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Patti The Plumber

Country United States
State Florida
City Key West
Address 1200 4th St #566
Phone 1 (305) 985 8122

Patti The Plumber Reviews

  • Feb 20, 2024

+++YOU ARE BEING CONNED, DO NOT GIVE ANY FINANCIAL INFO TO THEM++Stole and ripped been ripping people off for shitty business at a time..especially before they got ran out of the Southwest united states. GOOGLE KENNETH d**k LAS VEGAS SPEEDY PLUMBING. Professional con artists. All stories about how great they are are fake. Fake handbags, fake rolexs, fake Jesus lovers. They prey on the weak. They do not pay payroll taxes and owe the IRS millions. They are ran out of every city they do business in after everthing catches up with them. Use to use telemarketing to steal. All business lisceses and accounts have to be under fake names and EIN numbers. They have no credit and probably using fake social security numbers. BOTH HAVE TO BE WANTED FUGATIVES AT THIS POINT. BELIEVE NOTHING THEY SAY. The good Christian act is just a front.

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