the unauthorized charge and was told they have no record of it.

The exact same thing happened two years ago with PayPal, but it was with my bank account debit card. During an ongoing fraud investigation, they took it upon themselves to re charge my new account without my permission.

  • Mar 11, 2021

Paypal has held money for since March 3,2021 and has permanently limited access to my account. I received $2831.77 which was initially disputed because of the hold on my account but case closed in my favor. I cannot withdraw because of the hold on my account and also informed me that I wont be able to for 180days.

They also charged an extra $91.60 for a transaction I had to cancel because of hold on my account reducing my balance to $2730.17. The did not give a clear reason but say it has to do with user agreement. I am a new permanent resident, not know much and no one to help. money on hold was a long time saving for my family that needed to be used during these trying times of covid. Please help

  • Jan 26, 2021

Ordered on line 1 x Limited Edition Heritage Series Model K5 Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer (KSM180RCMB) = $71.00,

Received a tiny package with 2 plastic beads included, nothing else.

USPS Tracking number was same as on "Details about your shipment" that I received by email on 1/24/21.

  • Jan 20, 2021

Pay Pal/Ebay notified me I am owed a refund of $65.74 Nov. 29th.Closed my account, never received the refund? Ebay said they gave Paypal the credit., can't contact pay pal because account closed? Usual run around. Advise not dealng with PayPal. Amazon puts them to shame.

  • Nov 16, 2020

I placed my order from the company. The items arrived and were not as described or depicted in Facebook. So I agreed to return the items well within t the return time to receive a full and complete refund. I have not. And the email again to contact the company they provide is no longer any good.

  • Nov 7, 2020

SCAM JOB THROUGH PAYPAL, BY NANAK SINGH FROM South Carolina. TRYED TO GET 479.99 FROM ME IN PAYPAL,HIS PHONE NUMBER IS 1-803-500-1120 the 479.99 was stopped in time,but also there tried to get 998.00, that went through, but my bank will put a stop to that. this came from a towel head from South Carolina

  • Nov 4, 2020

I attempted to log in to PayPal to start using the service to receive payments. Log-in failed because of a 2-step verification requirement. I was unable to receive a verification code to complete log-in because the phone number on file has been disconnected and assigned to another user. It's impossible to get past this 2-step verification requirement,a sthere are no other options besides receiving a text att the phone number on file. I have been unable to breach PayPal's automated phone system to speak with a human agent. I also contacted PayPal Support on Twitter (@AskPayPal). They were unwilling to help.

I contacted Support via the website's Chat Offline option. On 11/3/20, an agent told me I would receive a call from Support within 24 hours (by 11/4). It's November 5 and I've received no phone call. I engaged in another online chat, demanding that the agent delete my accounts and information from their database. She refused. My account is limbo, and I am unable to delete it or receive support of any kind.

  • Oct 10, 2020

I contacted paypal by phone because clearly going through there web sight support was going to be a nightmare just kept getting the same canned message sent by there computer. Plus i couldn't file an online transaction to dispute because they did not show up in my account history.

After calling the number listed on the transactions on my bank statement. I eventually got a human. she acknowledged she sees them and she will get to the bottom of it. I told her ok i would be looking for the credits to show up in my account since i had no clue what they were.

I hardly ever use paypal maybe two to three times a year, Two days later i get a email saying my dispute has been solved and they found nothing out of the ordinary on my paypal account,

WTF im thinking. I haven't been able to get any help on line or phone when ever i call auto attendant says they can not help me with my problem and hangs up on me.

They claim they process hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions every day world wide, Needless to say they won't be touching any of my money eve again even if they make it right

  • Oct 6, 2020

I do not appreciate paypal closing my account claiming that I sold an item to my boyfriend and that he did not receive the item, but he only sent me money and then he turned around and filed a claim stating that he did not receive the item therefore he needed his money back. I had explained several times that I did not sell him anything he simply sent me money and apparently he chose the option that he bought something from me when he did not.

I don't understand how paypal can just go by his word instead of requiring him to so proof that he purchased an item from before they just decided to closed my account and also I have a balance on my account and they will not allow me access to it until after 180 days this is unacceptable practice done by a business I had my account with PayPal for a long time and have never had an issue like this to occur. If they are not going to allow me to continue to use my account they could at least allow me to get my money off my account I hope y'all can help me get this resolved this is very frustrating very.

  • Sep 20, 2020

On 7/21/2020, a Client of ours filed for a refund with PayPal (PP) for a $416.80, which $416.80 PP immediately removed from our PP account. The $416.80 was a NON-REFUNDABLE down payment by the Client for a unique, customized handmade device we made for the Client thru our company, Lone Star Consulting, Inc. (LSCI), relevant to locating electronic harassment transmitters. We filed fast our fast dispute with PP. PP states on its site that these types of disputes are normally resolved in 5 days. Now, 60 days have expired and PP still has not returned our money.

When we filed our dispute with PP about this chargeback, we provided PP detailed contract information to prove that the Client was NOT entitled to any refund. However, PP assumes it can nullify contracts between buyer and seller just on any whim, regardless of what type of item was sold or the provisions of the contract. But we suspect that the real purpose for PP to take ultra-long periods to resolve complaints or to never resolve them is to float or outright steal the withheld money. To do that, we believe that PP engages in fraud, fiduciary malpractice, third-party interference into legally-binding contracts, and unfair business practices. In short, clearly PP stole our money.

Lone Star Consulting, Inc. creates unique and customized electronic and mechanical devices, based on the specifications the Client specifies in our Customized Devices Application Form (CDAF) contract. Our customized devices are not available from any other source. The CDAF requires that the applicant Client fully and unconditionally agrees to the provisions of our webpage. These policies state the following, which PP nullified:

. (1) The required 1/3rd down payment ($416.80 in our case, paid for thru PP) is NON REFUNDABLE if we attempt to provide the Client a device. We completed and successfully tested our device, and the Client received our device, so therefore, the down payment is not refundable. On this alone, PP had no right to honor the Client's complaint.

. (2) Because our devices are unique and customized handmade by our professional staff in the U.S.A., they are much more costly for us to make than mass-produced devices using low-paid factory workers, AND our unique devices cannot be resold if returned, is why we require on our policies.htm webpage that if the Client finds a defect or omission that occurred at our end, the Client must provide us a reasonable opportunity to repair or replace the defect or omission. The Client did not take this required step. Even if the damage is not our fault, we usually repair/replace the device anyway for free because many of our Clients buy additional devices from us.

. (3) On our policies.htm webpage, the Client fully agrees to not reverse any charges without first giving us a fair chance to repair or replace the device. PP enabled the Client to also breach this contract provision.

. (4) The device has not even been returned to us! Much less returned to us with the Return ID# we require for safety and security reasons to make sure that the package is one expected by us. PP claims that the Client provided PP a Tracking #, but in the U.S., one can reserve a Tracking # without actually physically shipping the package.

. (5) Against our policies about not paying us thru PP (because PP has very serious security issues), the Client paid the $416.80 thru PP. We finally relented on accepting the PP payment, because the Client needed the device right away and we did not want to delay any longer, and because hassling Clients is seldom a good thing.

. (6) We shipped her device in excellent working condition. We tested it here and it was fully functional. The Client is located in Italy, and complained that her package was being held up in France, which means that French Customs likely damaged the device by rough handling and/or powerful X-Rays. We ship FOB our shipping point (one of our policies.htm policies), and are not responsible for damages and losses which occur enroute or at the Client's end.

If PP is permitted to arbitrarily, capriciously and for its own profit nullify business contracts, then how can businesses paid thru PP even have contracts with their Clients to begin with? A business owner would be clinically insane to allow purchases thru PP, because crooked buyers can easily rip it off. This is a gross interference and disruption of businesses, and PP is an existential threat to the free enterprise system. There are vast differences in what businesses require to successfully function, make a profit, and provide their quality products and services to the public, so a one-size-fits-all PP refund policy cannot possibly be fair and reasonable to all business types. And PP policies can change on a dime, without prior notice to or permission from PP users.

PP policies may work fine for someone selling cheap items that can be restocked and resold with little loss if a product is returned, but because our devices are all unique, custom made and costly, if refunded without reasonable justification and a chance for us to repair or replace, is a large loss to custom shops like us. Therefore, it is a very reasonable contract provision for us to require that the Client first give us a fair chance to repair or replace the device, which this Client did not do, before demanding any kind of a refund, and to require receipt of the returned item if a return later becomes justified.

Regardless of what PP claims, PP has the fiduciary duty to its business users to responsibly, fairly, reasonably and timely handle transactions of ours thru PP.

We complained to PP several times about both their unjustified ripping us off of $416.80 from our PP account and the endless amount of time it was taking to resolve our case. PP refused to justify the former, or give us an end date for the latter. It is difficult and some times impossible to communicate with PP. PP responses are often computer-generated BS that solves nothing - meanwhile, its officers live high and YOU are paying for it.

John Williams, CEO, Lone Star Consulting, Inc.

  • Aug 4, 2020

PAYPAL is THE worst company on earth when it comes to BUYERS protection.. STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY, STAY AWAY- YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The paypal nightmare starts when YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE ITEM OR RECEIVE PART OF THE PURCHASE .I purchase 2 items but I received one item and have absolutely NO ISSUES with the item received. .I did not receive the second item I contacted paypal and this is where the nightmare starts. I found out that Some idiot (S) at paypal has setup a ridiculous policy that if you DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR ITEM PAYPAL WILL TELL YOU TO RETURN WHAT YOU DID NOT RECEIVE AND IF YOU DO NOT RETURN WHAT YOU DID NOT RECEIVE they will deny your claim PAYPAL DOES NOT CARE.

IF YOU WILL LOOSE ALL YOUR MONEY sounds ridiculous?? I LOST MONEY due to this ridiculous, NON SENSE policy of paypal.sellers know this loophole in paypal ‘ s stupid policy and they are defrauding helpless customers. SHAME ON PAYPAL.

My Advice to BUYERS ; You should remove your bank account, credit card from paypal account AND STOP USING PAYPAL They are useless and have become IRRELEVANT . if you are reading this and you want to save yourself from TOTAL AGGRAVATION AND LOST MONEY then just do one intelligent thing in life- STOP USING will thank this post someday.

  • Jul 29, 2020

My account went into a negative balance due to transactions transpiring. PayPal messaged me multiple times to add funds with their how to's. However, when trying to add funds, they gave an error message and never let me add funds. I finally got an email saying it'll be sent to collections and also told by their customer service rep to call their collections department. Ultimately, I was able to outsmart their system by going into my account, sending a request for funds to another email of mine, then clicking the pay now button and paying as a guest. Only then was funds put into my negative account. They charged me $6 to make that payment. Robbery. Will not use again. Rather use CashApp or Venmo.

  • Jul 15, 2020

I purchase an item online through PayPal that came out of China. I did it because I thought PayPal would back me up if there would be a problem. The item was faulty.

After multiple failed attempts to get my money back from the vendor, I had put in a dispute with PayPal.

I followed there instructions and requests. After four months they decided to close my case because I didn't follow up with the requested information PayPal needed to go forth with this case. That is not true because they asked me the first time to open the case for that same information and I informed them of that.

After a little more than a month silence I received today a notice of case closure because I didn't provide them with the info they had requested, which is not true.

So not being able to respond to that email I needed to sign in for review. The problem is I can not for some reason. I tried creating a new password but a message popped up there is a problem on their end.

Four months of this crap. I was warned about PayPal's ethics, and I didn't listen. So now I am taking every possible route to be sure that everyone knows about them.

  • Jul 6, 2020

I was charged a $37 fee to transfer funds from one of my accounts to another. There was no message or disclosure of any fees prior to transfer I usually use my office computer and have never been charged a fee to simply transfer funds from one of my paypal accounts to the other. The funds were part of my balance and I did not use a credit card or checking account to transfer. With covid I decided to use the iphone app.

I did the same process and there was no prompt or mention of any fees. I simply said pay friend and put the email address of my other account as the destination. There was absolutely no mention on the Paypal Iphone app of any fees. When I logged into my other account I noticed I was shorted $37. After looking into further noticed a fee was automatically deducted from the amount transferred as "payment for goods and services" even though it was not a payment for goods nor services.

I think it is very poor business practices and sneaky to charge a fee without ever mentioning or disclosing upfront any such fee. I would like a refund of the $37 fee or the transaction reversed. I wonder how many other people simply transfer without noticing this. When I called customer service you get a message that due to COVID nobody is available and then the automated message hangs up on you. I tried communicating through the message center but most of the reps appeared to be copying from a script and nobody had the authority to resolve this situation.

Most of the reps seemed to be located outside of the US as well which is somewhat disconcerting considering this firm stores US citizen's private information such as social security numbers and date of births. This is a large publicly-traded company and not a single person to answer a phone!

  • Jul 5, 2020

I have tried to contact Paypal for months with disputes for four separate cases that have gone unresolved and the product was never delivered. Paypal has stolen my money and offers online supposed disputes and closes cases saying resolved.

Nothing has been resolved and Paypal is the main contact for all four disputes. This is a scam. I want a refund and I am unable to get anything resolved or even speak to a human being or have my money returned and NO products received. This is theft. and I would like to report Paypal.

  • Jun 21, 2020

On May 31st I bought the Garden DLC expansion for Archeage Unchained through PayPal. I then started getting errors when trying to start the game. I tried all the suggestions on Gamigo’s website. I also reformatted my computer and reinstalled the game. I was still getting the errors and not able to play the game. So I went to PayPal and asked for a refund.

The Garden DLC expansion was released on June 11th.

I received an email on June 1st from Gamigo saying they suspended my account because I requested a refund through PayPal.

PayPal closed the case in Gamigo’s favor saying that Gamigo provided proof that I received the service.

I then sent a message to PayPal through the message center because their phone customer service is closed, asking what proof was provided that I received a service for a game that had suspended my account before the expansion was even released. They said the case was closed and I should try to resolve the situation outside PayPal.

I asked that my case be escalated to a manager. I was told I would be contacted that day. I waited 1 day with no response. On 6/18/202 I messaged again saying I had not yet gotten a response.

Someone answered saying that since the expansion was not released yet that it was not covered under Purchase protection which is not what they told me before.

I asked that my case be escalated to a manager three times and was denied. They told me repeatedly to take the dispute outside PayPal. I was told my refund was denied because of “policies and legalities” that PayPal had to adhere to. I asked what policies and legalities make them refuse a refund when clear proof is provided that a service was not received.

I filed a dispute with my bank who contacted PayPal. I then received 3 consecutive emails from PayPal all with conflicting information.

The first said that the bank and my secondary payment method declined the charge (The charge that I’ve been disputing for almost a month) and that they used money from my PayPal account to cover the charge. There was no money in my PayPal account it’s been on 0 for awhile. And why would they say they were paying a charge that they already paid that I had been disputing?

The second email said that the bank contacted them asking for a refund of the charge and their records showed they had given me a partial refund on May 31st so they used that money to pay the bank.

They never gave me a partial refund because they denied my claim saying the merchant was in the right. And they consistently refused to review the dispute telling me take it outside PayPal so why would they claim they refunded me the day I opened the dispute? Again there was no money in my account.

The third email said the bank notified them of fraudulent activity on my account and they wanted me to send them information proving the bank account was mine and that my PayPal account would be restricted until I sent proof.

I went into PayPal and tried to remove my payment methods so I could close the account because of all of this and it refused to let me remove my bank and debit card information.

I sent a message through the message center asking them to remove my payment methods so I could close the account and leave.

They responded with you will have to verify that the accounts are yours first please send the requested documents and it will take 3-5 days for us to verify. I know that is not correct. They have the ability to remove without trying to get more information about my bank account.

I responded saying I would not send them anymore information about my bank and they didn’t need any more information to remove the payment methods from my accounts. I asked again to please remove the payment methods from my accounts so I can leave. I also asked for them to escalate to a manager or account specialist.

They denied my refund when I sent clear proof that I did not receive the service. Now they are trying to get more information about my bank after I took the dispute outside PayPal like they told me too and refusing to remove the bank and debit card from my PayPal account so that I can close it.

I have been dealing with this since May 31st it is now June 22nd.

They have repeatedly refused to escalate to a manager. And there is no other way to contact them other then the message center.

  • Jun 10, 2020

On December 31, 2019 I purchased a massage gun advertised on Instagram. The advertisement showed a 2 year warranty which is on the printed receipt. Within 90 days of receipt the item broke so I contacted the merchant only to find they wanted me to return the product to CHINA which included me paying for shipping which would have cost 128% of the purchase price. Naturally no one in their right mind would pay MORE than the cost of the purchase to return it for a refund.

Both PayPal and the merchant have gone to great lengths to hide the fact that the merchant is in Shenzen, China, not in the United States as one would expect with an advertisement on a U.S. medium. On my credit card statement the charge is shown as "ONLINETECH4029357733", within my PayPal account the merchant is shown as "Hudsow Co., Ltd" and I was instructed to return the item to "Zarake Company" in Shenzen, China.

I contacted the seller numerous times and took the item to the post office to mail to China, only to find the regular box and even with a flat fee priority mail box the cost of shipping would be $77 - all to return an item costing $59.99.

I communicated the lack of fiscal feasibility to return the item and received a response of "what do you want us to do?" I was very reasonable asking they either: 1) refund my money, 2) set up third party warranty service providers in the U.S. as do thousands of companies, or 3) allow me to open the massage gun to see if I could diagnose the problem and have them send me the part(s) needed to fix the problem. I even took a picture of a warranty company that had wrapped its van with advertising to show them exactly that warranty service companies do exist. Instead of honoring their warranty the Chinese company wanted to negotiate, first offering $5, then $17, both of which I rejected as I wanted a full refund or a fixed product as that was what was promised vis a vis their warranty.

After numerous failed attempts with OnlineTech4029357733 aka Hudsow Co., Ltd. aka Zarake Company I contacted PayPal since the payment had been channeled through them. PayPal was actually WORSE than the mainland Chinese company because they wouldn't even answer their phone and their website wouldn't allow me to file a dispute. After many tries I sent a message and got a response that allowed me to file a dispute. I was told by PayPal they couldn't do anything because the product had been "delivered". I repeated my complaint at least 5 more times through their messaging system, always with a different person responding, always resulting in PayPal saying they can do nothing.

Clearly PayPal prefers to support mainland Chinese companies that RIP OFF US consumers.

Also be VERY VERY AWARE of advertisements on Instagram. The purchase was made on Instragram. I also purchased facemasks on Instagram on 3/28/2020 with an advertisement that said they would ship within 24 hours. I investigated the advertiser (StarTech) who showed an address in a condominium in Miami, Florida. I know e-commerce has a lot of drop shipping so I ordered. The next morning I received double email and double text confirmations of my order which made me afraid the company was not reliable. I tried to contact them by phone and email with no answer on the phone and the first email rejected which made me even more concerned. Eventually I was able to contact them, but they refused to allow me to cancel the order despite it being within 24 hours and still on a weekend.

After my concerns I requested to cancel the order the day after it was made, which was a Sunday. The company (StarTech) responded the item had already shipped and would not allow me to cancel. 4 or 5 days later they gave me a US Postal tracking code which did not even show up in the USPS system until April 10th - with no information other than "awaiting receipt in LaPuente, California". Now ask yourself, why would a product being shipped from Miami still be waiting delivery in California two weeks after being "shipped" when the final destination was Houston, Texas????

Five weeks later the product was shown to be delivered (May 4th), but was NOT delivered. Remember this is after a promise of shipment by March 29th or 30th! Clearly this is a second case of a mainland Chinese company fabricating lies to US consumers and refusing to do business in a honorable manner. In this case the charge was through my credit card company and with my reams of communication they reversed the charge.

BEWARE when buying on Instagram which is owned by Facebook. Chinese companies are stealing from American consumers and the American companies of PayPal and Instagram are supporting these dishonest companies to put money in their own pockets.

  • Jun 9, 2020

Got a e-mail saying that my paypal account was being billed for $1399.99, For a e-bay store, But I don't shop on e-bay it is a rip off to high for shipping. And didn't use my Paypal for over 8 year's. Didn't give them any information about my account. They said they would give me a e-mail in 24 hour's saying it was canceled, yeah MORE TOWEL HEAD BULLSH*T.

  • Jun 9, 2020

Dispute notes with PayPal:

April 14, 2020

Dear PayPal,

I purchased 20 led flame lights on Face Book from a company named JENBIRD who stated that they were an American company located on the east coast. This is just another bait and switch rip off from China! You have there, (3) pages of unresolved complaints on you website from other PayPal customers who have also been intentionally mislead..My money is gone and I have no communication from them at all. The JENBIRD website has been removed and so has the Liyang Chengbo Furniture Co., Ltd. Website I made this purchase through PayPal because this transaction was “Guaranteed” by you.

I want to stop this transaction and get my money back. The only reason I made this purchase was because it was guaranteed by PayPal. Keep your promise to your customers and go after this company. If you can’t resolve this I am due a refund. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Please keep me advised as to your progress.

Hello Marily Badger,

We received the case(s) you filed on April 23, 2020.

We have reviewed this transaction(s) and are denying your case(s). This decision was made because we received shipment tracking from the merchant confirming that the merchandise was delivered.

We're sorry for any problems you may have experienced with the transaction(s).

Transaction information:

Dispute Case ID: PP-D-63053432

Transaction Amount: $159.80 USD

Dispute Amount: $159.80 USD

Transaction ID: 7WV67482169284002

Transaction Date: April 12, 2020



I did receive a box of child’s play lights. Total garbage that in no way resembled the stolen photos that JENBIRD used to advertise and sell counterfeit merchandise. I will be closing my PayPal account and I will no longer purchase anything off of FaceBook!

Pay Pal never checked back with me to see WHAT I supposedly received. They just happily closed the case with out even checking as soon as they saw a tracking number. I ordered 20 36" LED Flame Torch lights and I received 12 I foot tall toy lights that are headed for the trash can.

  • May 25, 2020

Sent money to paypal email but the user hacked the paypal system and received money illegally. Not the correct address

[email protected] - fraud

  • May 21, 2020

A scammer will sell you a non-existent product and have you checkout through PayPal. Once the buyer reports the scam by filling a case through PayPal’s Resolution Center, the scammer will easily send false tracking information to PayPal Resolution Center.

At this point PayPal’s Resolution Center will not let the buyer provide any further information, including proof of the false delivery either by email or phone. They immediately close the case in favor of the scam artist.

This is such a simple scam, and PayPal’s Resolution Center has to know it is going on yet they still help the scammers of the world. In my case, there were already 30+ reports regarding this scammer on PayPal’s Community Board for the course of a month and PayPal still sides with the scammer and sends them someone’s hard-earned money in exchange for nothing.


  • Apr 6, 2020

Paypal has been lying to me since march 2020,

Paypal went into my account and took money out of my account unquthroized. I filled for provisional credit paypal took the money back. Paypal suggested that I have a replacement card sent out. I have been waiting on my paypal card since march 2020.

All of a sudden yesterday 04/06/2020 paypal sent me a email saying that paypal needs to confirm my home address of which I confirmed back in November 2019.

Paypal wont let me add my netspend metabank account to receive my money,

Paypal has also blocked me from receiving my money through the mail via check.

I hate paypal, They are now scum scam artist who takes money out of your account and then wont let you withdraw any money sitting in your account.

Paypal needs to be under severe investigation by the state of caifornia.

  • Mar 9, 2020

I was TRICKED by Paypal into paying a fee for transferring money to my bank account (which should be Free).

Paypal even goes as far as HIDING the money they stole from me as part of the transfer!

The scam works like this, you start the money transfer and then Paypal sneaks in this new user interface Dialog box which approves a bogus "Instant Transfer" which adds a 1% fee (THEFT) to the instant transfer that you do not want. Not only that, the transfer is not even instant! It takes days, same as a normal transfer! I DID NOT ASK FOR THIS AT ALL, EITHER WAY. LOOKING FOR LAWYERS INTERESTED IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

Paypal must be STEALING millions from consumers every few hours using this scam!

Anyone know how I can get my money back?



  • Feb 27, 2020

Last week, February 2/17/2020 I received a phone call informing me that I owed a $139.00 on my credit line with Pay Pal Credit. Thinking that perhaps my wife had used the line I made a phone payment to bring the account current. Then I asked my wife if she had charged that much on Pay Pal. Her "no" instigated a computer search where I discovered I not only owed $8,000.00 to Pay Pal Credit, but another $561.00 to PayPal itself.

I immediately contacted Pay Pal Credit and explained my case and they immediately expunged my entire $8,000.00 debt and reversed my eaelier payment. Evidently they saw the fraudulent e-mail address being used in my name and took the necessary action. So far so good???

Then I called PayPal who said they would get right on it explaining they could only go back 180 days. They got right on it and my balance went UP to $677.00 from the original $561.00, they said I owed. Every transaction listed on my account activity was fraudulent, going back to January 2019. The hacked e-mail was a Yahoo address and I have never had a Yahoo account of any sort.

Secondly, when finally reaching a local service fraud representative, I was told their policy of 180 days was spelled out in their agreedment (spelling is correct) statement and I should have been monitoring the confrimation e-mails they sent me after each transaction. I have used Pay Pal maybe 5 times in 5 years and furthermore their e-mails were going to the hacker's e-mail. It's as if I dropped through the rabbit hole and was bargaining with the Mad Hatter. I wake up to a claim for me to pay on an account that's not mine. A complete void, no communication, no notices, and no connection.

In summary, it seems to me if the company agrees to a fraud claim they cannot arbitrarily set the term limits of the fraud and hold someone liable for the balance outside their arbitrary 180 days.

I have filed a police report and have sent a certified demand to their legal department in San jose , California. The police report number is 202080001118. Have not heard from their legal depart, but it's early. I would appreciate any help you can provide for this situation. Thank you, Dwight Smith

  • Dec 16, 2019

For years (according to an employee who took my complaint) PayPal has had a glitch in their system. Specifically on multiple item orders, if one of the vendors will not accept PayPal Credit, the entire order defaults to the bank/credit card on file.

They do not warn the customers, and while my bank balance is sufficient to cover the bank charge, for many people who use PayPal Credit to stretch their funds, it could be disastrous. They make no attempt to inform the customer of this glitch, nor have they fixed the problem which could have been fixed with a few lines of code. Scam to keep sales high at the expense of their clients.

If they would simply warn people of the possibility or better yet, provide an option to either flag or cancel such vendors before the purchase, that would be acceptable, but they do not, even though they have known about the glitch for many years.

  • Dec 2, 2019

DO NOT assume using Paypal will protect you as a buyer. They allow fraud to be committed by foreign sellers using their service.

On October 8, 2019, I responded to an ad that appeared on one of the language apps I use. The video showed a remote control plane that would take off and land on water or land and judging from the video, had a wingspan of about 24 inches. The price shown was $39.99.

I had some reservations but they accepted Paypal payments so I figured if there was a problem, Paypal would take care of it. I was sadly mistaken. I have screen shots of the video used to advertise this item (it has since been taken down) and pictures of what I actually received. It is a plastic toy plane that you might find at a dollar store or other such seller of cheap junk.

It rolls on the floor and has a small remote that makes it turn left and right. It has a wingspan (sorry for such a poor use of the term) of about 8 inches and wouldn't fly if you dropped it out of a real plane.

I was furious at such a blatant case of internet fraud and contacted the seller via email. No reply (go figure). I then filed a complaint with Paypal. They replied that they would happily refund my $39.99 as soon as I shipped the item back to the seller (in CHINA) and gave them a tracking number.

I did some research and found out that the cheapest way to do this is through the United States Postal Service for a cost of almost $28.00. I also found out that there is no guarantee anything sent to China will actually arrive at its destination.

I contacted Paypal and they continued to hide behind the "terms of sale" crap that allowed this type of fraud to be perpetrated in the first place. This company knows no one is going to pay $30 to return a $40 purchase and Paypal allows them to keep doing business this way.

Paypal does have a program that allows buyers to be reimbursed up to $30 for return postage (news to me) but you have to sign up for it prior to making a purchase. As far as I can tell, this is not something widely advertised by Paypal. It should be offered anytime you make a purchase; better yet, should be part of their SOP.

Just an additional FYI, this item was NOT sent to me directly from China. The return address was from Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately I did not save the envelope it arrived in (yes, they sent it in an envelope, my first sign that things were not as they should be).

So buyer beware, PAYPAL is not a safe way to do business, especially with CHINESE COMPANIES. This is my very last transaction with them and I will be closing my account. I have a small business and as of today, we will not longer be accepting payments through PAYPAL. I hope this saves you some aggrevation.

  • Nov 28, 2019

At PayPal's invitation I attempted to switch to online banking for managing my credit card account. To my shock, I found they had inserted my full name as the password on the account! I spent the morning of November 1, 2019 calling back and forth from Synchrony Bank to PayPal customer service in an effort to change this dangerous "password."

Neither was able to help and both told me I had to solve the problem with the other entity. Finally, in desperation I called to cancel my account, explaining why I was forced to do so. I was not clearly informed at the time that I would forfeit my reward of $315. 16 unless I redeemed the reward prior to closing.

When I called PayPal November 27, 2019 to request that my rewards be applied to the balance on my final statement, I was once again shocked--this time to find out that I had forfeited my reward when I closed the account.

I demanded to speak to a supervisor, explained the situation to her (Ariel at 855-520-0991, ID #5693), was once again refused, but told they would review the telephone call to see whether or not my rights had been clearly specified at the time of closing.

Because of PayPal's irresponsible and intractible behavior, I have little faith they will find in my favor and am angry and upset that they are withholding my fairly earned reward.

  • Nov 17, 2019

I use Xoom to send money to my son who is studying in France and also to help my brother.

To pick up the cash, Xoom uses the services of the” company RIA”. And that's where the problem starts.

Indeed, my son went to 2 agencies in the city of Marseille and the two agencies refused to give him the money because RIA had not given the authorization. I spoke through the phone with a lady who works at the agency who told me that they had a lot of trouble with RIA and the best way is to cancel the transaction and claim the refund to XOOM.

That's what I did. The transaction was canceled by Xoom last August. We are now in November and Xoom never refunded my money. Xoom sent me a message saying that the money has never been debited from my account, so no refund. Xoom lies because the money has been debited from my account. I have plausible evidence for that.

The other case, I send every month to my brother some money to help him with the common expenses. When my brother went to the agency to withdraw the money, the employee told him that he had the transaction number but not the RIA authorization to give him the money?

The money was sent on November 4th and it is November 18th, and Xoom is unable to solve this problem. Xoom gave me a case number and that's the complete silence since. I have practically sent an E-Mail every day to remind them that they have to refund me back my money but I do not get any answer from them?

When you look at RIA reviews, you realize that actually people who use the services of "this company" are having a lot of trouble getting their money. RIA stays with the money of the beneficiaries. So we can consider RIA as a SCAM? I do not understand why a subsidiary as XOOM/PAYPAL of Apple has associated with crooks to tarnish their reputation.

RIA are thieves and XOOM / PAYPAL are totally incompetent to solve a problem when there is one?

In order to get back my legitimate money, I had to ask my bank to open a dispute with XOOM and I am in contact with my lawyer in order to take all legal actions against this company. Xoom treats its customers with a contempt that has no comparison. Although, I repeat to them that the money I send is necessary for the survival of the beneficiaries, they really don’t care?

Never use the services of XOOM / PAYPAL because when you have a problem, they let you down. I can assure you of that.

  • Oct 27, 2019

Readers beware! Do not trust PayPal. Particularly their affiliates PayPal Smart Connect or PayPal Credit. They will tell you have a line credit to make online purchases and then send your bank account in to overdraft when you try to use it. It’s a scam!

  • Oct 4, 2019

Can you ever check paypal?? Are you able too?? No, never. They never show your real balance ever. Usually every time you come back to balance number to check it and know everything is correct. You need sheck your money every year January first , but better every month. All they want you to see how mush left that is not anought. Scam here. Why? They don't want you to know how much you have. About month ago I checked my second account on paypal. I saw the money balance and start selling. After a short while I can't open my paypal account at all. Pay pal moved some money to another account and I can't even see anything not eble to check anything. They decided to close my account without let me know, without my permission. Do they have my phone number?? Yes !Why they did it? They didn't even let me know. Who responsoble for that?? Name please. You do not have a permissoin steal my money and someone else. I do not trust you, so I need check you all the time. Not just me many people looking other company to work with. I need 2 accounts on paypal but they think differently. They don't care and do what they want to do. It's very smart do not let the people know there balance. About 3 days ago I called paypal, people who work their not able to help me. They all confuse. They disconnected me 2 times in a row, they don't know what to tell. I do not bleim them it's not easy. Who work like that?? Lady named Ice promissed me to in 2 days send to me email when everything will be fine. Nothing I got from her and today I called egain, talk to Andrew, no help from him also. People work their without any knowledge. I need to know my balance and every body else allowed to know that too. And paypal do not allowd to close my account. I'm not sure is everybody able to check that company if nobody have a balance in the. Are they allowed to work like that?? No even one financial company allowed work like that.

That company should be checked clearly.

  • Sep 21, 2019

I met a guy online on Meetme app around July 10, 2019. He claimed that his name is Michael Naughton (Nelson), Caucasian, Male, 35, lives in Absecon, NJ. and that he is a pilot that works in Atlantic City. We continued communication via cellular phone text messages. He used a googlevoice phone number.

He asked me for the money since he forgot his credit cards and he needs to pay the hotel expenses and his aunt's medications. He gave his friends' paypal accounts: Robert G. Hewitt ([email protected]) and Vicki R. Middleton ([email protected]) for me to transfer money. I asked him to show a photo of his ID. He sent me a photo of his passport' (Later I realized he faked the ID).

I sent the multiple thousand dollars to the paypal of these two people several times during July Aug., 2019. He told me he would pay me as soon as he is back. But he never did. Later he threatened me if I call the police he will show up at my house.

The intersting part is even paypal doesnt want to take an action to investigate the matter with his two partners who were involved in this scam: Vicki R. Middleton and Robert G. Hewitt. Shame on Paypal for protecting this type of fraud and scam.

  • Sep 2, 2019

I have been very careful to make sure that Paypal did not send me physical mail and advertising. Today however, I received a truly s**+**y credit offer from these guys. They used to arrest mobsters and loan sharks for terms like these. People went to jail for usurious schemes like these.

I have no interest in getting boned by their credit card scams and no interest in continuing to receive forced junk mail from Paypal. I called Paypal and tried to opt out of getting the offers for truly awful credit products and any other bullshit they are trying to sell me but Paypal refused. My concern is WHEN my mail is stolen, a tweaker can open an account under my name with Paypal.

After explaining why I insist on opting out, the rep told me that I cannot opt out of mailed offers for products "that I will find useful". Translation: The all knowing all seeing Paypal knows what's best for me so bend over, take a deep breath, and take it. We really don't care what you want or what you think. We will pimp you out as we see fit and you are our b***h.

Well Paypal, the credit card applications are not even useful as toilet paper. I was told the ONLY WAY to opt out of these credit card scam offers is to close my account. My personal information is being abused without my explicit consent. Paypal REFUSES to allow me the option to opt out. Paypal is opening the door to credit fraud and abuse but they don't care.

There are now so many other payment options that I have no choice and accept that Paypal has forced me to close my account of 20 years. I hope that stops their abuse of my private information but I very much doubt it.

  • Aug 31, 2019

I lost $75 due to a scammer and based on a situation that wasn't even my fault. I wouldn't trust Paypal's customers ervice if my life depended on it.

  • Aug 28, 2019

I was overcharged and I can prove it with bank records and PP records as well.

  • Aug 18, 2019

PayPal put a stop payment on $1,500 of ours for no reason whatsoever when we called to figure out what the problem was they said it was because we violated their customer agreement when we asked which part of their customer agreement we violated they could not give us an answer.

We've gone up the chain at PayPal and gotten nowhere if you are a PayPal customer now I suggest that you take your money out because they are greedy. They can do this to anyone without notice they said they were going to hold our money for 180 days until they figure out if anybody else has a claim to the money this is ridiculous.

I've never heard anything like this I've worked as an assistant branch manager at a at a bank and would never do this to one of my customers we had direct deposit even though the the account was canceled we still had a direct deposit hit the account and now that money stuck in there as well we have a lot of cash transactions will you we sell a lot of stuff on line on they said we use the account too much what kind of Bank wants you to use your account less most banks want you to use your account more

  • Jun 30, 2019

Due to our lack of computer skill, we did not know how to get our refund back, so we faxed two times and they told us that the money was accidentaly sent back to the merchant, and now the merchant is not giving us back our refund of $479.

We have been emailing Chef's Exclusive and pay pal and talking to them so much and no help.

  • Jun 13, 2019

Introduction: I applied for a Solicited "Business loan" from Paypal and was denied for the following TWO reasons: "Poor personal credit payment history" (Paypal said from "transunion"; I subscribe to Personal/Business Credit monitoring & DO NOT have Poor payment history on my Personal or Business Credit. It's the LITERAL OPPOSITE!!!) I can produce Documentation to support my good Personal/Business Credit payment histories.

So I will provide a brief summary of my experience with them and you can go to supermoney. com & other sites and read Plenty of reviews on Paypal Business and MANY recent reviews that will PROVE to be invaluable to you if you're thinking of applying with Paypal Business loans.

They prequalified me for 25k. They asked for 4 months bank statements. I gave them 12 months. They required a minimum of 42k a year in revenue. I did 100k in the PREVIOUS 6 months alone!! I have no Business Debt, Deposit on average, either weekly, two weeks and NEVER go ANY MONTHS without depositing a MINIMUM of 10k, I average 16k a month. I have a average personal credit score of nearly 700!

I can produce my credit report as evidence (my report is CLEAN= No past dues, All paid as agreed, multiple different credit lines, accounts,etc. , ONLY using 23% of Credit available. No collections, No deragotories). On my Experian Business Credit Report, I have a "1" for "liability" factor which means I am "LOW RISK". Now, these are the FACTS, so you be the judge. Their reasons for denial is literally a "farce"!

The second reason for denial= "erratic revenues/sales" is BEYOND comprehension! I thought EVERY business in existence have Differing revenue/sales EVERY month? Again, I have Sales/Revenues deposited either weekly, bi-weekly and AT MINIMUM 10k EVERY SINGLE MONTH since I Founded my business!!! It's ALL DOCUMENTED FOLKS; I can't make this stuff up!! Please google Paypal Business loan reviews and you will have PLENTY of reviews that will support what I mentioned here and MANY ARE WAY WORSE than my experience!! They NEED to be investigated ASAP!!!!!!

  • May 29, 2019

Whatever you do, stay away from PAYPAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They approve my Company to accept credit card payments and then send me the card reader.

I go to make two sales for $4700.00 and they accept the transactions. Then I go to transfer the funds and then they put a hold on my account. Then they ask for more information. I give it to them, then they restore my account and say that it's okay to accept payments. I go and make another sale for $1900.00.

Then I go to tranfer funds again and they freeze my account again. They have $6700.00 of my money and I can't place orders for my customers products. It has affected my company's reputation and me personally. How can a company in America get away with such Fraudulent Activities.

They won't even let me close the account to refund my customers their money back.

I just found out that Elon Musk is part of this company.

I will never buy anything that he is part of!!!!!

  • May 23, 2019

PayPal refuse to refund a $597.00 USD purchase of a bogus text message service GoRingless SMS fake replicate website wear as the allocated SMS phone number do no work. A application error message is announce when dialing the phone number. I file a dispute claim with Paypal about this vendor GoRingless SMS and after serveral weeks of investigate they favor the vendor with their fake website and SMS phone number scam program.

Both PayPal/GoRingless had partner togather to steal $597.00 dollars from me. That was a year ago June 2018 and until today May 2019 PayPal has closed my account claiming that I can not refile or open my case again because the data has been lost, which is a lie. The account may be close but my information remain on their servers forever. Stay away from PayPal and GoRingless both are scaming consumers out of huge amounts of money.


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