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Paragon Properties

Country United States
State Alabama
City Bingham Farms
Address 32400 Telegraph Road, Suite 202
Phone (248) 646-9600

Paragon Properties Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2021

Harold Bumenstien is a slumlord and his employees Justin Dunckel and Megan Gutteriz are pond scum.

I literally have pond scum all around my patio and it's unusable and cause a mosquito infestiation this past summer. They have told me for months that they are going to have a company come out and fix this scummy mess but they are liars and in violation of Michigan State law. I had the building inspector come out to look at this mess and he told them that they have to have this fixed but they keep asking for extension.

Meanwhile, thes past summer Paragon Properties had Superior Landscaping install a new drain in front of the rental office after the office had flooding issues and skipped my patio.

I also had black mold in my bathroom and these slumlords didn't want to remove that either and told me that it would "go away on it's own" but the building inspectore made them remove it. My bathroom was sealed off for a day and the company who removed it told me to not "go in the bathroom for anything for the rest of that day" and told me to use the bathroom at teh clubhouse gym. Thats how hazerdous it was but these slumlords wanted me to live with it and it could have been very hazerdous to my service dog.

Ever since I got a service dog in 2014 these slumlords have been retaliating against me. First they tried to deny my servide dog, then didn't want to renew my lease so I fild a complaint with the state. Then they really retaliated against me.

They take forever to do repairs such as a broken topilet that I had but the management told the maintenance to not give me a new toilet when it was plugged up everyday. They had to keep coming in here to plunge it and it was disgusting. After months of ths, they finally replaced the toilet when I went to the office to confront them.

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